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First, I love my blockbuster online subscription. I live three minutes from the store but they never have anything good so online is the best.

I saw Ichi the killer which was great and there was a hot guy (Kakihara played by Tadanobu Asano). Best line ever and it's true.

Kakihara : Listen, when you're giving pain to someone, don't think about the pain that person is feeling. Just concentrate on how good it feels to be causing someone pain. That's the best thing you can do for a true masochist!

I was planning to write about this ages ago. I bought Doll vol 5 in July and this the first time ever that I hated a manga. Doll was the series that got me into manga and it was the best series I ever read but that volume was just crap.

Cute Things

If the entire world had to wear uniforms........Vivienne Westwood should design them.

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