So, as a "good job you graduated from college finally!" gift, my parents bought me my first car. It's nothing flashy, a 2007 ford focus, but it gets the job done and I like it quite well. Well, some time last night while my car was parked in the driveway someone must have tried to break in through the driver's side door. There is literally NOTHING in the car... not even floor protectors. Well, the pretty much mutilated my trim, and I'm just steaming... I barely had the car for 4 days!
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So... question: What do I do about this? Who do I call to report this? Police? Insurance? Anyone else? I'm so clueless...


Things that make me happy:

Warm cous cous and extra salty pita chips.

When Betty and Henry get together in UGLY BETTY.

My favorite shirt being clean when my favorite pants are clean, too.

The way my boyfriend always smells good even when he says he stinks.

Pretty red leaves on the trees.

When iTunes shuffle mode plays exactly the right songs... like it's reading my mind.

Working in the print shop around 9PM when most non-majors aren't there, but the majors and grads are.

How I heard a christmas song accidentally being played on the radio yesterday.

My laptop.

Breakfast for dinner at Union Street Diner with my baby.

Seeing my family more often this year than any other I've been in college.


Angela Lorenz is my new designer of choice. I think it may be because our work is similar(we love white space and negative shapes), but also extremely different(she uses a lot of technology-based references and angular lines... I, well, don't.)

Check her out.


I just had the most realistic zombie dream ever. My house was actually my house, it didn't transform or melt away like in other dreams. People I really knew were there and they were dieing, and thevery last thing I remember is trying to close that damned sliding door in the dining room and having it get stuck just like in real life.

Right before I was absolutely sure it was about to end, I was asked Wondows system error style if I would like to abort. Weird.

Nothing, reallly.

I am presently witnessing someone getting fired, unintentionally, of course...but it's still a bit awkward.

However, I do believe that the employer is the NICEST BOSS EVER. She seems like she could make you happy to hear that your dog got run over by a semi... she has one of those cal, pleasant, neighborly demeanors.

In other news, work officially starts Monday. Yay! Aaaand, more good news, Ben is coming up to visit next weekend for my cousin's grad party and my uncle's birthday. Brenna, my cousin, will be going to OU, and Ben and I are the only people she is going to know there, aside from my former co, Michelle. So, those of you who go to OU: Make sure that whil I am in Mexico you are keeping an eye on this girl and PLEASE WELCOME HER AND LOVE HER AS YOU DO ME!
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