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hellboy. howdy doody.

Like the alchemist who could not resist the devil's kiss

Base metal into gold

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(no subject)
hellboy. howdy doody.
This journal is friends only.

If you would like to be added, please leave a comment introducing yourself and fill in the survey below:

  • How old are you?

  • Where are you from?

  • Why do you want to friend me?

  • Where would I know you from?

  • What are your interests?

  • Favourites (bands, movies, books etc)?

  • Fandoms?

  • any questions/comments?

  • Tell me a random (but interesting) fact about yourself.

  • [ETA: Edited on 23.02.05]


    I'd like to be on your friends list if its ok as you seem really nice and I'd like to get to know you better.


    I'd like to be on your friends list if its ok as you seem really nice and I'd like to get to know you better.

    Aww, TQ;) I've added you:)

    Hey you posted in my LJ, and I'm just getting back to you ^_^ Can you add me? if not, it's cool, hope to hear from ya soon

    My name is Chrystal, i'm 19 and livein the U.S. I ran across your LJ from other friends on a comment you made. I added you becoz you have some similar interests as me. You and I like disney stuff, my little pony and best of all: DEF LEPPARD. I love metal music: motley crue, def leppard, metallica, Kiss, poison, etc. You rock. I added ya! :)
    ~*~ Chrystal ~*~

    hey there,

    Glad to meet another metal fan...yup Def Leppard truely rock:D

    Thank you for adding me, I've added you back!

    Hey. I'm new to LJ. Looking for some Neopets addicts like myself. I grew up in the 80's so I also love glam rock. I've added you as my friend. Can you tell me how I can set my journal to friends only? I have tried but it won't stick and I have to make sure I set every entry to friends only. I hate having random twerps posting in my journal how cute my kid is lol >.

    Hi there,

    Nice to meet you, welcome to the (very addictive) world of LJ, lol!

    The only way to make your journal friends only is the way you are doing it now, you have to lock every entry. I wish that LJ would create a function for us friends only peeps, it would make life alot easier:)

    PS, I've added you back:)

    you took me off your friends list...=(
    have i done anything wrong??
    if i have then i am truly sorry...

    take care =)

    Hi, no, I just noticed that you weren't there, you're back now. LJ was being a weird ass! I was sorting out my friends' custom groups and it looks like a lost a couple of people along the way.

    I'm sorry for scaring you, lol!

    hey if you get a chance, could you add me? I'm also in excellent.. plus I'm nice :P

    Sure thing:) Consider yourself added:)

    Hi hun, of course I'll add you, it's good to see you again!

    I'm glad you like my furries, I must say the fox seems to be a firm favourite atm;)

    I'd love to have some of the larger Def Leppard photos please.

    Speak to you soon:)

    Okay. o.o I wasn't going to comment, but then you removed me, and I thought, what the hell. See, I don't like to comment to stay on people's lists. I feel that just having people still on mine pretty much means that, yeah, I think you're cool and I'd like to keep reading about you. But hey. If you want to keep me off, all right. I just wanted to let you know that I did want to stay on. I just hate commenting to.

    What a nice thing to say:) I just blitzed my list yesterday and took off loads of people. I've added you back again.

    I'm sorry:(

    *eek* i <3 your icon muchly hehe wolverine rawks! lol i was just wondering if you'd be so kind as to add me?

    zoe xx

    Sure thing:)

    I'm glad you like my icon;)

    OMG the picture of the faerie on the moon is *awesome* LOVE IT!!!

    We seem to have a few common interests (although not all of mine are listed) and *one* mutual friend ... so I'd be honoured if you'd add me and if so, I shall do the same in return :o)

    (and thanks again for the Derren tip off!!)

    Sure thing;) I was thinking about asking you the same thing actually, lol!

    I'm adding you now:)

    Hey -

    I have given you and the other kind volunteers moderator access, which means
    that all posts will be sent to all of the moderators to be approved before
    they get posted to the community. This should cut down on spoilers & quiz

    Quiz postings are fine as long as all the quiz results get posted to the
    original posted quiz.

    Thank you so much for volunteering.
    ; - )


    You are very welcome;) Thank you for making me one of the community monitors.

    I won't let you down;)

    BTW, would you mind if I added you to my friends list? I thought that we might as well get to know everyone a bit better:)

    hey hun. you seem pretty damn awesome so i'm gonna add ya to my friends list. i'm new to lj so your the first friend i got! talk to ya later!


    Thanks for the compliment:)

    Welcome to the very addictive word of LJ.

    I've added you back:)

    Hi, I would like to be added to your friends list! ^.^ I saw your stuff at x2icons and I would like to meet more people. Thankies!

    Sure, nice to meet you:)


    Hey there! I saw your posts on wolverinerogue and you seem like a cool person, so I took the liberty of adding you as a friend. Hope you feel like adding me back, we do seem to share a common love of X-Men and other things.
    Also... I gotta add that I love your layout!

    Hi, thanks for the complement:D

    Of course I'lldd you back, you seem very cool aswell hun;)

    I've added you as a friend. I'm garej on the MLPTP.