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That's not to say I don't have good times

but as for my days; I spend them waiting.


I have a weakness for foreign languages and history, dramatic and/or depressing stories, period dramas, decidedly non-sensible shoes, cats, and lace and ruffles. Film, reading, and other entertainment choices are both eclectic and far too intertwined.

I'm a big Takarazuka fan. I talk about it a lot. ♥ Soragumi and Hanagumi are my favorites (honestly Soragumi is my current troupe but Hanagumi is my first love), though of course I have favorites and favorite shows spread throughout the troupes. Osa is my first and favorite sienne and I'm a HUGE Yuuhi fan, Yuu as well... Also, I spend far too much time contemplating costumes, sets, and whether or not siennes are wearing lipstick that exactly matches their costume (or is pink).

...I took down my current/OG favorites list because I wouldn't update it for a while and then I'd remember and it would be depressingly out of date.

I'm generally open to adding new people, especially if we have shared interests. Feel free to leave comment or send a PM first if you'd like.

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