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14 November 2005 @ 12:33 pm
[Drabble] Heartbeat - Yuki/Hyde  
Again, another answer to a challenge at am_100~.

Title: Heartbeat
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #005 - Hearing
Characters/Pairing: Yuki/Hyde
Notes: Featuring my OTP, Yukido. XD I couldn't help myself. ^_^

The sound of applause is deafening to Yuki’s ears as he waits backstage. He loves that sound. Just as he’s heading for the stage, Hyde grabs his arm and pulls him close. Despite Hyde’s proximity, Yuki has to strain to hear his words.

“I love you,” Hyde says. Suddenly, Yuki cannot hear the applause. Hyde’s arms are around him, and as he leans up to kiss Yuki, the only sound that Yuki hears is that of his own heartbeat, loud in his ears. Moments later, he realizes that Hyde’s heartbeat is just as loud.

Yuki loves that sound even more.
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