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a moment of clarity

i've come to accept that i will always put off uni work till im doing something that i truely love, so im not going to go on about it. its been a few days since i've written in this thing, and as i look/read back on what i've written (including 2 private entries) how completely fickle am i towards my emotions. i mean damn! sounds like im really making a mountain out nothing. but i guess at the time i was really knee deep in it all, and i had not had a conversation with anyone in person (apart from my mum) for a few days. which i guess isn't too healthy. but i can thank the nice ppl at uni for that.
im so happy that i have soo many gigs and plans lined up, once my exams are over, that i just cant wait!! this break has given me a chance to recharge my batteries, so i shud be back to full strength after this. oh and hopefully start dating again. i've decided no more long term stuff for a while. im just gonna go with the flow, and enjoy being 20! im in a new demographic (lol thinks back to the time when women at tesco asks maz "what ages group r u in" to buy beer, and him replying "age group? 20 to 25" jokingly... and him having to show ID anyway) so i figure why not jump in feet first.

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