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Вам надоели нигерийские письма? :-)

Я развлеку вас их разновидностью, которую получают хозяева апартаментов!

Заодно выучила новое слово на английском: Scam. На немецком: Vorschussbetrug.

I am interested in your apartment for my family, we want to book for the dates mentioned above. let me know the cost so we could arrange for payment, (my dates are flexible) Michele.
Nicht verfügbar
Dear Michele,

I regret to inform you that our appartment is already booked for the time you mentioned in your request.
It will not be free again until September, 23d.

Kindly regards from Bad HIndelang

HelloThanks for your reply and assistance so far. I have just concluded arrangements with my family and we have decided to stay at your place for that period (23-30 September). Every year, our entire family vacation renting and expenses are paid by my Company's Finance department; they are responsible for my family vacation expenses at your propertyHowever a Certified Bank Cheque of (4.000 €) was earlier made out by the Authorities who are sponsoring my family vacation. The Cheque payment was meant to cover for the cost of our accommodation, car rental services, and other necessary arrangements for all the whole family.I will not be able to make a deposit separately because all the money meant for paying for our accommodation came in one cheque package, Therefore my company would send you the Cheque (4.000€), so when you receive the check payment you are required to deduct the cost of your accommodation services and keep the balance for us (the cheque should clear in 2-7 working days).I will give you further instructions on how to use the balance.I need you to confirm this and provide the following information: (1) YOUR FULL NAME (AS IT WOULD APPEAR ON THE CHEQUE)(2) STREET NAME AND NUMBER(3) POST CODE(4) CITY(5) COUNTRY(6) PHONE NUMBER. is there any car rental close to you?I will await your email with the details so that instructions can be given for the cheque payment to be forwarded to you immediately. Regards,

На такие обманы попадаются не только частные лица!

В 2001 году бюргомистр города Эннигерло (вы уже по названию городка поняли, какая у него судьба?) в Северном Рейне - Вестфалии выплатил одному социальщику 145.000 евро в качестве аванса на покрытие расходов для вывода 34 миллионов евро из Африки. Социальщик пообещал вернуть вдвойне. Естетсвенно, никаких миллионов евро Эннигерло не увидело, а бюрномистра увлолили и ему пришлось отвечать перед судом.

В общем - не теряйте бдительности!
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