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[Drabble] Breather - You/Gackt

Once again, a drabble for am_100. ^_^

Title: Breather
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #012 – Earth
Pairings/Characters: You/Gackt
Notes: Gackt’s been clawing at my head to be written into something for a while now, and apparently writing him in the Gackt/Cha drabbles and the Gackt/Cha fic that I’m currently working on isn’t enough for him. >.> *pokes him* I’m not sure why, but You seemed very appropriate for this theme, and so, the drabble is mostly focused on him. I meant to make it shorter, really, but You wouldn’t let me! *Glares at him*. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything with You in it, so it was nice to write about him. ^_^ Quadruple-drabble. O.o Hope you enjoy it!

You stretched and smiled as he did so; the feel of the grass tickling his bare arms was quite nice. It wasn’t often that he was able to go to a place as quiet as this, as beautiful as this. The fact that Gackt was there to share it with him only made the experience that much more wonderful.

He sighed, absentmindedly reaching out and running his fingers along Gackt’s arm. He knew they would have to leave soon – there was work to be done, and lying on the grass and enjoying the warm rays of sunshine would not get said work done, though what they were doing now was a bit more enjoyable than work.

You knew that Gackt was happy when he was working, but he also knew that even people who were happy with their jobs needed to get away every now and again, just for a little while – just for a breather. That had been You’s main reason for dragging Gackt out here in the first place: so Gackt would take a breather. Plus, You had earned one himself.

You wasn’t looking forward to going back to the hotel. He liked it here. He liked the quiet; he liked how he felt so connected with the earth itself in this place. He idly wondered if, in the future, he would come across any other places that made him feel this way. A gentle wind blew, tickling his skin, and he shivered slightly, a smile tugging at his lips again.

No, he wasn’t ready to go away from this calm and peaceful place and throw himself back into chaos just yet.

“You don’t want to leave yet, do you?”

Gackt’s soft voice startled him, and You nearly jumped. “… No,” he finally answered.

Gackt rolled over onto his stomach, propping his elbows on the ground and resting his chin on the palm of one hand. “I have a proposition for you, then.”

You raised an eyebrow, reaching out to brush his fingers against Gackt’s cheek. “What’s the proposition?”

Gackt grinned, leaning down to press a soft kiss to You’s lips – and momentarily stealing You’s breath away – before he spoke again. “I say that we find out what this grass--” he ran his fingers lightly over a few blades of grass before continuing, “—would feel like pressed against our naked bodies.”

You rather liked that proposition.
Tags: drabble, gacktjob, gacktxyou, youxgackt
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