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why am i writing when i shud be revising!!!

i don't even know why im writing something right now when i know i shud be revising as i have about 3hrs left b4 my exam. no earth shattering revelations today... my mind has finally found something else to occupy it. and its currently "panic". doug slept-in today which meant i had to open by myself. i was sooo fucking board! i was just randomly txting ppl, and getting pissed off with the stupidity of some customers. there shud be a law that allows u smack ppl over the head for asking u stupid questions. for eg "can i sign up with my NUS"???! or better yet with a MASSIVE ORANGE SALE POSTER outside... "do u sell films in here, and if u do have u got any offer?" im mean comeon... wtf wrong with some of the ppl out there.
oh i did feel bad when a regular came in, and i was being too sarcastic, and he was like "um, ok im gonna speak to my m8" and as walked away he said "coz u dont seem to like me..." i felt really bad after that, and i helped get a really good film. i sometimes wonder about my sarcasm, and how far i let it go. i shud start being aware of how necessary it actually is. coz as harmless i feel it is, some ppl just don't take it as i hope they wud (or im just saying the wrong thing). i remember maz mentioning something once, but i didnt take him seriously (it was in his pouting phase). but after hearin what i did today, im having second thoughts. but apart from that, lifes good and im gonna try and sort out my procrastination prob... in other words, stick to my new years resolution. it SHALL be my year!!

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