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_naomiwildman_'s Journal
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Date:2010-07-17 21:02

This is an ACTIVE sockpuppet journal, posting to treksoap.

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Date:2005-01-23 23:15
Mood: stressed

::is taking advantage of the Fen Domar appreciation for cleanliness, cajoled guard into stopping by a small spring on way back from work interrogation detail::

::no real point, can't seem to scrub them from skin, but still-five minutes of something resembling relaxation::

::ducks to pull herbal substitute for soap off nearby stone, casting wary look over shoulder at rustle in foliage::

::always half expects to see Shel lingering within sight::

::takes in deep breath, rubbing skin in soothing circular motions and staring up at tri-moonlit sky::

::tries to relax::

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Date:2004-04-16 00:48
Subject:Oh my...
Mood: contemplative

The Borg has been told to assist Andrew with the latest insane Paris-Kim scheme. 'Efficient' as she is, I don't know when we'll find the time to practice for the Parrises Squares bonanza. As if he wouldn't be distracted anyhow.

Though...I guess getting one's family back does have priority over a tournament.

I should volunteer to help them. But...the Borg...do I get a pip for this?

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