July 5th, 2004

hit it

if u just fucking listen for a minute u'll c that its actually interesting

hmm, well i havent been here for a while, so i thought id update on what ive been upto these past few weeks. hmm well where to start... well since ive finished uni, ive just been working pretty much, and seeing connie. i actually do think that those have been my only two activities in my schedule, since we both finished our exams! but when i think of it in that respect, i wuda thought that we might have gotten bored of just 'goin out' or 'staying in', but i have to admit, we dont. if anything it's actually gettin better with time. we kinda had a sort of argument thingy this weekend, where we were both kinda getting upset at the other. i was kinda quiet coz i felt outta place really when i was with her and russel after work, when they had just done mushrooms. i didnt feel like being there coz it was suddenly quiet and stuff, and i dont like being the cause of it. besides the age thing does sometimes become apparent when im around her friends since their stories are pretty much "you had to be there..." stories, which doesnt exactly provide the best avenue to intigrate myself into the convo, but meh. but mayb thats just my way of gettin out of actually making an effort and starting a convo myself, instead of awaiting one to come my way. *sings along to bridge of buried myself alive*
hmm anyway where was i before i went all tangenty...
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