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[Drabble] Perfect - Gackt/Hyde

A few weeks ago, Tali introduced me to am_100. After sitting out for a few of the challenges and just watching other talented writers do their own drabbles, I finally read the fourth challenge last night and decided to give a go at it. It's not that great, but give me a break already. :P I shall get better with time (I hope... and provided that I actually HAVE time. *stabs uni*). This is my very first official drabble, and for those of you who don't have am_100 friended, I will be posting all future drabbles here as well.

I find it kinda hard to type within the limit of 100 words. ^^;;;; But when I actually managed this one last night, I was pretty proud of myself, so even if you do think it sucks, I ARE STILL PROUD! So neener neener neener to you! *Childishly sticks out tongue*

Title: Perfect
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #004: Sight
Characters/Pairing: Hyde/Gackt
Notes: Well, this is my first official drabble, so to speak. And here I thought I was no longer able to write Gakuhai~.

Blue is one of the few colors that I can see, just as it is, and find it to be perfect. The contacts that you wear are blue; you haven’t changed the color since we met. I often wonder why.

Sometimes, I wonder if you use them to hide from the rest of the world, and subsequently, from me. I wish, for once, you’d let me in and just let me see you.

I roll over to find you gazing at me, and instead of blue, I see brown. You are smiling, and I see you.

And you are perfect.

... Hey, at least it was CUTE.

Hakutsu and Yukido coming soon, or as soon as I can possibly write them, anyway. ^_^
Tags: drabble, gacktjob, gacktxhyde, hydexgackt, l'arc~en~ciel

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