January 4th, 2005

hit it

...three cheers to the mirror now there are two of us, can we have one last dance

waw... what an xmas/bday/new years... i dunno, it seemed this was a bad end to an otherwise great year. but as usual i was like "shit another fuckin bday... wont these things just go in reverse or something!". but it was really majorly kool this year! got really kool prezzies and love my new clothes... it really brought back memories of how my bday was when i was a kid. there was slight touch of melancholy due to the fact that i didnt think id be single by my bday... but that was just something that i just couldnt do anythin about i guess. but i did the social thing... i think up to tuesday there wasnt a nite i had not gone out or not had a drink for about 8 or 9 days straight. it was great. i felt my bday had really come thru this year. we had maria's godparents and other family here... robertino and his gf stayed here, so i offered them my room as it was the 2nd biggest here and had a dbl bed... altho it only hit me that i didnt actually like the thought of a couple usin my bed and mayb gettin upto nocturnal activities (must remember to wash sheets... burn sheets). anyway, new years... thats the day that it all came together. had to work, but i left early and only came back to show rory the way to the fightin cock got back in kingston. couldnt believe how different tonio looked tho... but it was amazin. the new band is amazin, and i had such a fun time talkin to everyone there and catchin with a cpl of them. i did see the most amazingly beautiful person ive ever seen! and she was checkin 'me' out. so there i was thinkin 'great, im so goin for this' when i see her bf. nice, what a fuckin bitch (i mean the situation btw)... but that always happens to me, so (u think im goin write 'im used to it. but...) it just gets even more annoying when it happens!but i got to speakin to her a bit, and she was kool... love incubus, what a bitch (i mean her' this time :) and her bf turned out to b a really nice guy, so meh. anywhoo i spent new years there, we gave pete a hand packin up, opened a bottle of champagne i stole from home (well my mum said it was ok, but 'stole' makes me sound so much kooler!) and we got even more drunk than we were. well i said my goodbyes to chris, tonio, whatever was left of hannah to say bye to, pete etc... then rory and i made our way to james party and got side tracked to a chicken shop to re-fuel. after a couple of heart to hearts on the bridge with rory, and txtin everyone in my phone book (which i had to do manually coz it wudnt send it to the whole book at once, so i had to do it one at a time.... it was long!) we finally made it to the party. i ended up huggin like 20 + ppl after walkin in, and shoutin very drunken "happy 2005" to everyone. maz had passed out upstairs after him and sasha (who's real name is tasha... weird) got up to their own nocturnal activities. maz ended up sleepin thru new years... lol, he will never change. i saw somethin quite momentous... JAMES threw up! never thought id see the day! but yeh it was a long nite involving; singin, the magic of makin a pizza thanks to emily raidin the fridge, sittin with anna and tim debatin whether tim shud open her vodka and down it, teachin lewis how to b 'black', and talkin to emily for what seemed like forever! rory had passed out on the stairs at some point and then rose and made his way home coz he was opening at 12. we ended up watchin the gooines at like 6 and just crashin. i fell asleep nxt to emily and left around 9. after gettin back (still drunk from the nite b4) i crashed, called in sick at work, and woke round or 6 and went to the pub with dave and nick, and we caught up, chilled and let our bodies recover from new years. it was kool tho, coz we had a few spliffs too and i had a nice buzz.
im gonna stop these extended entries... i can just imagine how long this ones gonna b, but meh i look back on it and laugh, or fall asleep mid way thru. well im 21, and i cant wait and see wats instore!
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