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hellboy. howdy doody.

Like the alchemist who could not resist the devil's kiss

Base metal into gold

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Scott Weiland in GQ March 2006
vr.  scott.  y-fronts.
Thanks go to pensive1 for the heads up about this magazine. I recently hunted a copy down for her, and bought one for myself too.

Thought I'd share the scans here too :)










Mmmm....Duff in a stetson :)



As with yesterday's scans, feel free to take and re-distribute, but please don't hotlink.

Credit would also be nice.

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:D I've seen these in the flesh, but I will show my appreciation once again!

Mmmmm very nice!

Does that mean you're warming to Scott's charms? :D

hahaha I can appreciate him and see the attraction. Wouldn't say I fancy him though, does that make sense?



lookin' good isn't he? :D



*incoherent babbling and drooling*


::fnas self::

I was linked over here from weiland1, and I must say, hottt pictures, thank you for posting!

I notice we have quite a few things in common (we'd have much more in common if I could list some more!) I love your theme (HIM! ♥) and I'm so jealous you'll be seeing Placebo in concert soon! I was going to visit the UK, but that won't work out :( We're both in daily_weiland and vr_rox. I might've seen you over at the VR forum, but I'm not too sure.

I do realize that my entries really aren't all that fun, but I don't expect comments from people really. I like to read other LJs though, and I do comment. Can I friend you? You can friend me if you wish, if not, it's no problem I understand :)

Hi there :) I do recognise your name from weiland1's flist, and from vr_rox. Good to meet you finally :D

I feel so so lucky that I've got that Placebo ticket, I think it's rare for them to play a venue so small. I've been there a few times (saw NIN there) and they'll rock it's foundations :)

Don't worry though, I always take loads of pics when I go to gigs. Check out my LJ photo albums!

Of course you can friend me, I'm flattered want in on my insanity. Really though, apart from the odd pic/music spam, I'm not that interesting, lol!

Adding you back now :D

I can't believe y'all weren't already friends!


Hiya! I've just happened across your journal by happy accident and I'm friending you immediately, because anyone who wants to be a bear maker is ace in my book. :D I am a die hard teddy bear lover and collector. I am also a die hard slash fan, particularly rps, and a die hard Def Leppard fan for more than 25 years. So.... I think we may just find some common ground.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you very much for the heads up.

Although I don't post in my journal as much as I used to, I am still around and check out retro_icons whenever I can, and deal with entries such as this.

In both entries I have commented and reiterated the community's rules, and she has had her entries deleted.

Again, thank you for letting me know about this, and do not hesitate to contact me again if such an occasion occurs again.

(Deleted comment)
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