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[Drabble] Walk Away - Gackt/Hyde

Title: Walk Away
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #015: The Past
Characters/Pairings: Gakuhai
Notes: Triple-drabble. I struggled with this challenge, and I don’t even know why. -_-; Written for am_100.


You know that voice well. The problem is that you simply cannot believe that he’s here.

You slowly turn around to face him and he smiles up at you, that familiar glint in his eyes. “Let me buy you a drink,” he offers, and you nod, unable to tell him no. Your mind is screaming at you to turn around and walk away before things progress any further, but the mind is often ignored when the heart is screaming something completely different. Your case is no different.

While you sip at your beer, your find yourself chatting animatedly with him, though you know that you shouldn’t be doing so. At some point, he reaches over and covers your hand with his own. “I’ve missed you, Gacchan,” he tells you.

Then you start to remember the little things – the reasons why you fell for him in the first place. You remember how his eyes would soften when he looked at you, how his kisses could be so gentle and yet so demanding at the same time, and how he’d whisper your name in the dark.

You also remember how the tears pooled in his eyes and then spilled over to run down his cheeks the day you told him goodbye.

“Can’t we give this another chance?” His voice is thick with emotion, and as you look into his eyes, you almost tell him yes.

But then you remind yourself that he is a married man, and he’ll never really belong to you.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper, and then you stand and exit the bar, not looking back.

Your relationship with Hyde is part of the past, and that’s where it has to stay. You’ve had to walk away from him twice now, and hopefully, this time is the last.

Tags: drabble, gacktjob, gacktxhyde, hydexgackt, l'arc~en~ciel

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