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Carrying All of Me - Gakuhai

Title: Carrying All of Me
Author: Kagome
Rating: PG-13, I guess...for cussing and touchy-feely stuff.
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde
Fandom: JRock
Disclaimer: No, I do not own them. I wish I did...
Summary: Hyde gets a little miffed because Gackt doesn't pay him any attention, and when he decides to go off and pout about it, Gackt surprises him.

Carrying All of Me

“I can take you away from here.”

- Michelle Branch, “All You Wanted”

Hyde was mad.

No, let me rephrase that. Hyde was pissed. If he could think of another word to describe how he was feeling - an even stronger one - he would have been that, instead.

Sure, maybe he was being childish. Blaming it all on the heat would be a lie, as the heat wasn’t exactly the problem at the moment.

Okay, perhaps it was, just a little. Sitting in hot sand while one was already upset didn’t do much good. Didn’t do any good, in fact.

Guess Gackt did a good job when he decided I should play a vampire, Hyde mused. He sat there in the sand with the sun beating down on him, and suddenly wished that a solar eclipse would take place. At least it would get rid of the blasted heat for a few minutes. Hyde felt very much like an egg being cooked on the sidewalk.

He supposed he could just get on his motorbike and ride around some more. The wind would feel good against his skin. However, he had given up on that about an hour ago, and now it sat a few feet away from him, abandoned.

He had given up his joyride on the motorbike for an alternative plan. You may be wondering what that ‘alternative plan’ is. Hyde nicknamed it ‘Operation: Pout Until Gackt Notices Me or Until Zse Zse Starts Yelling at Me to Get My Ass Back on Set’. To make it short, ‘Operation: PUGNMoUZZSYaMtGMABoS’. Lots of letters, huh? Guess that doesn’t really make it that much shorter. I lied.

Gackt had ignored him. Hyde figured that riding around and making that much noise that close to where the rock idol was supposed to be filming for the day would definitely get his attention.

His plan to show off in front of the object of his affection was cut short when Zse Zse commanded him to ‘get that fucking loud thing away from the damn set because we’re about to start filming!’

He had given in and left for a while, but he rode right back when Gackt was finished filming, and drove in circles around him, watching the Gackt-blur for any sign how much his motorbiking skills had impressed him.

However, can one be impressed when one is not paying one iota of attention to the person that one is supposed to be impressed by?

Gackt hadn’t even looked at him. Had just kept walking and Hyde felt like a total ass because of it. Maybe he shouldn’t have made such a ruckus, after all. Why would Gackt care if Hyde could ride a motorbike? Gackt could probably ride one, too.

Anyway, that’s why Hyde was sitting on the beach, head in his hands, contemplating if he should just get up and find Gackt and apologize for his behavior, or continue to pout.

“Aren’t you hot?”

The voice startled him, and he turned, finding himself looking up into deep pools of blue. He shrugged and turned back around, deciding that maybe pouting could work to his advantage. He wouldn’t acknowledge the fact that he had been a complete and total show-off and not to mention an asshole in front of Gackt. At least, not right now. He wanted to know what Gackt would say.

“So, what was that stunt you called yourself pulling today?” Gackt walked over to kneel beside him, wincing at just how hot the sand was.

Sighing in defeat because pouting wasn’t working after all, Hyde answered, “I was trying to get your attention. Didn’t work, though, seeing as you ignored me.”

“Zse Zse got really pissed off at you, you know. You were making so much noise on set.” Gackt smiled softly. “And I was only ignoring you because I knew you were trying to show off.” He reached out, tilting Hyde’s chin until he was staring into those dark eyes. “Besides, you don’t need to try to impress me to get my attention, silly.”

Finding forming words to be quite difficult at the moment and not knowing why, Hyde just blinked at him.

“Can I ask you something?” Gackt’s fingers moved gently over the curve of his cheek, sliding down to his neck and then stopping at his shirt.

Swallowing, Hyde nodded.

“Will you take me for a ride?”


Gackt gestured to the motorbike. “Would you mind me riding with you? It’d be better than sitting out in the heat, anyway.”

“Sure. I don’t have a helmet, though.”

Gackt shrugged. “Fine with me.”

They stood, and Hyde went to his bike, sitting down on the leather seat, and hissing softly.

“Something wrong?” Gackt asked.

“Hot seat.”

“It’ll be fine.” Gackt slid onto the seat as well, behind him, and wrapped his arms around Hyde’s middle. “Let’s see what you can do.”

Hyde grinned, turned the key, and listened with satisfaction as the engine roared to life. He took off, heading for the distant road ahead.

This thing is fast, Gackt thought. He realized it had been a while since he blinked, since he remembered to draw breath. Laughter spilled over, almost involuntarily...the speed, the wind playing with the locks of his hair...made perfect by total trust in Hyde.

Hyde laughed, too, but then his voice was serious over the loudness of the engine. Gackt leaned into him further, so he could hear him better. “That’s not all.”

“There’s more?” Gackt asked, mouth close to Hyde’s ear.

“Yeah. I wanted to–-I mean, I thought maybe I could--” Hyde stopped, and tried again after taking a deep breath. “Let me show you how you make me feel.”

“What?” Gackt wasn’t sure he had heard correctly.

“Being with you. It feels like this.”

The bike went into a sharp climb up a hill, up and up, and then down, and they were finally leveling out, but Hyde was going faster, and everything was a blur. It was play, and freedom, and joy.

Gackt was laughing again, closing his eyes and concentrating on the feel of all of this. “Really? Like that?” he asked, after Hyde had slowed down a bit.

“All the time.”

The bike swooped elaborately back and forth across the deserted ground, then revved a little faster as it made the turn onto the main road.

Gackt tightened his hold around Hyde’s waist, moving to rest his head against the shorter man’s back. Even though he knew Hyde wouldn’t be able to hear him, he said, “Wonderful.”
They finally came to a stop in the hotel parking lot, and when Hyde killed the motor, Gackt let go of him, letting him slide off the bike and stand on solid ground. Gackt remained seated.

“You do know...you could have kept that for yourself instead of giving it to me just because I asked you to.”

Hyde smiled. “I know. That’s partly why I could give it.”

“And the rest?”

His laugh again, so warm. “Because you’re holding all of me...all the time. Why not this, too?”

“Hyde...” Suddenly, Gackt wanted to get off the bike. He did so, and then pulled Hyde into his arms, holding him tightly. “Sometimes, I think you give me too much.”

Hyde pulled back slightly, shaking his head. “Never enough.” He rose on tiptoe to give Gackt a sweet kiss, and then pulled away, smiling again. “Let’s go in now, before I start smoking. This sun is nearly unbearable.”

Gackt laughed, ruffling Hyde’s hair affectionately. “Okay.”

Feeling spontaneous and more than a little silly, Hyde blurted, “I just imagined me carrying you inside for some reason.”

Now that was quite a mental image. Hyde carrying Gackt into the hotel. If the shorter man could manage his weight, perhaps...

Gackt smiled down at him. “You already are, you know. Carrying all of me with you. All the time.”

“Good. Then we’re almost even.”

They headed to their rooms in companionable silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Hyde had decided that carrying Gackt in the hotel might not be such a good idea after all, despite how romantic it might have been, and settled for holding his hand instead. Public displays of affection did not bother him, especially when the man beside him was concerned.

“Hm?” Startled out of his thoughts, he turned to look at Gackt.

“Do me one favor.”


“No more showing off to get my attention, okay? When you want me to pay attention to you, all you have to do is tell me. That’s all you’ve ever had to do.”

Touched, Hyde nodded. “Okay.”

They came to a stop in front of Hyde’s door. “You know,” Gackt began.


“We don’t have any more filming to do today, and the photo shoot isn’t until later on tonight, so...”

Hyde understood perfectly what Gackt was hinting at. Smiling, he opened the door, then turned and grabbed the front of Gackt’s shirt. “Then what are we waiting for?”

The next moment, Gackt’s lips were on his, and he was walking backwards into his room, bringing Gackt with him.

They only paused in their activity so Gackt could shut the door.

And lock it.

“Where were we?” Gackt asked as he turned back to the task at hand.

A devilish smile played on Hyde’s lips. “I think we were right about here.” He then claimed Gackt’s lips once again, and all thoughts of filming and photo shoots and motorbiking went completely out of his head.


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