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well dispite my of everything that i know i shud have been doing the last two nights, i just thought to myself "fuck it", and went out drinking 2 nights in a row (sad i know, but i missed my drink). on friday it was kinda pao's and his brother's "do", as he got himself a new job (which pays fuck loads). night was pretty kool. went to "tates" which was ok. it looked kinda shit at first since there werent any fit women there, but round about 10, it got really gud. oh i saw this really fit girl on the edge of the dance floor. i mean "jaw-dropping" good. i felt like i was in secondary school again, coz my hands were sweaty and i was feeling nervous about saying 'hello'. but i did play the "look at each other and smile" game... which im glad to say she responded to. she did dispear b4 i had the chance to sey hello tho, which sucked big time. i did spend most of the evening getting to know alexia, pao's sis. which was kool, coz shes fun to talk to, but i think with the amount of time we talked anyone wud think we were dating (wait till i get to what happened last night). but i dont think i "liked" her. but anyway, i was really tired on friday coz of my exam, so we left around half 11. oh and since alexia and i both lived in shepherds bush, we planned to leave together. well b4 we parted ways on friday, she said that i shud come along the following night as it was keltze's bday "do". and after pao ringing me a bunch of times on sat i did. alexia and i met in shepherds stn, and met the guys outside haagan das. i kinda felt bad for not gettin keltze a prezzy, as i have known her for a while, but i only knew it was her bday the night b4. but yeh, the night was gud. met a few new ppl, and got slightly pissed. although i did spend most of my time with alexia again. apparently while i was talkin at the other side of the bar, ppl asked her if i was her bf, but she (jokingly) lead ppl to think i was her "toyboy" lol. yeh, she wishes. dunno if'd ever cross that line anyway, with her being pao's sister and me being fickle with my new "short term, less hurt" philosophy of relationships. but it does get annoying since most of my m8's have found really nice g/f, and in my case i've been a "one hit wonder" followed by a couple of regretable occasions :(. but i've moved on (oh yeh, which u soo tell) and im gonna look to whats ahead, instead of whats behind. but fuck this, im off

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