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Messy - Chachamaru/Gackt

Title: Messy
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Chachamaru/Gackt
Fandom: GacktJob (JRock)
Disclaimer: No, I don’t own them. You can’t sue me.
Summary: Cha has a little surprise for Gackt. It’s not what Gackt has in mind at all, but in the end, he most definitely isn’t complaining.
Notes: This was written for twistedserious, as are pretty much all of my GakuCha fics. XD Linn-chan, I know it took forever, but I hope it was worth the wait! *Cuddles*


When Chachamaru told Gackt that he wanted to try ‘something new’, Gackt agreed quite readily, without any thought at all to what exactly it was that Cha wanted to try. Then again, it was a bit difficult to think about much of anything with a naked Cha beside him, the only thing keeping Gackt from seeing the entirety of that gorgeous body being the bedsheet, which was currently draped over the lower half of Cha’s body.

Cha leaned over then, nuzzling at Gackt’s neck, kissing the skin just beneath his ear before pulling back with a little grin. “Since you’ve agreed, you can’t back out of it, okay?” He slid out of bed, making quite a show of heading for the door, his hips swaying as he walked. Gackt knew quite well that Cha did this not to flaunt himself off – well, not entirely, anyway – but to tease. In the six months that they had been together, Gackt had learned quite a few things about his lover, one of these things being that Cha would tease him in some shape or form whenever the opportunity presented itself. This wasn’t something that Gackt minded in the least; after all, at this moment, it was providing him with a lovely view of Cha’s backside. Who in their right minds would be averse to that sort of teasing?

Some part of his mind was currently informing him that perhaps he should be a little alarmed at Cha’s words – at the fact that his lover had said that there was no backing down now, not that he had agreed to it. But, the rest of his mind was more preoccupied with other, more… interesting thoughts. Perhaps Cha had bought a pair of handcuffs or something of the sort, and wanted to try a little bondage. To be honest, this idea was already becoming quite appealing; the thought of Cha handcuffing him to the bed, making him completely and totally helpless, unable to do anything other than revel in the feel of Cha pressing against him… Such thoughts were already beginning to affect Gackt, and he had no problems with admitting to it.

“I won’t back out,” he said to Cha, his voice almost a purr. “But you had better hurry and go get whatever it is that you’re going to get. Otherwise, I just might let my imagination run wild, and I might wind up starting without you~.”

Cha smirked, the fingers of one hand trailing idly down the doorframe, and then back up again. “If you start without me, I’ll punish you for it later.”

Gackt could all too easily imagine those fingers running along his own body, but then again, that had probably been Cha’s intention. Through the haze of naughty thoughts clouding his mind, curiosity somehow managed to get the better of him, and Gackt asked, “What exactly are you going to get, if I may ask? I mean, what is it that you want to try?”

That smirk widened into an all-out grin, and Cha shook his head. “You’ll see,” he said rather mysteriously, winking at Gackt before disappearing from the doorway. Gackt could hear the other man’s footsteps as Cha went down the hallway, and he stretched, eagerly awaiting Cha’s return.

He thought he heard a door open, which meant that whatever it was that Cha had in store for him was probably in a closet or something of the sort. But as he listened even more closely, he heard a rather loud squeak before he heard the sound of a door shutting. That squeak sounded very much like the same squeak that Cha’s kitchen pantry made each time it was closed, which most definitely meant that Cha had retrieved something from the pantry, but what?

It also most definitely meant that Cha still hadn’t oiled the stupid hinges of that door.

And it probably also meant that whatever Cha wanted to try out had nothing to do with bondage, which was a bit of a disappointment. Gackt could only think that what Cha wanted to try now had something to do with a food of some sort – probably something that would make a mess. Chocolate syrup, perhaps? Maybe even peanut butter?

Gackt paled slightly at the idea, considering telling Cha that he just couldn’t go through with something that would make him feel icky and gross, but a promise was a promise, and he most certainly couldn’t back down now.

Sex was a messy thing, he knew. But the pleasure felt both during and directly after sex definitely outweighed his dislike for messiness, and it was rather easy to get rid of the mess that sex caused – a quick shower, and it was all okay. He wondered, though, if he would be able to enjoy their lovemaking if Cha involved something that would make him sticky and such before orgasm (which was definitely the messiest part of sex).

Now, you may find it a little silly to think that Gackt would have second thoughts about having chocolate syrup or something of the like involved in sex, but considering that Gackt was a perfectionist and often preferred being as clean as possible (which was a bit impossible during sex, but still… to add to that messiness…?). Okay, so maybe he was a bit of a cleanliness freak sometimes, but that was just how he was.

As soon as Cha reappeared in the bedroom, Gackt tried his best to regain his eager face, but he was sure that it hadn’t worked and that he only looked uncertain at the moment. This belief was confirmed when Cha frowned slightly at him and asked if he was having second thoughts.

Gackt didn’t try to lie; there was no sense in lying to his beloved, after all, even if he was to ever feel inclined to do so, because Cha would see right through him. “It depends on what you’ve got behind your back,” he answered truthfully as he sat up a little more.

Cha sighed softly, bringing a small container of… something… out from behind his back. Gackt blinked at whatever it was for a second or two before realizing what it was: honey. Honey was sticky. Honey would more than likely be a bit more difficult to wash off than cum, and if any of it got into his hair… He didn’t even want to think about that.

“I figured that you wouldn’t exactly agree to it whole-heartedly, which is why I was kinda sneaky and made you agree to not backing out.” Cha scuffed his bare foot on his bedroom floor, the look on his face somewhere between sheepishness and perhaps slight disappointment.

Gackt started to sigh, but then he thought better of it. “I made a promise, didn’t I?” Saying those words took quite a bit of effort on his part, because he really wasn’t looking forward to having honey on his body, but he had made a promise to Cha, and he wasn’t going to break it. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as bad as he was thinking, and it was more than a little intriguing to think of Cha licking that honey off of him. But still, Gackt felt rather… trapped.

“Yeah, you did,” Cha replied, moving slowly over to the bed. Instead of appreciating the sight of his naked lover, however, Gackt kept his gaze on the little bottle of honey. He eyed it warily, as if he expected it to jump out of Cha’s grasp, open itself up, and pour its contents all into Gackt’s hair. It was a ridiculous thing to think, but Gackt simply couldn’t help it at the moment. They could make a horror movie about this somewhere… he was almost certain that all people who tended to care a great deal about their appearance would scream at the idea of having honey stuck in their hair.

“Gaku,” Cha said, his voice quite soothing, “relax, will you? It’s not like it won’t wash off. And it’s not like this is your bed and you have to worry about your sheets getting sticky. This is my bed, and I’m happy to throw the sheets in the wash when we’re done.”

Okay, so Cha had a good point. Gackt didn’t have to worry about his own sheets getting dirty. But…

Almost before Gackt could stop himself, he blurted, “Just don’t get any in my hair, okay?”

Cha rolled his eyes, laughing before leaning down to kiss Gackt softly. “You are incredibly silly, Gaku. And you’re paranoid, too. I won’t get any in your hair, for god’s sakes.”

Gackt came very close to sighing in relief. No honey in his hair. That would be good, too. “I’m not silly,” he said indignantly, though his mind was currently agreeing with Cha and telling him that he should really lighten up with these things – it was Cha, after all, and it wasn’t like Cha had ever done anything that Gackt hadn’t found enjoyable. He’d never done anything like this before, either… so really, what was the point in hating something before he’d even tried it?

Hating it could be saved for later, after he’d managed to crawl out of Cha’s bed (the sheets probably sticking to his body) and somehow gotten himself into the shower.

“If you don’t like it,” Cha said, uncapping the bottle and squeezing a very small amount of the honey onto his own finger and then sucking it off, “we won’t do it again, okay?”

“… Okay,” Gackt replied, watching as Cha began to tug the sheet down – little by little – exposing Gackt’s chest inch by inch. But as soon as Cha leaned in to kiss him, Gackt’s eyes slid closed, and he found himself wrapping his arms around his lover’s neck, pulling him closer. When he felt Cha’s tongue teasing at his lips, he parted them, almost making a soft noise of appreciation as Cha’s tongue then brushed against his own. He could taste honey during their kiss – sweet on his lover’s tongue – and then he did make a noise, though it was quickly swallowed by Cha. Perhaps this honey thing wouldn’t be so bad at all.

“You don’t seem to be complaining thus far,” Cha murmured against Gackt’s lips, and Gackt next felt Cha’s fingers moving in slow circles over his chest, down to his abdomen and even lower still, sliding beneath the sheets to lightly dance over Gackt’s thighs. Cha pulled back then, smiling softly. “I want to lick this honey off of you,” he said, gazing down at Gackt. “Does that sound appealing to you?”

Actually… it did. “… Yes,” Gackt breathed, licking at his lips. He could hardly say no to Cha after all – couldn’t deny that look in his eyes. And hell, Cha was right, wasn’t he? It was just honey… it would wash off. That is, if Cha didn’t lick it all off first. But that was starting to sound like a good idea, too.

The blob of honey that suddenly fell onto his chest was a little alarming, and even though Gackt was warming up to the idea of this whole honey thing, it didn’t stop him from cringing just a little at the feel of the honey on his skin – it felt a little cool and a bit sticky… and he knew that if Cha was going to continue, things would become even more sticky. However, Gackt’s interest had been grabbed, and he wanted to know if he would actually like having things such as honey involved in his and Cha’s lovemaking. If he could deal with honey, perhaps they could involve other things later on. His mind was already starting to wander about all of the possibilities when the feel of something warm and wet pressing against his skin brought his attention back to the here and now.

That ‘something warm and wet’ turned out to be Cha’s tongue, and Gackt whimpered softly at the sight of Cha lapping at the honey on his chest, the guitarist’s mouth moving quite close to one of Gackt’s nipples before Cha pulled back and smiled at Gackt. Gackt whimpered yet again, in frustration this time. “Cha…”

“I’m getting to it, Gaku,” Cha purred. “Don’t you worry. I just have a certain appreciation for watching you squirm and hearing you whimper like you just did.” Cha continued to drizzle the honey over Gackt’s chest then, over his nipples and then lower down, working his way down to Gackt’s stomach. He stopped just below Gackt’s navel, the bedsheet impeding further progress.

Noticing Cha’s dilemma (or at least that’s what Gackt viewed it as), he started to kick the bedsheet the rest of the way down, but Cha stopped him. “All in good time, Gaku,” he said, his voice husky. “Have patience, won’t you?” Cha’s fingers teasingly slid over the growing bulge between Gackt’s legs, and Gackt made a noise low in his throat, his back arching a little.

Patience, Gackt reminded himself. However, patience was something that seemed to be in short supply when private time with his lover was concerned.

“Just sit back and enjoy,” Cha continued before lowering his head again, and the next thing Gackt knew, that mouth had closed over a nipple. Cha’s tongue swirled around that nub of flesh before Cha began to suck softly, and Gackt grabbed at the sheets, whispering something that was probably completely incoherent.

Cha then moved to the other nipple, lavishing it with equal attention. By this time, Gackt was squirming beneath him, breathlessly informing Cha that he wanted more. So much for his patience.

Cha chuckled a little, meeting Gackt’s eyes once again. His tongue darted out, licking at his lips, and Gackt couldn’t help but stare even though he tried his damndest to not stare. “You want more, do you?” Cha asked, the fingers of one hand running lightly over Gackt’s side, making him shiver.

Now, just what kind of silly question was that? Of course Gackt wanted more. Wasn’t he making that fairly obvious? He nodded, gazing up at Cha and hoping that all the desire that he possessed for the other man was shining in his eyes, in plain view for his lover to see.

“Nu-uh, Gaku,” Cha teased, the hand that wasn’t clutching the little bottle of honey moving to the sheet which still covered the lower half of Gackt’s body. “You’re going to have to do better than that. Tell me exactly what you want.”

Gackt growled in near-frustration. Why was Cha playing this game with him? Cha liked to tease, he knew, but this wasn’t really at all fair. There didn’t seem to be any blood circulating to Gackt’s brain at the moment; it was all concentrated… elsewhere, in much lower places. “Cha,” he whined, lifting his hips a bit, only to have them pushed back down by Cha.

“Tell me,” Cha said before he leaned down again, kissing and licking a trail down to Gackt’s bellybutton, stopping just before his lips reached the bedsheet. “Tell me,” he repeated again, “or this won’t go any further.”

You evil little bastard! Gackt glared daggers at his lover, wondering just why in the hell Cha was making him do this… but at the same time, it was quite interesting to hear Cha demanding something from him. So maybe he couldn’t be too frustrated with his lover. “I want you to…” Here, Gackt trailed off, not exactly certain of what he should be saying. He wasn’t entirely sure that he could put into words what he wanted. He wanted Cha’s hands and mouth all over him, wanted Cha inside of him, wanted…

And then, he had an idea. He was fairly certain that this particular idea had already crossed Cha’s mind, but Gackt knew that Cha wanted to hear it, so Gackt told him precisely what he was currently thinking. “I want honey on my cock… I want you to suck it off… to suck me off.”

Gackt’s words sounded almost ridiculous to his own ears, but at that moment, Cha gazed down at him with such heat in his eyes, and Gackt’s breath caught in his throat. “And then what do you want?” he asked, pulling the sheet down, uncovering the rest of Gackt’s body and quite openly staring at Gackt in what appeared to be… hunger.

“You,” Gackt said, his voice sounding strange even to his own ears; he sounded so damn needy. Then again, he felt needy, so he supposed that sounding as needy as he did was appropriate.

“You’re going to have to elaborate, my love.” Cha’s fingers curled around his length then, and Gackt hissed softly, his hips bucking upwards before he could even be bothered with attempting to stop them from doing so. “Well?” Cha asked, thumb rubbing over the head of Gackt’s cock in quite a… distracting manner.

With what was left of his sanity, Gackt tried his best to elaborate, attempting to speak up twice only to interrupt himself with none-too-quiet moans as Cha continued to stroke his length. If Cha kept this up…

Gackt gave up on trying to say it ‘right’, and gasped, “I want you to fuck me.”

“Bingo,” his lover purred, clearly pleased with Gackt’s answer. Cha withdrew his hand then, and Gackt gazed up at him in anticipation, his eyes leaving Cha’s only when Cha turned the bottle of honey upside down and squeezed. Gackt watched as the sticky stuff was squeezed from the bottle, hissing softly when he both felt and saw a generous amount of it on his dribbling down his cock, some of it making its way down his thighs and getting onto the bedsheets.

Cha then recapped the bottle, tossing it aside. He lowered his mouth to Gackt’s erection, his tongue flicking out to teasingly run up Gackt’s entire length, from base to tip. That talented tongue lapped almost greedily at the slit of Gackt’s head, causing Gackt to moan and grab at the bedsheets, clenching them tightly.

Cha pulled back a little, and Gackt nearly made a noise of protest. Before he could, however, Cha spoke. “I might get you to try this on me one day,” he said, licking at his lips.

Gackt honestly believed he wouldn’t have a problem with that whatsoever. After his initial reluctance to try this little surprise of Cha’s, he had rapidly discovered within the past several… how long had it been? Well, the passage of time really wasn’t important, was it? In any case, he had realized that just because honey was sticky and messy and just because Gackt preferred to keep himself well-groomed… Well, that was no reason for him to not find a bit of messiness – when in the right context, such as lovemaking – enjoyable.

And he was most definitely finding this to be enjoyable.

“I think that can be arranged in the near future,” Gackt breathed, moving one hand so that he could brush his fingers against Cha’s cheek. He then proceeded to tangle those same fingers in that silky hair, pushing Cha’s head down just a little – not to force, but to gently encourage. “Please, Cha…”

What a wicked smile Cha offered him. “Well, since you asked so nicely~…”

Gackt was just about to snort, or reply with a smart-ass comment… something or another… But then, Cha took the head of his cock into his mouth once more, and Gackt’s mind went completely blank. The only thought that remained was: Fuck, this feels so good, and that one thought was currently repeating itself unnecessarily.

Cha slid his mouth even lower, his tongue swirling around Gackt’s flesh, making Gackt moan something that he believed had to be completely incoherent, his fingers tightening their grip on Cha’s hair. When Cha took all of him, Gackt had to fight the urge to thrust his hips up; he did want to let Cha have full control of this, after all. It was just proving to be incredibly difficult to keep his hips still, and Cha wasn’t helping, considering the way his lips and tongue were teasing him.

Gackt thoroughly enjoyed Cha’s teasing, but even he could only take so much. “Cha,” he whimpered, practically begging, “please…”

Cha’s eyes met his then, and Cha began to bob his head up and down – slowly, ever so slowly at first, gradually building up a rhythm. The feel of that wet and warm mouth surrounding his length, moving in exactly the right way, coupled with the still-sticky (though considerably less so) feel of the honey and knowing that Cha was currenly tasting a mix of that sweetness and of Gackt himself… Gackt had to admit that it was more than a little erotic, and he also had to wonder exactly why he had never thought of this himself before.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Gackt began thrusting his hips up, his body seeking the release that he knew was so close - he could feel the pressure building. He kept his fingers buried in Cha’s hair, though he wasn’t attempting to hold Cha in place; Cha continued moving his mouth along Gackt’s cock in the same rhythm, not slowing down, and Gackt met each movement of Cha’s head with a thrust of his hips, though he did so carefully because he didn’t want to cause Cha to have a sore throat later on (though that was probably inevitable, but still…).

Before Gackt even quite realized it, that pressure released, and he came hard, not bothering to attempt to muffle his cries as he did so. He believed that he could literally see stars dancing before his eyes, or at least something that very much resembled stars. That was always how it had been with Cha, though… Cha always had this sort of effect on him.

Finally, after the stars had cleared from his eyes, Gackt looked down at his lover to find that Cha was grinning satisfactorily. “Mmm… Honey-flavored Gaku-chan. Want to taste?”

Gackt raised an eyebrow, interested, and then blinked. The next thing he knew, Cha’s lips were pressing against his, and Cha’s tongue was demanding entrance to his mouth. Gackt granted that entrance readily, his own tongue meeting Cha’s, brushing against it. He could taste the honey on his lover’s tongue, as well as himself, and in that moment the sheer need that he felt for Cha was almost painful; Gackt didn’t quite understand why Cha did this to him, always made him feel like this.

Cha pulled away from the kiss then, though his lips remained pressed lightly against Gackt’s. “I want you,” he said, and just those words were enough to make Gackt feel a little light-headed, and again, he wasn’t sure why.

“I want you too. Now, Cha. Please?” Gackt was not below near-begging or all-out begging, when Cha was concerned. He flicked his tongue out, briefly touching it to Cha’s lips before spreading his legs wider and lifting his hips a little, whimpering when his lower body brushed against Cha’s. “Please…”

“All in good time,” Cha replied, pulling back even more and smiling softly. “Soon, because I’m not quite sure how long I can hold myself back. I need you so much that it’s honestly painful.” He brushed his lips gently against Gackt’s before blinking at him, the look in his eyes resembling confusion. “Uhm… Where did we leave the lube last?”

Gackt chuckled softly, shaking his head before moving one hand, sliding it beneath the pillow that he was currently resting his head on. His fingers closed around the tube, and he showed it to Cha. “This what you’re looking for?” he asked with a grin, dangling the lube in front of his lover’s face.

“Obviously,” Cha replied, hurriedly snatching the tube from Gackt’s fingers, unscrewing the cap and squirting some of the lube onto his own fingers. He rubbed it around a little, and then placed the lube beside them, not far away because they would need it once again in just a few moments.

“Well now who’s in a hurry?” Gackt purred, still smiling up at Cha. Perhaps he was managing to look only amused, instead of as needy as he felt. But if he was keeping that needy look out of his eyes, if he had no traces of it on his face… Well, the rest of his body wasn’t hiding it so well. He was visibly trembling from anticipation, and when he lifted his hand to brush his fingers against Cha’s cheek, he found that even his hand was shaking.

Cha turned his head a little, kissing Gackt’s fingers. “I can’t ever be patient for very long when you’re concerned, my love. No matter how hard I try, you always get the better of me. My patience is always reduced to pretty much nil.”

“I can empathize,” Gackt replied, still trembling, certain that Cha had noticed by now. “You always make me feel that way. You always make me feel this way.” His gaze was now focused on the lubed fingers of Cha’s hand, and he watched as Cha moved that hand, sliding it between his thighs, one finger probing gently at his entrance. Gackt closed his eyes, pressing against that finger, already seeking a firmer touch.

“Ditto, Gaku.” The words were breathed against Gackt’s ear, and then his earlobe was captured between Cha’s lips. Cha sucked softly, slowly pushing his finger into Gackt’s body as he did so. Gackt whimpered and squirmed, Cha’s name escaping his lips as he reopened his eyes, the fingers of one hand tracing invisible patterns over the skin of Cha’s back.

Cha pushed that finger in as far as it would go before beginning to make thrusting motions, quickly adding a second finger to that first one, now alternating between scissoring and thrusting them within Gackt. His lips trailed down Gackt’s neck, and he was igniting tiny fires within Gackt with each touch of those lips, with each movement of those fingers. Those tiny fires all combined to become one huge blazing flame, and before long, Gackt was clutching at his lover, begging for more than just his fingers.

“Not yet, Gaku, not yet.” Cha thrust his fingers in hard, and Gackt cried out, lifting his hips up as he felt those fingers just barely brush against his prostate. If Cha kept this up, Gackt would orgasm yet again, and he didn’t want to yet, not until Cha was deep inside of him and thrusting his hips just like he was thrusting his fingers.

Please,” Gackt begged, not ashamed in the least to do so. “I need you. I want you. Please.”

“Say my name,” Cha told him, scissoring his fingers again. He sounded just as needy as Gackt himself must have sounded, and the look in his eyes… Just the way Cha was looking at him made Gackt tremble even more.

“Cha.” Gackt spoke his name softly, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Louder,” Cha growled, withdrawing his fingers and grabbing the lube again, squirting a larger amount of it in the palm of his hand and then moved that hand to his cock, curling his fingers around himself and beginning to stroke his length – from tip to base and back again.

Gackt watched hungrily, unable to even manage more than a soft whimper, eager for Cha to hurry up already, eager to feel Cha inside of him, thrusting hard and fast. He wasn’t in the mood for slow right now, not after all of Cha’s teasing.

“You’ll have to do what I told you, Gaku.” Cha positioned himself between Gackt’s legs, rubbing himself against Gackt’s entrance, but making no further moves to push inside of him. “Or this won’t go any further~.”

Gackt nearly cursed, but held it back, groaning softly. “Chaaa…” Definitely louder this time, and a bit whiny too.

“Not quite,” Cha said, pushing forward just a little so that only the tip of him was inside of Gackt, and Gackt gasped, bucking his hips up and trying to impale himself further on Cha’s cock. Cha wouldn’t let him, pushing his hips back down as soon as he had lifted them. “C’mon, Gaku… Don’t you know what I want?”

Again, Cha was asking Gackt to think, and that was practically impossible in Gackt’s current state. But if he wanted more, he would have to figure it out, and soon. Preferably within the next ten or so seconds.

“My name,” Cha breathed against his ear, running his tongue along the shell of it as his nails dug slightly into the skin of Gackt’s hips, making Gackt gasp softly.

Name, name, name, name. Cha wanted Gackt to say his name, obviously. But he had already done that, hadn’t he? And that turned out to be ‘not quite’ what Cha was looking for. So, what…?

And then, it dawned on him. His name. Now, Gackt understood. “Yuki,” he whispered, and then he said it again. “Yuki, Yuki, Yuki…” It became somewhat of a softly-spoken mantra; at least, until Cha slammed into him without warning, catching Gackt completely off-guard. Cha was already angled so that he was hitting his prostate, and the force of that thrust… It was so pleasurable that it bordered on being painful, and suddenly Gackt was crying out that name, and then he was gasping it, clutching at Cha as though Cha were his lifeline.

“Nnnhhh… Gackt… You feel so good…” Cha pulled back then, almost all the way out of Gackt before slamming back in, just as hard as he had the first time.

“So do you,” Gackt managed to say, rocking his own hips up as soon as Cha loosened his grip on them, loving the way Cha moaned when he did so. “Please don’t stop…”

“I’m not going to stop,” Cha replied, leaning down to kiss Gackt’s neck. “I’m not even going to slow down. You want it hard and fast right now, don’t you, Gaku? “

Just the words that Cha spoke made Gackt’s cock twitch, and made his breath catch in his throat. “Yes,” he said breathlessly. “Yes… Please. Harder.”

Cha seemed all too happy to comply, immediately beginning a rhythm that was just as hard and fast as Gackt wanted it. Apparently, Cha had lost all of his patience at this point, just as Gackt had, and was desperate to touch, to taste

To fuck Gackt perfectly senseless.

Perhaps that was the plan of the moment, and Gackt honestly had absolutely no objections to it. In fact, he gave just as much as he got. When he demanded more, Cha gave him more, and Gackt returned the pleasure that was being given to him, wanting this to feel as good to Cha as it was feeling to him. He met Cha thrust for thrust, his hips moving just as desperately, just as hungrily as Cha’s were.

Twice, Gackt tried to say something other than his lover’s name, tried to tell him to slow down even though he knew that Cha wouldn’t do so. They were both too far gone right now to even bother with slowing down, after all. But still… Some part of Gackt wanted this to last as long as possible.

However, slow and gentle could be saved for later, couldn’t it? Right now…

When Gackt felt the palm of Cha’s hand rub over the head of his cock, he groaned, his head falling back against the pillow. “Fuck…”

Cha’s fingers curled around him then, beginning to stroke him, just as fast as their hips were moving. Merciless, that’s what Cha was being right now, and Gackt absolutely fucking loved it.

With each thrust, Cha hit the sweetest of spots – again and again and again – and with each thrust, Gackt felt little shocks of pleasure run all throughout his body. He could feel it even in his toes, and he could feel that pressure within him building. With each thrust, with each stroke, Gackt felt himself being pushed closer and closer to orgasm.

He tried to speak again, tried to tell Cha that he was so close that it was almost painful. But then, he thought better of it, and instead he tangled his fingers in Cha’s hair, pulling him down for another deep, hungry kiss.

And then, the pressure within him suddenly released, and Gackt came harder than he believed he ever had in his entire life. He broke away from Cha’s mouth and released a sound that might have been a sob of pleasure, his entire body trembling, his muscles clamping down around Cha and making him cry out as well. He could feel his release – warm and somewhat sticky on his abdomen, sliding down his thighs, mixing with the sweat and the honey, only making him feel even more sticky. But Gackt truly didn’t mind at the moment.

“Fuck, Gackt… Ohh…” A few more thrusts, and then Cha came as well; Gackt could feel his release too, warm, deep inside of him. He had an indescribable feeling of completeness - of fullness - and when Cha practically collapsed on top of him, Gackt smiled weakly, running his fingers through his lover’s hair.

“I love you,” Gackt murmured, nuzzling at Cha’s hair as he attempted to relearn how to breathe.

“Love you too,” Cha replied, and Gackt could feel his heart beating; it was beating just as erratically as his own.

A shower was most definitely in order, and in the near future, too. However, Gackt was content to stay like this for quite some time. He was warm and sated and happy, and he really didn’t want to move right now.

Cha apparently didn’t feel the same way Gackt did, though, because in the next moment, he was pulling away. Gackt made a noise of disappointment, attempting to wrap his arms around Cha and pull him back down again, but Cha stopped him from doing so. “I’m not going anywhere, Gaku.” The words were reassuring, and Gackt nodded, curious to see exactly what Cha was going to do if he wasn’t going anywhere.

Cha slid down Gackt’s body, stopping at his thighs, tongue lapping at the mess there. Gackt found this to be incredibly erotic and he squirmed a little. “Keep doing that and you’re going to get me hard again,” he said teasingly.

“What if that’s what I want to do?” Cha replied, moving back up Gackt’s body, kissing him softly. When he pulled back, he was grinning.

“You’re insatiable,” Gackt snorted, rolling his eyes, though he was grinning as well.

Cha nuzzled at his neck. “So… the honey thing. It wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Gackt couldn’t help but grin even wider. “It wasn’t bad at all,” he replied. “In fact, you wouldn’t have to twist my arm to get me to try it again. Though I must admit I wasn’t expecting honey.”

Cha poked Gackt lightly in the side, causing him to jump a little. “So, what were you expecting?”

Gackt chewed on his lower lip a moment before answering. “… Handcuffs. Something like that. Y’know… anything that would fit in the category of bondage.”

“Mmm…” Cha kissed him again, taking his precious time to explore Gackt’s mouth. Again, Gackt could taste himself. There was just something about that… “We should try that soon,” Cha said as the kiss was broken. “It would be really hot to have you handcuffed to the bed, helplessly writhing beneath me.”

Gackt had to admit that yes, that would be really hot. “You know, you keep talking like that… You’re making me feel horny again already.” He rolled them so that he was now laying half on top of Cha, and surprisingly, Cha didn’t protest in the least. The next thing he did was grab the little bottle of honey. “I think I want to see what honeyed Cha tastes like.”

Cha shifted slightly beneath him, licking his lips. “Oh?” he purred. “You’re sure you don’t want to back out before things get even more messy? Because they will, you know. And--”

“Positive,” Gackt interrupted, leaning down further to kiss Cha just as Cha had kissed him mere moments before.

Sure, things were going to get even messier, but Gackt was certain that it sure as hell would be worth it.

And truthfully, Gackt really didn’t care about the mess anymore. Messes could be cleaned, after all.

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