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man its been a while since i've been on here. so to catch up on whats happened, ive been hecticly busy at uni and work (cant believe ricky's gone again, but the new guys is kool). ffaf gig went amazingly, and unfortunately i only saw tonio for like half and hour, but oh well, what can u do. he sent me a link of his new band... they're good, but not as good as we were in my opinion.
love lifes been "dead" as of late. ive met a couple of girls who seem quite nice... but noone that has made me go "waw". i offically applied for a flat today... oo scary. its feels all grown up. i've also made up my mind about what i wanna do with my life. i put it off for soo long it started to cripple me, but now thats its out of the way, i can start moving on. im gonna pursue music as much as i can during my degree, and if something happens, then im gonna go with it, if not, then i'll have to keep doin something with it. its seems to be one of the only things that makes me happy now adays. well thats enough for now, but

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