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I love this song. I remember the first time I heard it was 5A.M. and I was sipping on a cup of Baja Bay tea (now discontinued by Celestial).I didn't plan for the last entry to end up sounding so sad - I guess.

Like said in a previous entry I have a subscription to Blockbuster online since in the whole Tampa area none of the 10+ stories carry "In the mood for love " or "Suicide Club". I saw like 40 movie in a two months.Anyways, I saw some movies that I have been wanting to see for years like Vampire Hunter D ,which I hated with a passion, and almost all of Miyazaki films released in the U.S.,but this isn't the point of this entry.

The Point Is ......... Kung Fu Hustle is like the best movie ever. I cant understand why some people didn't like it. On a bonus note Stephen Chow the writer ,director,star and etc was on PEOPLE magazine hottest bachelor list .

Coin locker baby is going to be made into a movie with Asano and Sean Lennon. I have been planning to read the book for a year ,but I never had the chance I guess I will before the movie comes out. So what I heard is that they are keeping the Japanese leads and setting but everyone else will be a westerner and I was like WTF? I haven't read the book but I'm assuming since it takes place in Japan and written by a Japanese author there wouldn't be any foreigners in the book at least not main characters. The rest of the cast is Val Kilmer(sp?), Vincent Gallo who I thought crawled under a rock after Brown Bunny and Liz Taylor-no comment. Wouldnt it be cool if they used Miyavi song in the film.
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