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Merry came over ,Oldboy,Kiyoharou & Ray Charles

This weekend I watched Oldboy which was good and it got extra points because the actor who played Woo-jin Lee is hot. The watched the dub version the first two times and then the sub. The dub version is just horrible after the first 5 minutes I was going to take it out because their voices made my ears hurt.The actress who did the dub for Mi-do(?) made me want to shoot myself. After watching the sub version I understood the movie much better since they explain what the paper was that Oh Dae-su brings to the salon,but then the dub version added lines that not even in the sub version example:After Dae-su threatens to cut off Park hand for touching Mi-do breast in the dub version park says something like are you going to cut off my tongue too and in the sub version Park just tells his gang to leave. Overall I really like the movie and having a hot guy in it just makes it better.

A while ago I had this dream about PLC coming to my house and then Merry was suppose to come over but they never did.Last night I had a dream that they finally came over and they spoke perfect english(as all j-rockers do in dreams) and I drove around with them. My dream time with Merry was pretty boring and dream Nero was being a jerk which pissed me off since he's my favorite member,but dream tetsu was super nice (2nd favorite member)and I cant really remember what happened but it was really boring.

Another J-rock dream with Kiyoharu & Ray Charles
I was planning to write about this like ages ago ,but I dont update so there. So for some reason I was running around in this stadium looking for something where Ray Charles was playing or they was just blasting his music and I ran into Kiyoharu. When I ran into Kiyo I asked did he know where the mystery item was at and he did know and gave me directions -once again perfect english- and before I ran off he grabbed my arm and gave my the best hug ever. Seriously it was the best hug ever and when I woke up I was like damn why dont I have a boyfriend.I'm still wondering what was with Ray Charles playing in the background.
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