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Join fantasydesigns!

fantasydesigns is my new graphics community, shared with two others. I will no longer post graphics in this journal, but since I'm a member of MANY communities on this journal, I will be keeping it. I'll probably make graphic posts in the community using that journal.

Please make sure you FRIEND the community.

I am having technical difficulties with the layout (changing the font color for the entries), so if anyone would like to help out, please tell me.

And be on the look out for icon posts in the community!

I'll make a post every few weeks or so to remind people that I've made the community.

PLEASE go and join/friend the community so you can see more of my graphics!
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SUBJECT: The Phantom Menace for swsaga100
BATCH: #1 (20/100)
THEMES: 1, 3, 5, 6, 8-10, 15-17, 19-21, 24, 25, 31, 32, 36, 39, 42
NOTES: Please comment if you take any icons (telling me the numbers would be cool, too). Feel free to friend my icon LJ (_mysticdreamer), but know that I recently made a graphics community (that will be shared by two others) that is not ready yet, so once it's ready, I'll be posting icons MAINLY in that community. But you're welcome to friend me if you want to know when the community is ready so you can join.
-Resources, friend me, and see other icons I've made.

Edit: I managed to screw up somehow. I'm not sure if I meant to put this icon:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

in the artists's choice or not. I think that if I put it in the themes section, it would be 21 icons instead of 20, and...yeah. >.> I goofed up.

Exsqueeeze me!Collapse )
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I'm thinking of maybe making a community for my graphics. I could get more traffic that way, and it would be the only way, really, for me to be able to make polls when it comes to my icons/graphics, because I have a paid account on jediknightmuse. I'm thinking about possibly sharing the community with someone, hopefully someone who has decent graphic skills and can make layouts/banners. I'm really only good at color bars and icons.

I'd like to share it with at least three other people. I made the poll located in this entry to see if anyone would be interested in sharing it with me. If no one ends up wanting to/being able to/whatever, I'll just make one anyway and use like...I don't know. Five months to get it ready.

Anyway, please go vote on the names and all that. ^_^

Sorry, no icons right now. I'll try to make some as soon as possible. Definitely sometime after Sunday, because I think I'm going to claim The Phantom Menace for my first thing for swsaga100. It's the one movie that fits all of the themes, almost, that I need.
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Four Princess Leia icons, following the first tutorial here.

o.o It seems as though, for whatever reason, the original brushes I had in my brushes thing before I lost them all are back, which is...weird. o.o It was acting up on me last night (closing when I tried to open stuff), but I didn't expect it to do this.

Anyway...yeah, that's my little update.
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Yet another entry, but this is to pimp a challenge at icons_in_flight, which I semi-gave up to someone else. >.>

icons_in_flight's latest challenge is in need of more entries!
The challenge is Lord of the Rings and the theme is friendship/love.
You have until Friday, June 30 at the latest by 12 midnight to submit entries.
Right now we only have two participants in this challenge!
Join and then submit your icons here!
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I won this:

for phan_icontest! I'm soooo happy!


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pickmybest awards- round three

4th place:
5th place:
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My pickmybest entry can be found here. Please go and vote for my icons? >.>

Header: eh, sure.


Under hereCollapse )
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fandombrushes is a brand new community made for those looking for brushes for movies, tv shows, and books to use on their graphics.
Friend fandombrushes today!

We are in need of ONE more brush maker to make our starting limit of five (seven total). If you or someone you know might be interested please go here.
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I stayed up til 3:30 AM, partially to do this:

Squeeeee! My very first color bar! I followed this tutorial.

Now...if it's saved as a .png, will it look less grainy/crappy? >.>

Here's the code for it, either way:

Which'll look like this:

Danielle and Henry are Ever After love
Made by _mysticdreamer
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