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WOW!!! An Update

I have been trying to clean up my interest because I really could care less about most jrock bands and j street fashion, please take note Gwen. I can’t believe I spent so much time listening to music I didn’t understand. Kagrra, and Kozi still hold a place in my heart, but it still too much trouble following a band or a musician when you don’t speak their native language. I spent the last couple of month rediscovering bands that I sort of ignored when they first came out. I remember downloading a few Franz Ferdinand tracks when they first came out, but they sort of dropped off my radar when I “feel in love” with jrock - I can kick myself in the ass – Franz are amazing. I feel really silly now that I spent so much time and money on Japanese music and clothes, when there have been some really great stuff in my hemisphere.

Seriously ,I can't remember how I got into jrock I think it had to do with Mana,lame ass.


The members of my group project are not participating and I told my teacher and she basically said take this as a life lesson, and I was like WTF !!! Bitch please, transfer me like I asked and not tell me take this B.S. as a lesson.

Right now I'm so in love this song
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