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im feeling good about things today. even thought not much has changed today, i feel positive towards whats coming. i've felt really emotionally jaded these past few days. had a few revelations about myself. but i think the lack in scoial interaction over the last week, meant my mind has blown a few things out of proportion. i think i was finding it hard to stick things into perspective. i never realized how "much" i actually enjoy being with my friends. im feeling comforted by the fact that they're missing me too. its strange to say, but i never thought that i was an esstential "corner stone" of my group. like i didn't even think they'd notice me gone for 2weeks. but having them call me to see how im doing, and making plans for when im done, has made me feel great! its strange since im the kinda person who instigates things coz i think nothing will usually happen otherwise... and watching those guys plan somethin without me having to get involved feels good! im soo lucky, i have the best friends in the world :)

btw, these are the most emotional lyircs i've ever heard i just had to included them somewhere. olly puts real feelings on them live!

"all i can be, all i can be. oh, it makes easier when ur there. so this is my one love, all i can't scream and so instead... i will sing. for once i have become, whats inside my positivity... just for a while. but thank whatever for just that

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