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Like the alchemist who could not resist the devil's kiss

Base metal into gold

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I think it's near impossible to encapsulate you're whole personality in a few short sentences, but I guess I'll try.
What can I say? I consider myself to be very open about who I am, but others will tell you that I'm mysterious and surprising. With two polar opposites to consider I suppose it's up the whoever reads my journal entries to make up their own minds about me.
I'm 27 and work part-time in the pet industry, although my roots lie in art. One day I hope to become a full-time bear maker.
2004 was possibly the worst year I have ever experienced in my life, and I am still learning to live with the aftermath of it's events. Many of my LJ entries reflect that and I make no excuses for it.

I'm a full throttle fangirl and struggling fic writer. I am frequently cursed with writers' block, and tend to have more off periods that on! I like Harry Potter, X Men, Hellboy, LXG, Quantum Leap and Smallville. My 'ships are predominantly Sirius/Remus and Logan/Rogue, but I can be tempted by almost anything.
You'll also find frequent unashamed rock chick ramblings about Def Leppard, Velvet Revolver, GnR and STP. Slash is my God! I am NOT a pop-friendly person. Seriously!
But essentially, this is a personal journal. My deepest darkest thoughts somehow find their way onto the screen. Let's face it, LJ is wonderful therapy :D

If you have found that I have friended you, it is simply because I find your journal interesting.
I'm happy to friend back most people at the moment, as long as I recognise your name, our paths have crossed once of twice of we have friends/communties in common.
My journal is filled with a lot of private thoughts, and so I like know what kind of people want to read, I would appreciate it if you would fill out my little survey first as way of an introduction.
My journal sometimes contains things of an adult nature (as well with my cussing), so I rarely add anyone under 18. Also, I'm all for debate, but if you are any of the following, don't bother adding me:
  • Narrow minded, racist or homophobic
  • Pro-hunting, animal testing etc
  • Are a troll
  • Have a brand new journal

  • And finally, if you add me without any kind of comments to tell me, don't expect to be added back. Full stop.

    This list is constantly updated. If you find that I have used your brushes/caps and you are not on the list, PLMK and I will correct my oversight.

    Brush resources

    My screen captures

    If you are not on my flist, my screen caps posts are duplicated over at my graphics journal euphoricons.


    adam ant, alan moore, andy warhol, animal husbandry, art, ashes to ashes, back to the future, bagpuss, bear making, beauty and the beast, billie piper, billy idol, birmingham, bjds, books, bunnies, cats, chipmunks, christian bale, christian slater, chuck, classic rock, comics, crohns disease, csi, david tennant, dci gene hunt, def leppard, depeche mode, derren brown, dita von teese, doctor who, due south, duff mckagan, eddie izzard, feeder, frost, gary oldman, gavin reece, george mann, gerbils, golden retrievers, good omens, gothic, gothic architecture, griffin house, grizzly bears, guns n roses, hamsters, harmony kingdom, harry potter, hellboy, him, house, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, iorek byrnison, james dean, jason flemyng, joe elliott, johnny depp, josh homme, juliette lewis, laika dog, lee pace, leigh marklew, life on mars, live music, london, lord of the rings, lxg, man-raze, mark yates, michael j fox, mika, moulin rouge, muse, neil gaiman, newbury and hobbes, nine inch nails, ok go, organic food, paper journals, pets, photography, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, polar bears, pushing daisies, qotsa, quantum leap, rabbits, rats, reading, red dwarf, remus lupin, retro, robert pattinson, rockabilly, rocky horror picture show, rodents, roy lichtenstein, runes, saul hudson, scott bakula, scott weiland, shaun of the dead, silver, simon pegg, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, smallville, star trek, steampunk, stone temple pilots, suicide girls, superman, tattoos, terrorvision, the fifth element, the golden compass, the lost boys, the quireboys, therapy?, tim burton, time travel, tony wright, torchwood, trent reznor, twilight, vargas girls, velvet revolver, victorian, vintage, volkswagen beetles, walt disney, wolverine, wolverine/rogue, x-files, x-men