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[Drabble] Five More Minutes - Ken/Tetsu, Hyde/Tetsu, Sakura/Ken

Title: Five More Minutes
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #008 – Hold Me Close
Pairings/Characters: Ken/Tetsu, Sakura/Ken, Hyde/Tetsu
Notes: Double-drabble cos I couldn’t fit my idea into 100 words. XD. Featuring cute and sappy (not to mention backstabbing and cheating :P) Ken and Tetsu~.

“Can’t we stay here just a little longer?” Tetsu knew perfectly well that that was out of the question. He and Ken knew that if they stayed like they were – wrapped in each other’s arms like this – for any longer, they would be risking their luck. Hyde and Sakura would arrive soon.

“We can’t,” Ken replied, his voice sounding just as melancholic as Tetsu’s as he pulled away and shrugged into his shirt. “And you know why,” he added, almost as an afterthought.

Yes, Tetsu knew exactly why. Tetsu was with Hyde, and Ken was with Sakura. He knew perfectly well that what he and Ken did in secret was wrong, but knowing that didn’t stop him, and it didn’t stop Ken, either.

Tetsu watched as Ken slid off the couch, and then reached out, grabbing Ken’s wrist. “Please?” he asked, giving Ken puppy eyes.

Ken’s resolve crumbled. “Oh, what the hell… five more minutes won’t hurt, right?”

Ken’s arms were suddenly around him again, and Tetsu couldn’t help but smile as he snuggled against Ken’s chest once more. “Five more minutes won’t hurt.”

Hidden in the shadows, Sakura and Hyde watched from the doorway, utterly shocked, silent, and heartbroken.
Tags: drabble, hydextetsu, kenxsakura, kenxtetsu, l'arc~en~ciel, sakuraxken, tetsuxhyde, tetsuxken
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