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[Drabble] Silence is not Golden - Miyavi

For am_100.

Title: Silence is not Golden
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #005 – Hearing
Characters/Pairings: Miyavi
Notes: Uh. Yes, I’ve managed to do another one! :P Don’t blame this one on me though; it’s all Miyavi’s fault. *points at him*

Miyavi has always been rather fond of noise. He likes to hear his fans scream and applaud. He likes loud music. He likes receiving pointless phone calls from friends and hearing them ramble for hours, because noise is what fills the gap between long periods of silence.

Miyavi doesn’t like silence. He’s always heard the saying “silence is golden”, but he doesn’t believe it.

However, as he lies in his empty bed, staring at the ceiling, silence is all around him, closing in on him, slowly choking him.

The silence is too loud, and Miyavi doesn’t like it one bit.
Tags: drabble, miyavi
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