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Promises made for convenience.

Lie to me.

Ambulance X
23 May 1983
Name: Katherine
Nicknames: Katie, Cali-Katie, Katie-face, Katieness, Kittie, Kitterz, Katie-Kinz, Ambulance X, Miss Angelface/hair/core, Sally, Sallish, Sallerz, Smolly, Molly, Maul-ly, Sue-Milly, Bootybakes, Crablouse, "Silly Sally with scissors in her cooter", Etc.
Member of: Myspace
Marital Status: .:. Single.
School: Los Angeles Valley College
Eyes: Green
Hair: Platinum Blonde

Castle Greyskull: "I <3 Sally
Castle Greyskull: she is...
Castle Greyskull: cooler than cake"


Shirley Manson pwns your fucking face.

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3 parts friendliness

1 part ambition

5 parts beauty
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add wisdom to taste! Do not overindulge!


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I sneak up and hit ya like a fuckin tornado.

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