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Hedi back in the day

I forgot all about this video, it very interesting to see how Hedi's style has changed from his work at YSL.

WTF, with no music and the only sound is of someone coughing up their lungs,foot steps and camera shutters. The lack of music is uncomfortable,but it does make you focus on the clothes. The Dior shows were very theatrical in the sense that you got loss in it all-the boys,music,lighting,clothes-everything it was the total experience.

This was Hedi last show, I love the looks and the soundtrack done by These New Puritans and some of the boys in the band also were models. I still like men's wear ,but it is no longer a major inspiration in my personal style although I still look back and draw some inspiration it just that the current collections do nothing for me.

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update on my wardrobe

I bought a new pair of Chloé Myrte shades, they are clear grey-so fierce

I need this Dior Homme bag in black I had to hide my card because I found one and was about to buy it and another bag-help me Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane makes me weak in my knees

I need a leather jacket. I found a jacket that looks ok not my ideal fit but if I get it for under $50 I defiantly will be getting it-and its real leather

Alison why are you so fierce?
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(no subject)

I was listening to Blur when I found a jacket that looks ridiculously Balmain like in my price range and I came close to orgasm -SRSLY-the combination of Damon voice and the beauty of the jacket was so............mmmmmmm


I'm one of those people who look absurdly younger than their age ,which will be great when I'm in my 40s and 50s but right now being in my 20s it fucking sucks hard. Boys my age think I look like a kid or too baby like-or maybe they are just dumb- and old men are the only one that seem interested me. These old men are not Bowie type old men that are interesting, intelligent, and funny,but I get the ugly ass Fred Stanford types that lack everything listed and have children between the ages of 3 and 45.

Can a girl get a Followill

or should I just say fuck it and move to France or England, I need a new start
du barry

Emmanuelle Alt


Forget trendy designer label.Jeans,a sweater or t-shirt worn under a jacket that seems welded to you.When it's just right,when you don't see the effort,it's irresistible.

- Emmanuelle Alt

More to come later
du barry


I just started watching this series last sunday and finised the first season saturday and I must say I love this show.The new and final season start this sunday but I dont have cable ,so I have to force someone I know with cable to start watching the show. And on a side note James Purefoy,Mark Antony, is pure sex.

On to the shopping.......

I bought a pair of L.A.M.B Baby white sneakers for Christmas and at my family get together I was surprised that everyone liked them especially after seeing "rollin in cashmere" written on the side.Next I'm going to buy the Love boots in natural or one of the Luxe signature bags.Almost forgot I need to buy a new bag for school and thinking about getting one of the Harajuku Lovers bags in one of the Spring prints but I cant decide on what style.
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The only thing to talk about


Bpal shipped off my order yesterday but I haven't received a s&c number,I don't trust my mail man so I need it for sanity.

I was thinking about all my shopping regrets especially with two companies. A year or two ago "Happy Lucky Us" bags were really hot and I keep putting off buying one and then last year they shut down for what was suppose be a couple of months,but they never came back -plus, her last blog was kinda sad. Here the link www.happyluckyus.com

Pancake_meow made really wonderful jewelry that I was planning to buy for my birthday then it was the daily candy article which made order take months and now she shut down until the end of september.I really wanted a cupcake necklace :(

Now for something else random: Cate Kidson and Target's Simply Shabby Chic makes the best home decor if you want to have a sweet or classic loli decor

I didn't go asleep all night now I'm off to watch the World Cup
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oh no Gwen didnt

I was checking out the latest l.a.m.b shoes when I came across these
which just look like a modified version of the lovely Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots-see picture.

I wouldn't care if it was a store brand-like Target do great knockoffs- but for a major brand and one that charging $400 and the originals is just $loo more, her ass need to be sued . I know she is a fan but something like this is wrong especially since she re-released the pirated boots.But for some reason I still like Gwen
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I'm not dead

I haven't updated in a while ,but nothing has really been going on in my life worth updating about. I have been thinking about going to school to be come a makeup artist since I love fashion and makeup. Enough about that.

My heart skipped a beat.....

When I saw the jungle wallets by Vivienne Westwood on Hervia and the New Jackie and Carnival. Hervia also started to carry the VW Handkerchiefs that were sold in Japan -which I will be getting. And the jewelry -points to icon- is just amazing. I hate to quote Gwen Stefani but this line sums it all "If I was a rich girl .....I'd buy everything.Clean out Vivienne Westwood ".
du barry

Cute Things,Manga,Movies,& Update on life

First, I love my blockbuster online subscription. I live three minutes from the store but they never have anything good so online is the best.

I saw Ichi the killer which was great and there was a hot guy (Kakihara played by Tadanobu Asano). Best line ever and it's true.

Kakihara : Listen, when you're giving pain to someone, don't think about the pain that person is feeling. Just concentrate on how good it feels to be causing someone pain. That's the best thing you can do for a true masochist!

I was planning to write about this ages ago. I bought Doll vol 5 in July and this the first time ever that I hated a manga. Doll was the series that got me into manga and it was the best series I ever read but that volume was just crap.

Cute Things

If the entire world had to wear uniforms........Vivienne Westwood should design them.

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