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Awkward Situations - Gackt/Chachamaru

Title: Awkward Situations
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gackt/Chachamaru
Fandom: GacktJOB (JRock)
Disclaimer: Gackt and Cha are real people, and unfortunately, I do not own them.
Summary: Gackt decides that it’s high time he and Cha take the next step in their relationship, and he envisions it as being absolutely perfect. It does not quite go as he plans, however. ^^; Poor Gackt.
Notes: This was written for twistedserious, my dear Little Cashew. It was actually a dare… a challenge from her, so to speak. XD She wanted a first-time Gackt/Cha, but she wanted it to be fumbly and basically a big disaster. She also wanted them to pretty much fight over who was going to be top, but Gackt did not want to cooperate. Gomen ne, Twisted-chan. ^^;; This fic is pretty hot in some places, but just when you think they’ve got it right, disaster strikes. XD Enjoy reading a completely and utterly un-suave Gackt. *LOL*

Awkward Situations

When Gackt had purred, “Let’s go to my bedroom,” to Cha whilst they were in the middle of a little session on his living room couch - which included steamy kissing and a fair amount of groping – he had had every intention of making their first time together absolutely perfect.

What he did not take into account was that first times are not often completely perfect, and that things become better with practice. Gackt completely discarded the fact that he had never gone this far with another man before, and that Cha had told him likewise. Okay, so Gackt was not going to be having sex with Cha for the first time, but he was going to be having sex with another man for the first time as well.

He figured he didn’t have much to worry about. After all, he had been with women, of course! How different could it possibly be with a man? Well, no breasts, for one thing. That was perfectly fine with Gackt. There was also the fact that Cha had a… ‘tool’ that women most definitely did not have. Gackt could deal with this as well. In fact, he found himself itching to touch Cha there – to find all the sensitive spots that would make the other man cry out and arch into his touch.

Gackt also took into account that Cha did not have the same... err… ‘opening’ that women had, but there was another, and that one would do just fine, provided that Cha had cleaned himself up pretty damn well before paying Gackt a visit.

Another thought occurred to Gackt as he was leading Cha to his bedroom: What if Cha wanted to be the one on top? Gackt wondered if he would be able to deal with the pain that his rear would most definitely be feeling in the morning, and then reasoned that if he put Cha through that sort of pain and Cha could handle it, then he could, too. After all, what was a little pain compared to so much pleasure?

… But still. Gackt was not going to give Cha the opportunity to be top tonight unless he completely rejected the idea of being bottom.

And that proved to be something that Gackt would not have to worry about. As soon as they reached his bedroom, Cha sat down on the bed and then lay back, pulling Gackt with him so that Gackt was comfortably straddling him. “C’mon, Gaku. We’re here now. Let’s not waste a second of time. I want to know what having you in me will feel like.”

Had Gackt been a casino machine, lights would have been flashing, the word “JACKPOT” would have appeared in bright letters, and money would have been pouring out of him. As it were however, Gackt was, quite happily, not a casino machine. He was a man, and the growing bulge in his pants couldn’t have made that fact more obvious.

He smiled and shifted a little, moaning softly as their lower bodies brushed together. Cha moaned as well, the fingers of both hands clutching at Gackt’s shirt. The look in those eyes was one of pleading, of begging. More, please, they said, and Gackt could not deny Cha of his wish.

Gackt ground his hips against Cha’s in a maddeningly slow rhythm, knowing that it would feel so much better if they were both naked, but teasing was good, too, and teasing only served to make the anticipation that much greater.

“Stop teasing,” Cha growled softly, though Gackt noted that the other man was pushing his hips up each time Gackt thrust his own down.

Gackt grinned devilishly before leaning down and pressing his lips to Cha’s in a chaste kiss. “But you seem to like the teasing very much.”

Cha nodded, threading the fingers of one hand through Gackt’s hair. “Yes, I do,” he replied softly, “but I want more than the teasing. Don’t you?” He pushed his hips up again, though this time it was unexpected, and when his clothed erection brushed against Gackt’s, Gackt had to bite back a moan. Cha’s words sent a shiver down his spine, and now he was quite ready to forego any further teasing in favor of getting right down to the main event.

“I do,” Gackt answered, running his hands down Cha’s sides before resting them on his abdomen. “We’re both overdressed though~. I can take care of that.” He gazed down at Cha’s button-up shirt, and had the terrible urge to rip the material off the other’s chest. He had seen it done before, and he envisioned exactly how it would go: he would grab either side of the shirt and pull hard. Buttons would go flying everywhere and Cha’s chest would then be wonderfully naked; Cha would become even more hot and bothered by Gackt’s actions and would beg Gackt to hurry up and get undressed and fuck him senseless already. Later, Gackt would buy Cha another shirt.

However, when Gackt attempted to perform his little fantasy, it didn’t go as he had planned. Buttons didn’t go flying everywhere; in fact, nothing happened at all. His efforts had amounted to nothing more than a raised eyebrow and small, amused smile from his soon-to-be lover.

“Having trouble?” Cha asked, that smile still plastered on his face. The look in his eyes was a mix between affection, humor, and lust. The humor was the one that stood out the most, however, and Gackt figured that he should remedy this as soon as he could stop blushing and compose himself.

“A bit,” he said, looking away from Cha and shaking his head slightly. “That didn’t go quite as I had planned it to, unfortunately.” He was embarrassed, and knew that Cha was probably silently laughing at him. So much for perfect lovemaking – that plan had been dashed against the rocks.

“Gaku.” Cha’s voice was soft as he ran his fingers lightly over Gackt’s cheek and gently turned Gackt’s head so that Gackt was forced to look at him again. “That’s okay, you know. Unbuttoning works just as well.” He stretched a little and looked down at his shirt, as if he were implying something. Knowing Cha and the current situation that they were in, he most definitely was.

Cha’s words brought a small smile from Gackt. “But unbuttoning takes longer,” he pointed out, though his fingers had already begun the task. Though unbuttoning did take longer, with each button that was undone, Gackt was rewarded with a view of more bare skin, and he couldn’t help but lean down to press his lips to each bit of skin as it was revealed. Gackt was rewarded with small whimpers, and Cha practically begging, “Gaku, please.”

Gackt undid the last button and allowed Cha to sit up a little so he could push the material the rest of the way off. After he had done so, he tossed the shirt aside, not really caring where it landed because he was quite honestly focused on more important things.

He ran his hands over Cha’s chest and Cha shivered, dragging Gackt’s head down for another mind-blowing kiss. Gackt pulled away, somewhat dizzy, and dropped his hands to Cha’s pants, beginning to unbuckle Cha’s belt. Cha seemed even more impatient now than he himself was, because Cha reached down to help, undoing and unzipping his own pants. He lifted his hips then, and Gackt eagerly slid the pants down Cha’s hips and legs.

Gackt tossed the pants aside as well, but left Cha’s boxers for the time-being, simply because he rather enjoyed the sight of Cha’s erection straining against the fabric. He licked his lips and met Cha’s eyes again. “You really are ready, aren’t you?” he teased, though he himself was beginning to get a little uncomfortable. He was ridiculously hard, and his pants were ridiculously tight. This was not a good combination.

Cha slid his hand between Gackt’s legs, rubbing at him lightly through his jeans, and Gackt groaned, pushing his hips forward, wanting a firmer touch. Actually, what he really wanted was to be inside of Cha right now, but he was a little overdressed for that at the moment.

As though Cha had read his thoughts, the other whispered, his voice a bit breathy, “You’re overdressed, you know. How about we get you out of those clothes, and get me out of my boxers, and then… then I’ll get to feel you inside me, Gaku. And you’ll get to feel me, tight and warm around you. How does that sound?”

It sounded perfectly fucking perfect to Gackt, and he found that he couldn’t get out of his own clothes fast enough. He was tugging his shirt off and pulling his pants down and off even before Cha could reach out to help him. He paused after he allowed his pants to drop to the floor, and realized that at some point during this process, Cha had removed his boxers, leaving Gackt with a full view of his crotch.

… Cha had a lot to offer, and Gackt made a mental note to become brave enough to let Cha be the dominate one in the near future.

Gackt reached out, unable to help himself, and touched Cha very lightly, running his finger along the underside of Cha’s cock. Cha trembled and made a small sound low in his throat, his back arching slightly.

Gackt grinned, feeling rather smug. He was more horny than he was smug, however, and his own trapped cock reminded him of that. He quickly slid out of that last bit of clothing and leaned over Cha, rubbing their now-naked erections together, and moaning at the sensation. He would take Cha now. Later, he would take more time to explore. But now, Gackt just wanted to feel.

Cha apparently had other plans. “Not so fast, Gaku.” His hand closed around Gackt’s erection, and Gackt shuddered, already thrusting into Cha’s hand, though his brain was repeatedly trying to tell him that he wasn’t supposed to be getting sidetracked like this.

However, the way Cha’s fingers flexed around him, the way Cha’s thumb rubbed over his head again and again, the way Cha’s hand slid down to cup his balls and squeeze lightly… all these actions were telling his brain to shut the fuck up already and just enjoy the attention.

Although, Gackt had not planned on enjoying the attention as much as he did. Before he even knew quite what was happening, that pressure that had been building low in his stomach suddenly released, and with a soft cry he came, his cum spurting onto Cha’s hand and onto both their stomachs.

Both of them were motionless for several seconds – seconds which seemed to Gackt to actually be hours, perhaps - and Gackt felt himself blushing horribly. He wasn’t supposed to do this! He wasn’t supposed to lose control like this! He had figured that he had been doing pretty damn well since the shirt incident, and that maybe he could recover his dignity without any further awkward things happening.

Boy, had he been wrong.

He cursed himself over and over again while Cha stared at the cum on his fingers, raising his eyebrow before reaching over and wiping his hand none-too-discreetly on the bedsheets.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” Gackt suddenly blurted out, moving slightly away from Cha, and contemplating giving up altogether.

“I must be damn good, to make you orgasm so fast.” Cha was smiling widely, and he seemed even more smug that Gackt himself had been earlier. Of course, Cha had a pretty valid reason to feel smug.

Gackt cursed under his breath, turning away from Cha and resorting to pouting - a tactic that a child would probably use. His pride had been wounded for the second time that night, and his dignity had been splattered all over the proverbial sidewalk. He figured that was enough to allow him a few moments of pouting.

“Gaku.” Cha reached out, lightly running his fingers over Gackt’s hair. Gackt hoped that that hand was not the one that had gotten him off, because it wouldn’t be very sexy at all to have his own cum in his hair.

“It’s okay, you know,” Cha said softly, and when Gackt finally turned to look at him, Cha was smiling. “You don’t have to pout about it. I think it’s pretty hot that I was able to get to you like that, and you know, I can have you ready again in a very short amount of time. I’ll behave myself now, I promise.”

Cha’s words were a little reassuring, though Gackt was still pretty sure that his dignity would not be recovered tonight, not unless he made the sex really, really good. And considering that he hadn’t shown a very spectacular performance thus far, he wasn’t quite sure how he would go about making the sex absolutely mind-blowing.

Also, now that his mind had been somewhat cleared of the lust-filled haze it had been in earlier, Gackt was also attempting to figure out just how this would work out. He had believed that it couldn’t be much different than with a woman, but now that he had pretty much screwed everything else up at this point, he figured that he would find some way to screw that up, as well.

He tried to push such thoughts from his mind as he returned Cha’s smile, though his own smile was a little uncertain. “Let me go get the lube, then, before we go any further.” The lube was in the bathroom, and in the bathroom, he could clean the sticky mess off his abdomen. He did not, however, mention this to Cha as he slid off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Once Gackt had reached the bathroom, he proceeded to clean himself up a little. When he believed he had wiped himself clean of any traces of his semen, he opened the small medicine cabinet and removed the tube of lube that he had purchased just days earlier. He mentally patted himself on the back for planning ahead before shutting the door of the medicine cabinet and heading back to the bedroom.

Cha had apparently found time to clean himself up as well during Gackt’s absence, since his hand and stomach were now clean. Not that Gackt was complaining about this at all. Cha was still hard, almost painfully so, it seemed, and Gackt was happy to note that his… early release… had not made Cha disappointed in him in the least. He felt himself growing hard again, not only because of that thought, but because of the sight of Cha lying on his bed like that. Cha’s legs were spread slightly, his hair spilling onto the pillows, a small, but wonderfully naughty-looking smile gracing his features.

“Welcome back,” Cha purred, motioning for Gackt to get back on the bed. “I’ve been waiting patiently for you Gaku~. And now I want my patience to be rewarded.”

Gackt swallowed rather audibly, feeling his cock twitch at Cha’s words. He climbed back onto the bed, straddling Cha and unscrewing the lid from the tube. With a somewhat shaky hand, he squirted some of the lube onto his fingers. He then moved his that hand between their bodies and found Cha’s entrance, applying a generous amount of lube there.

He was about to push his fingers inside of Cha, to at least help with the stretching a little, but then he dropped the lube and was distracted momentarily with the task of cursing and reaching for it. Cha beat him to it, lifting the tube from the bed and squirting the lube into his own hand. Gackt raised an eyebrow at Cha, and Cha grinned innocently, though Gackt knew perfectly damn well that that grin was not innocent in the least.

Gackt hissed softly when Cha’s fingers encircled his member again, pumping slowly in a teasing sort of gesture. “Hey--” he managed, attempting to protest, but he then cut himself off with a low moan.

“Relax,” Cha said, “I’m just helping, Gaku. I want you now.” His hand withdrew then, and Gackt struggled to remember exactly why he had intended to push his fingers inside of Cha in the first place. He figured he couldn’t remember because his cock was currently screaming, “He wants it now and I want it now, so just give us both what we want, already!”

It was an argument that Gackt’s mind would not win, so he didn’t even bother to really try.

Positioning himself proved to not be much of a problem. Cha was eager to spread his legs wider when Gackt asked him to, and Gackt was able to effortlessly guide himself to Cha’s entrance. Though his mind was indeed lust-filled once again, Gackt had enough sense to push slowly – at least at first – because he didn’t want to cause Cha anymore pain than was necessary.

As soon as he had managed to push just the head of his cock inside of Cha, he was reminded of exactly why he had intended to first explore Cha with his fingers. Cha was tight, very tight, and though it felt really good to feel that tight heat around him, he knew that Cha had to be suffering from discomfort, and maybe even a little pain.

Okay, scratch a ‘little pain’. Gackt discovered that, when he looked down at Cha’s face, that Cha was in more than just a little pain. Gackt pushed in just a little deeper, and though it felt good to him, the look on Cha’s face intensified and Cha reached out, wrapping his arms around Gackt and clinging to him.

Cha was holding onto him so tightly that it was nearly impossible to breathe, and Gackt paused in all movement, choking out, “Cha… air!”

Cha’s grip loosened somewhat, and he looked up at Gackt, sounding rather sheepish when he squeaked, “Sorry.”

Gackt tentatively pushed in a little more, his cock rejoicing at the feel of Cha’s muscles clenching – just a little – around him. However, his lungs protested when he could no longer draw breath, for Cha was once again clutching at him just as tightly as before. “How about we change position?” Gackt offered, sighing in relief when Cha released him.

They negotiated positions, and finally ended with Cha facing the headboard, on his hands and knees. Gackt was kneeled behind him. From this position, Gackt got a rather nice view of Cha’s backside, and what a lovely backside it was, too.

Once more, he guided himself to Cha’s entrance. “Try to relax, Cha,” he said softly, bending and pressing soft kisses to Cha’s lower back. Cha shivered slightly, although Gackt could not tell if it was from pleasure, anticipation, or nervousness. Perhaps it was a mixture of all three.

Gackt was not aiming for slow pushing this time. He thought that if going slow hurt so badly, then burying himself fully inside of Cha with one thrust would hurt even worse, but if he did the latter, there would be only a brief pain, right? Whereas, if he continued to push slowly inside of Cha, the pain would be pretty much constant until Cha got used to it.

Following his reasoning, Gackt grabbed Cha’s hips and thrust quickly inside of Cha, not even giving Cha a warning. When he was buried fully within Cha, he groaned at the tightness of him, his cock throbbing a little. He heard Cha cry out then, and it wasn’t in pleasure.

Once again, Gackt ceased all movement. “Cha… are you okay?”

“Not really,” Cha shot back, looking over his shoulder. “That hurt you bastard, and you didn’t even give me any warning!”

Gackt instantly felt guilty, and he pressed even more kisses to Cha’s lower back in apology. “I’m sorry,” he replied, and he genuinely meant it. “I just thought that if I did it this way, it would be better and the pain would fade quicker.”

Cha’s eyes softened then, and he nodded a little. “Just give me a minute to adjust, okay?”

Gackt was perfectly happy to give Cha all the time in the world that he needed.

… As long as ‘all the time in the world’ would take place within the next five minutes.

After what felt like hours, Cha said, “Okay. I’m ready.”

Gackt pulled back slightly, and then pushed in all the way once more, glad that now Cha was only whimpering in pain instead of screaming in it. He began slow, shallow thrusts, and after several moments, even the whimpers thankfully faded.

Gackt was alarmed to notice, however, that Cha wasn’t making any further noises. He didn’t even seem to be getting into it at all; he wasn’t pushing his hips back, he wasn’t moaning, he wasn’t begging for more. He wasn’t even saying Gackt’s name. Something, somewhere, had to be wrong. Why was Gackt enjoying this, and why did Cha appear to not be enjoying it? For all of Cha’s current unresponsiveness, he might as well have been a corpse, except that he most definitely wasn’t cold.

Necrophilia. What a thing to think about right now.

“Is something wrong?” Gackt ventured to ask, his voice uncertain.

“… Are you sure you’re doing this right? It feels weird.” Cha looked back at Gackt again and wriggled a little. Had Gackt’s pride not been wounded once more, that sensation might have felt good, but his pride took precedence over his pleasure, and he was pretty damn sure that his pride was downright crippled by now.

Gackt fought to keep his voice neutral, though he failed miserably. “… What do you mean, am I sure I’m doing this right?! There’s only one way to do it!” In an effort to salvage at least a little of his pride and dignity once more, he pulled almost completely out of Cha and then thrust in again, even harder than he had to begin with.

He knew that he had been too rough, he knew it, but that wasn’t what he was focused on at the moment. All he could focus on was the pleasure coursing throughout his own body. Distantly, he thought he heard an odd noise, sort of like a brief knocking sound, but he was rather distracted at the moment, so he didn’t notice much beyond the feel of Cha’s warmth surrounding his member.

The next thing he knew, Cha was cursing repetitively, and Gackt gazed further up Cha’s body, noting that Cha was rubbing his forehead. “… What happened?”

Somebody was a little overzealous and caused me to bump my forehead on the headboard,” Cha replied, the tone of his voice being one of accusation.

Well, this was getting them nowhere. With a sigh, Gackt pulled out of Cha, almost certain that if his erection could have wept, it would have. “I’m sorry,” he said softly, crawling to Cha and pulling him into his arms, stroking his hair and kissing the red spot on his forehead. “Didn’t mean to.”

What Gackt was currently wondering was if Cha was just a wimp, or if he himself had really been doing it wrong. How could he have been doing it wrong? Did a right way and a wrong way to fuck truly exist?

“Why don’t you let me be top, and we’ll see how that works?”

Gackt’s eyes grew wide at the unexpected question, and he knew that panic lights were flashing in his mind. Though he entertained the idea of Cha being inside of him one day, that day was not today, and Gackt pulled away from Cha just a little, fumbling for words. “Um… err… well…”

“Well?” Cha purred, gently pushing Gackt back against the bed, trailing kisses down to his neck. Gackt would have protested, but then Cha’s lips and tongue found that spot just behind his ear and Gackt gave up on protesting, settling for biting back a groan and squirming instead.

He was in a pleasured haze for several moments, until Cha decided to bite down on a bit of skin just between his neck and shoulder, and Gackt yelped, sitting up abruptly and rubbing at the spot Cha had just bitten. It would most definitely leave a mark, and Gackt would have some explaining to do tomorrow if anyone at the studio saw it. “Ow…”

“Sorry… I guess I was the overzealous one that time.” Cha was blushing now, and Gackt felt a little flutter of satisfaction at knowing that he himself was not the only one who was screwing up tonight.

Cha lay back against the pillows once more, reaching for Gackt. “We can just cuddle right now, if you want. Maybe we can try again later?”

Gackt’s eyes traveled down the line of Cha’s body. Cha wasn’t as hard as he had been, but Gackt was still hard - painfully so. He had been given release once already, however, and Cha had not had release at all.

Deciding to at least momentarily forget about his own aching erection, he said, “I could at least give you release, like you did for me. Maybe then we’ll be even?”

Cha didn’t seem too enthusiastic. “But, Gaku--”

“Trust me,” Gackt interrupted, wasting no time and throwing himself into the task of getting Cha off. He wrapped his fingers around Cha’s member, certain that Cha would soon be as hard as he had been earlier and that he would be begging for release in no time.

Cha jumped then, and Gackt jumped as well, alarmed. “What is it?”

“Your hand is cold, Gaku,” Cha replied. “If you try to get me off that way, my cock will be a popsicle before I orgasm.”

Gackt barely refrained from sighing in exasperation. The only remaining option was one that he wasn’t quite sure he was ready for yet, but as determined as he was to prove that he could at least give Cha an orgasm, it really didn’t matter much if he was ready for it yet or not.

He lowered his head and thought he heard Cha ask what he was doing before he wrapped his lips around Cha’s head, and then slid all the way down, deep-throating Cha in one go.

Big, big mistake. He gagged and came back up for air, glaring at Cha as if it were the other man’s fault instead of his own.

“I don’t think you were supposed to do that so fast,” Cha said softly.

“You think?” Gackt retorted, rolling his eyes slightly. This made the… what? Twentieth stupid thing he had done tonight? Perhaps Gackt was just failure at having sex with men.

“You work your way up to that,” Cha continued, his voice still soft as he ran his fingers lightly over Gackt’s cheek. “When you had your lips wrapped around my head like that, that was really nice. Maybe you could try again and start from there?”

Gackt had to marvel at how patient Cha was being right now. It tugged at his heartstrings and made him smile. “Okay.” He did as Cha asked, taking just the head of Cha’s cock into his mouth and sucking softly, encouraged when Cha made a small noise and pushed his hips up just a little.

Gackt worked his way down from there, taking Cha into his mouth inch by inch, slowly and carefully this time. It felt odd, to say the least, to go down on another man. But as long as he remembered to not take it too fast and to breathe and to swallow every now and again, he was sure he would be okay.

He pulled back a little, sucking on just the head again, lapping lightly at the slit and tasting precum. It tasted… strange. Not exactly unpleasant, but it certainly wasn’t the best thing he had ever tasted, either. Idly, he wondered if Cha would expect him to swallow his release, because, like being bottom, swallowing cum was also something that Gackt wasn’t sure he was ready for.

He figured he’d cross that bridge when he got to it, though, and slid his mouth back over Cha again, taking him even deeper than he had just moments ago. He forced his throat to relax as he swirled his tongue around the flesh in his mouth. He felt Cha throb in response and Gackt made a small, hungry noise before sucking just a little harder.

Cha threaded his fingers through Gackt’s hair and Gackt felt him begin to push his head down just a little more, albeit gently. Gackt took the hint, his throat now relaxed enough to take Cha past his gagging reflex. He had to pause then, allowing himself to adjust to the feel of having someone’s cock down his throat. He knew deep-throating had to take a good deal of practice, but he believed he was doing pretty good thus far, based on the noises that Cha was making.

It was then that Gackt decided to begin a rhythm – his head bobbing steadily up and down while his tongue teased at the flesh in his mouth. Pretty soon, Cha began to thrust his hips up just a little, pushing himself even deeper down Gackt’s throat. It was a little uncomfortable and Gackt knew his throat would probably feel a bit sore later, but he believed it was worth it, simply to hear Cha gasp his name like that.

So, Gackt continued bobbing his head and sucking at Cha’s cock while Cha continued to thrust his hips, his fingers tightening in Gackt’s hair so that it was almost painful. And just when Gackt was beginning to feel happy and triumphant – just when he believed that some of his dignity could be salvaged from this evening after all – Cha thrust one final time into his mouth and announced, “Gaku… Gaku, I’m about to…!”

Gackt’s mind had about two seconds to gleefully squeal, “I MADE HIM ORGASM!”, and then the panic lights were flashing again, because Gackt did not particularly want to swallow cum. He figured that if he even tried, he wouldn’t be able to swallow it all and some of it would dribble down his chin. Not sexy.

Instead of letting Cha cum in his mouth, Gackt pulled back, intending for Cha’s release to make a mess of the bedsheets. However, he pulled back just a bit too late.

It was then that Gackt decided that Cha’s cum spurting in his mouth would have been a much better option than Cha’s cum spurting in his eye.

Gackt flailed around for a few seconds, rubbing at his eye and making a disgusted sound when he felt Cha’s release sliding down his cheek. He didn’t even want to know what he looked like right now.

He then heard Cha’s voice, heavy with afterglow. “Gaku? Gaku, I’m sorry! You shouldn’t have pulled away! Or you should have pulled back quicker!”

“You think I don’t know that?” Gackt spat, his throat already feeling scratchy. He flailed even more and only put himself in a worse position: on the floor. He landed with a loud thud and groaned, rubbing at his back – another thing that would be sore in the morning. He groped for the tissues on the nightstand and wiped his face off as best as he could. His eye was watering; he would probably have to rinse it out as soon as he could get up from the floor.

His dignity was now, most definitely, non-existent, and would probably not resurface again for the next ten years or so.

“Gaku, are you okay?” Cha was probably genuinely concerned for his well-being, but if there was concern in that voice, it was very much disguised by all of Cha’s laughter.

“No, I’m not okay!” Gackt retorted, snorting slightly. “You just orgasmed in my eye and I think I’ve broken my back!”

Cha quit laughing then, and slid down to the floor as well, beside Gackt. By this time, Gackt was all-out sulking and refusing to even look at Cha. Not to mention that he was no longer horny in the least. “I’m really sorry, Gaku. Really. You probably had thoughts of this going differently, and so did I. But you know… this is real. Perfect sex takes practice, and this was only our first shot at it together. It has to get better from this point.”

Gackt probably would have taken that as an insult, had Cha’s words not been so damn accurate. They made a lot of sense, actually. “… Yeah…” Just because Cha’s words made sense didn’t mean he was going to give up on sulking, though.

Cha then nudged him lightly. “Hey, at least you made me orgasm. Your first time doing oral was better than any woman’s first time… at least, any woman that I’ve ever been with. And I mean that.” He chuckled softly. “Too bad your dignity got flushed down the toilet in the process.”

“Shut up,” Gackt mumbled, his pride already wounded quite enough.

“I’m only kidding, Gaku. You shouldn’t be ashamed, really.” Cha nuzzled against him then, and Gackt shrank away a little, though he didn’t exactly protest. “Why don’t we go take a bath?” Cha suggested, kissing Gackt sweetly. “And then, if you want to, we can try again? And be less clumsy?”

Gackt finally met Cha’s eyes, and was almost amazed at his quickness in agreeing. “… Okay. Can I wash your hair?”

Cha smiled. “I’d like that. I’ll wash yours, too. But first, we need to rinse out your eye, I believe.”

“Yeah. Just don’t orgasm in the other one next time, or in this one, either.” Gackt couldn’t help but smile, even though he knew he was being silly.

“Don’t pull away next time~,” Cha replied, standing and helping Gackt up from the floor.

Gackt snorted, but then smiled again. “Maybe I won’t.”

They headed for the bathroom hand-in-hand, and on the way there, Gackt figured that maybe their next attempt would be a little better, and eventually, perhaps they would have their lovemaking down to an art.

“I think I need lots of practice,” Gackt purred as they entered the bathroom.

“Mmm, yeah. Me too,” Cha replied, letting go of his hand and pressing himself none-too-subtly against Gackt. “Lots of practice.”

This had been Gackt’s worst attempt at sex in his entire life. He had screwed up more times tonight than he cared to ever remember, and that was, perhaps, one of the reasons why he agreed so quickly to taking a bath. Besides the fact that he and Cha were both messy and in dire need of a bath, he figured that a bath would be pretty difficult to screw up.

And Gackt had had quite enough screw-ups for the night.

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