March 2nd, 2006



WOW !!!! it's been seriously months huh?? goodness @_@ ~ have not updated lol sorry , gomen ne !! for many reasons, school, friends and basically just putting things off =( bad habit to get into huh? lol anyways well finally here to update ya'll with some good news ~~!! _NATSUNOYUKI has a new admin !!! YAY haha her name is KAZE !! lets give her great big welcome ! haha now that there's TWO admins, hopefully we can help eachother to better this place lol, and not be procrastinating haha. *cough* well when she's here, she'll intro herself =P. Last but not least i'd like to say thanks to all who've added _Natsunoyuki, and leaving wonderful comments, i really greatfully appreciate it !!  - Yuki <3

Hello!!! Kaze desu! I'm new to the whole making-images-for-others thing, so...excuse me! Hahaa~ Umm... As you'll see, my style's a lot different from Yuki's. I'm a bit more simplistic. Oh, and if you noticed, _natsunoyuki's style has changed a bit (Yuki forgot to mention this). Instead of just making jrock-related stuff, we will be broadening our horizons and include jpop, actors and actresses, and even people from other countries (note: the guy at the top is a Korean actor). As for me, I will be starting my own line of icons as well, entitled "The Stickie Life." Anyway, long rant; thanks for reading. So, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!! ^^  - Kaze


like ALWAYS, this will be updated, so please do check back for more =) <3

♡___MAR. 2  x3
♡___MAR. 3
♡___MAR. 4

[01]Ayumi Hamasaki 「濱崎歩」
[06]Hiroki Narimiya 「成宮寛貴」
[01]Mika Nakashima 「中島美加」
[01]SID 「シド」
x[01] Alice Nine アリス九
x[01] Gackt 神威楽斗 (ガクト)
x[01] Lee Joon Gi (이준기)
x[03] SID シド
x[06] The Stickie Life
x[01] random

... and the cat goes MEOWCollapse )

...and there goes the ALLERGIESCollapse )


PENDING REQUESTS : 01. red_kei 02. rodopain

i know it's been awhile, so i was wondering if you guys still want your requests, =) if you do don't hesitate to drop a line. i'm really sorry about for not completing your requests on time.


PS : currently looking for AFFILIATES if you own an icon journal and is interested in affiliating please leave a comment =) thank you <3
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