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and it began.... the Shou craze hahaha [and pink/red/purple craze @_@;;;]

i just made these for fun =P

[btw i'll be updating this with more, that i am just too lazy to upload hahah
so come back and visit.]

and moving one =D we all like animated-ness haha *nod*

Shou's "surprised" expression are so darn cute hahaha i just had to ^^;; i think some of the pictures are from when he was in Givuss. =P


An Cafe ! [after watching Expect Rush IV haha i made a set of icons xD they're a bunch of cutie pies too]

oops i forgot Aki T_T
just one this time.


last but not least SID name brushes if anyone is interested haha i upload them so
i'll put it up

here is what the brushes look like

download from the following:

they're made from Photoshop 7. format[.abr]

-credit & comment when downloaded/used =)
-DO NOT post this link anywhere else without my permission.
-PLEASE DO NOT claim them as yours.

enjoy =P

here's the background for anyone who wants it =P right now only 1024x768 but if anyone wants another size, leave a comment of what size you want, and it shall be fulfilled ASAP =P

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

alrighty same rules apply ^_^
i would love to hear what you think of them =) <33

if you like what you see don't hesitate to friend me <3

<3 Yuki
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