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It's Therapeutic - Cha/Gackt

Title: It's "Therapeutic"
Author: Kagome
Rating: PG (maybe PG-13?)
Pairing: Gackt/Chachamaru
Fandom: GacktJob (JRock)
Disclaimer: I do not own Gackt, Cha, or You... which makes me very sad. So do not sue me. I am sad enough already. :P
Summary: Gee, whatever could happen in a story that features You, Cha, and a blindfolded Gackt? ^_~
Notes: This was written for Twisted-chan as a V-Day present, and I almost didn't make it in time! ^_^ I do hope you like it though, Itoshii. Cha and Gackt didn't want to cooperate with me at some points, though I think I managed to get them under control, somewhat. I think you first requested that neither of them would know that he was kissing the other, but they wouldn't cooperate on that one... so now Gackt just doesn't know he's kissing Cha, at first. *LOL* Happy Valentine's Day!!!

It’s “Therapeutic”

“I’m telling you the truth! This is for therapeutic purposes!”

At the sound of You’s voice, Cha sat straight up in Gackt’s bed, once again seriously contemplating running out of the room, out of the house, and all the way back to his own house. Wouldn’t a strategic retreat would be safer, after all? There was no way that he could sit here on Gackt’s bed like this, no matter what little ‘surprise’ You had in store.

Why was he in Gackt’s bedroom, anyway? He had yet to figure that out, for You had told him nothing other than to wait here because he had a surprise for him. Cha could think of a few ‘surprises’, but none of them involved You and all they all centered around the man whose bed he was currently sitting on.

“I don’t care if it’s for therapeutic purposes, You-nii, I feel stupid in this damn blindfold!”

Gackt’s voice. Footsteps. They were rapidly approaching the bedroom, and Cha was now considering leaping right out of the window. There was no way he could be like this on Gackt’s bed, especially not if Gackt was going to be in there too, blindfold or no blindfold.

His escape plan was cut short, however, when You entered the room, tugging Gackt along with him. Gackt was indeed blindfolded, and from the frown on his face, he didn’t look very happy about it, either.

“This is stupid, You-nii.” He didn’t sound happy, either. “Can’t I take this thing off? Please? I’m sure that I can go through whatever ‘therapy’ you have in mind without it much better than I can with it.”

“No you can’t,” You retorted, lightly thumping Gackt on the back of the head. “You’ll thank me later, I promise.”

Cha was beginning to panic. Just what did You have in mind? If it was a threesome, well, maybe that could be negotiated at some point or another but not right now. Not when Cha still hadn’t managed to convince himself to tell Gackt how he felt; not when he had absolutely no clue how Gackt felt about him.

And Cha wasn’t entirely sure that he’d be able to share Gackt anyway, if things were to ever go according to how Cha would prefer them to go. Besides, You had never shown any type of interest in either of them before… not that Cha could recall, anyway. So, what was the point of all this?

Heaving a sigh and apparently giving up on getting out of the blindfold altogether, Gackt asked, “Just what am I supposed to be doing?”

“You pretend that I’m Cha, and you tell me everything that you’ve wanted to spill for the past several months. Quite frankly, your lack of a confession to him has been driving me up the wall.” You began leading Gackt towards the bed, and Cha became even more panicky, more than ready to rush out of the room, but the death glare that You offered him clearly stated ‘You move, and you die.’

So Cha sat perfectly still, swallowing hard, certain that the sound had been heard by Gackt, who hadn’t even sat down on the bed yet. So many thoughts were running through his mind; first and foremost, though, was: He does have feelings for me?!

Well, Cha supposed he’d figure that much out within the next few minutes, if he still didn’t try to escape, that is. Then again, he was terrified that he would really wind up physically injured if he even bothered to try retreating; You definitely seemed to mean business right now, and Cha wasn’t sure at all that he wanted to test You’s patience.

Gackt seemed utterly fed up at this point, and was visibly unwilling to cooperate. “Do we have to do this?”

“Do I have to tie you up too?” You asked, sounding exasperated. “Cos if you make me resort to those measures…” He trailed off, shaking his head at Cha’s wide-eyed expression. “Just sit down, okay?”

Again with the unwillingness to cooperate. “Where am I sitting?”

“On your bed!” With an aggravated-sounding sigh, You pushed Gackt onto the bed and due to the force of You’s push, Gackt landed quite heavily. Cha was jarred a little, but otherwise he remained as still as he could.

Yep, You meant business, all right.

“I’m Cha, and you’re going to tell me exactly how you feel,” You instructed, still standing. “If you do it this way, maybe some part of you deep down will be satisfied and you won’t babble so much about him and then I can have some peace and quiet. I’m happy to help you and all, but this has gotten quite ridiculous, especially over these past few months.”

Cha looked back and forth between the two men, currently wondering how in the hell this was going to work, and if Gackt really did have feelings for him, why hadn’t he said anything about them to Cha himself?

Cha then reminded himself that he had yet to say anything to Gackt about his own feelings, and he figured that maybe Gackt hadn’t said anything exactly for the same reason – or reasons – why he hadn’t said anything yet.

“But you’re not Cha,” Gackt stated flatly, and Cha could feel all his hopes of hearing a confession quickly draining away.

You sighed again, rubbing at his temples. “That’s one of the reasons that the blindfold is there. It’s easier to pretend that I’m someone else if you can’t see me.”

“No it isn’t. I can still hear you.” Gackt sounded somewhat confused.

You gritted his teeth, looking like he just might through himself a hissy fit within the next few moments. Or perhaps he just looked like he was about to send Gackt out of the room via airmail (in other words, out the window). “Then I won’t talk. Dammit, Gakuto-chan! This is more trouble than it’s worth, you know? Stop making it so difficult, and just say what you should be saying to Cha!”

Gackt grumbled, and then fell perfectly silent for a few moments. And then: “Are you sure I have to do this?” he almost whined.

“Unless you want to go flying out the window,” You replied with fake sweetness, crossing his arms over his chest and tapping his foot. “Cha’s waiting. Just pretend like he’s here and that I’m not here, and say what you want to say.”

Gackt fell silent once more, fidgeting a little. Cha’s hope was really withering away now, and he was just about to open his mouth, just about to say that he should leave the room, because Gackt clearly wasn’t ready to confess anything even though he didn’t have a clue that he would actually be confessing to Cha.

As if reading his mind, You shot Cha another one of those warning glares, and the placed a finger over his lips, indicating that Cha should remain silent.

Finally, after Cha was just about to give up all hope completely and leave the room in spite of You’s threatening glares, Gackt spoke. “I like you,” he said, and Cha felt his breath catch in his throat.

“I really like you,” Gackt continued, his fingers twisting the bottom of his shirt into awful shapes. It was almost as though he had regressed to those teenage years, considering how fidgety he was being. “I’ve liked you for a really long time now. You-nii tells me that you feel the same way, but I don’t exactly believe him because you’ve never said anything about it or given any indication that you do like me… and you always promised to be honest with me, no matter what. But then again, I guess I am at fault in this too, since I’ve never told you. Although I’m not entirely sure if hiding one’s feelings qualifies as being dishonest.”

Gackt cleared his throat a little before continuing. “Anyway, I’d like to see if we could work out. I’m sure we could if we tried. I want to try, if you’ll give me that chance.”

Cha sat there, completely and utterly dumbfounded and certain that his jaw was hanging open. He hadn’t expected Gackt to really confess; after all, Gackt had acted like this whole ‘therapy’ thing that You had thought up was absolute bullshit. He wanted to say something – mainly, ‘I like you too and I want to be with you’ – but his voicebox was currently out of commission, and he wasn’t entirely certain that he should be saying anything at the moment, after all.

You was now smiling, and giving Cha a look that clearly said, ‘I told you so’. “That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” You asked almost soothingly, walking around to stand behind where Cha was sitting.

Gackt bit his lip a little, and then frowned. “Can I take off this stupid blindfold now?”

“No,” You replied. “There’s one more thing you have to do.”

One more thing…? Cha wondered just what that ‘one more thing’ could be.

Gackt released a sigh of his own, sounding more than a little irritated. “What do I have to do?”

”Pretend I’m Cha and kiss me,” You replied matter-of-factly.

Gackt seemed to be just as shocked as Cha himself was. “WHAT? You-nii, I can’t!”

“Yes you caaaaaannnn~,” You said softly, nudging Cha a little, and motioning for him to kiss Gackt.

Cha looked up at You, pleading with his eyes. Don’t make me do this. Don’t make me do this; I still can’t think straight. He likes me.

You wouldn’t have any of it, and all-but pushed Cha closer to Gackt. Cha’s eyes focused on Gackt’s pink tongue as it flicked out to run over his bottom lip, and Cha wondered what those lips and tongue would feel like…

Cha’s heart was beating erratically, and he believed that Gackt had to hear it, what with how loud it was being. It felt like it just might burst out of his chest at any moment.

“No offense, You-nii, but I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable kissing you,” Gackt said, sounding very certain of that statement.

“You’re not kissing me, remember?” You asked, his voice no longer holding any traces of irritation. “You’re kissing Cha.” He nudged Cha yet again, and when Cha turned to him, You looked down at him and mouthed ‘Well?’

“I still don’t think--”

It was now or never. Well, maybe not never, but not anytime in the near future, because Cha wasn’t at all sure he’d be able to work up the nerve again to do so. Placing shaking hands on Gackt’s shoulders, Cha leaned forward, cutting off Gackt’s words by pressing his lips hesitantly against the other man’s.

His lips were soft, just like Cha had expected them to be. Warm, too. He was just about to start enjoying the kiss, and just about to attempt to deepen it when Gackt mumbled “Good enough,” against his lips and started to pull back.

No, no, no! Gackt couldn’t pull away now!

Then again, Gackt firmly believed that he was kissing You, so maybe Cha couldn’t blame him for trying to pull away so quickly. There had to be some way of letting Gackt know that he was kissing Cha, without Cha actually having to pull away and say ‘it’s me, you idiot!’

“I don’t think you’d be pulling away so quickly if you were kissing Cha.”

Cha had almost completely forgotten that You was in the room with them. If Cha could have in that moment, he would have turned around and said ‘thank you’, but as his lips were currently occupied with another – and much more important – task, thanking You would have to wait.

Gackt was no longer trying to pull away, but he wasn’t being responsive, either, which was a little frustrating. Cha leaned closer, winding his arms around Gackt’s neck. He was still shaky, terribly so, but he didn’t want to screw this up, not now. Please, he felt like whispering. Please let me do this.

Of course, first kisses probably shouldn’t be had when there was an audience, but it was a little too late to be contemplating such things now.

A few strands of hair fell in front of his face, and Cha fought the urge to swipe said hair away. He had put his hair back in a ponytail this morning, but there were always bits of his hair that wanted to be unruly and uncooperative.

He both heard and felt Gackt gasp against his lips – apparently, his hair had tickled Gackt’s cheek, or something. Nevermind how it had happened – it was just the opportunity that Cha needed.

He slipped his tongue past Gackt’s lips and delved inside of that warm, wet cavern that was Gackt’s mouth, exploring it. Gackt was still quite and unresponsive, though when Cha’s tongue brushed against his, Gackt seemed to come to life. Cha felt the other man’s arms wrap around him and pull him close, almost into his lap. Their tongues engaged themselves in a dance that was as old as time itself - the kiss slow, deep, and unhurried.

Somewhere amongst the kissing, Gackts hand found its way beneath Cha’s shirt, his fingers now playing gently over the skin of Cha’s back. Cha shivered a little and tried to press himself closer to Gackt, the fingers of one of his hands running slowly and soothingly through Gackt’s hair.

Cha broke away moments later for air. Both he and Gackt were breathing somewhat erratically, and Cha’s heart was still pounding harder than it ever had before. He tugged off Gackt’s blindfold, and when Gackt’s eyes blinked open, he stared dazedly at Cha, the look on his face clearly stating ‘Did that just really happen?’

Cha felt the same way. He almost couldn’t believe that they had actually kissed, but here he was, and here Gackt was, and there were still pressed close together.

“Bravo, bravo~.”

The applause caught Cha’s attention, and he turned to the doorway, where You was currently standing. When had he moved?

“It’s about damn time,” You said, leaning against the doorframe. “Maybe now I can stop pulling my hair out due to you guys constantly dancing around each other like you’ve been doing.” You then pushed away from the doorframe and stepped into the hallway. “I’ll leave you two to figure this out now, although there’s really not much left to figure out, is there?”

You then shut the door, and Cha could hear his retreating footsteps as You made his way back down the hallway. He and Gackt were now completely alone. He turned back to Gackt and cleared his throat a little. “I never knew,” he said softly.

“I didn’t know that you…” Gackt began, but then trailed off, gazing at Cha in a mix of wonder and shock.

“… Why don’t we talk about it?” Cha suggested. Talking about it would be a good idea, and then they could laugh at how stupid they’d been all this time. Cha was sure that they would be able to work things out from this point on. The admittance of feelings was the first step – the hardest step, he believed. They had dealt with that part already. Of course, he didn’t expect it to be easy at all, but they could work it all out somehow – he knew they could.

Cha started to push himself away from Gackt a little, to put some distance between them, but Gackt’s arms tightened their hold, and Cha looked at the other man a little confusedly.

“We can talk about it,” Gackt agreed, smiling softly. “But first… will you kiss me again?”

“You sure you want me to kiss you while you’re not wearing the blindfold?” Cha teased.

“I’m positive, Cha. Kiss me.”

Cha was all too happy to comply.

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