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bloody french... i tell u, if it wasnt for their movies (lol private joke)!

my plans were foiled yesterday by the amazing weather. dont get me wrong, i love snow as much as the next guy, but james got snowed in and i didnt get to see brand new :(. haha the funny thing was that it was meant to be mine and crazy internet girl's first "rendezvous". haha, wasnt meant to be... fate was sparing me lol jk. i was actually lookin forward to it act, but it'll have to be left for another time.
oh fuck yeh, i got my funeral for a friend tix this mornin... woo hoo. and only few more days till tonio arrives. this week is soo gonna rock! but i cant help feel that im missin something... dunno what it is yet, or maybe i dont want to know... but either way im gonna try and have as much fun as possible :)

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