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I just started watching this series last sunday and finised the first season saturday and I must say I love this show.The new and final season start this sunday but I dont have cable ,so I have to force someone I know with cable to start watching the show. And on a side note James Purefoy,Mark Antony, is pure sex.

On to the shopping.......

I bought a pair of L.A.M.B Baby white sneakers for Christmas and at my family get together I was surprised that everyone liked them especially after seeing "rollin in cashmere" written on the side.Next I'm going to buy the Love boots in natural or one of the Luxe signature bags.Almost forgot I need to buy a new bag for school and thinking about getting one of the Harajuku Lovers bags in one of the Spring prints but I cant decide on what style.
du barry

Just because

I wanted to use this icon I'm doing this entry. I'm watching "Last Comic Standing" and "So You Think You Can Dance" at the same time. I really love watching Benji and Donyell perform together.Anyway, the real reason for this entry is to say how HOT is my icon?
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(no subject)

So, I watched the season finale of earl and the office.I really love those shows since it's really rare that I actually laugh out loud while watching a show.Two weeks ago I saw the funnest show while watching BBC America comedy night on PBS but the next week the show didn't come on and so I couldn't get the name ,but then I remembered the lead actor played in Wilde and with the help of IMDB-one of the best things on the net- I found out it's called Absolute Power.

Now for a random comment:This sound so sad but I love when I'm sick because I lose so much weight. When my brother was in middle school he got the flu and lost all his baby fat. The sad thing about this is my family use to all way say the same thing would happen to me and I'm still waiting for this weight loss flu.

Anyways, since it mother day sunday I think I'm going to make my mom dinner.
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supernatural and shopgirl

I changed my layout and added new icons but I'm not really happy with it

I liked shopgirl,but I really didn't feel for most of the characters except for Jason Schwartzman and that is because I always seem to like guys like that.It remindS me a lot of "Lost In Translation" I liked it at first but as I think about it I really didn't care what happened to the characters.

I cant wait to see Marie Antoinette. I'm not crazy about Dunst but I love Sofia Coppola.

These pass two days all my shows have had some crazing endings. Supernatural ending was just so f-ed up.I feel so bad for Dean because it seems like every other show some demon creature says your family doesn't really like you or cares about you at all. Note to self I have to add a supernatural icon.