March 16th, 2004

hit it


hmm... i never get to write in this thing anymore, and i havent figured out if thats a good thing or not. well to make a long story short, the "connie" situation was goin really really well till today :s. well i went to maz's party on sat and coz we were both pissed, and i was passed out upstairs and she was sent in by maz to wake and seduce me. it worked, and we moved really much faster than i thought we wud. but it felt right, and it usually does with connie. my only concern is how quickly this will fade for me as i can become very fickle very soon, and given the age thing, it might make things well hard. she mentioned something about rob sayin "i was too old" for her. and that made me think... i really dont wanna be the chessy older guy with the 16yr old gf. even though i like connie a lot. in some ways shes very mature for 16, but then again, theres a few things that at 16, u just have no clue about. if i met her in a couple of years, or if she was a couple of years older this wud be great. but as it stands, im not sure how this is gonna end, but i fear badly. ARGH! only "i" wud find someone soo great, AND find the biggest 'catch' to go with it!
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