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well its been a long week. seems like ive been through mini war, and now im lookin back i cant really see what the whole point of it was. how ironic that that wud make it not too different from most of the wars today. although it probably nowhere near as bad as ive put it, it seems to be magnified 10-fold in my mind. lets see monday i went to work, emma was back from her xmas hols, and it was kool seein her again. we had laugh and i think i remembered why i still liked her. but i left half way thru the shift coz dav rang me up and told me about this girl he met a couple of nites b4 and how he was goin out with her again and wanted someone to come along. luckily rory popped into work and was willing to work the shift so i pretty much left after i had some of the chinese emma and i ordered. when i met dav he told me about this girl he liked. she was like 26, but he said he really clicked with her etc. bearin in mind that when he'd met her, he'd dropped a couple of pills, and she was on somethin else, so their great nite mite have been been fueled by somethin other than lust. but anyway, we went down, i met her and her friends who seemed quite nice. i think one of them had a thing for me coz she kept talkin to me the whole nite, but i was more interested in the sister of the one dav was interested in. but alas she had a bf, so i just mingled and had fun experimenting with different shots... tbc

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