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Learning to fly...

Just Me

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the girl
Sandra. 29. German. Loves London. TV & Movie addict. Musicals. Photoshop. Books. dancing. In Death. Gryffindor. Disney. Just me.

the audio
Kerry Ellis. Idina Menzel. Madonna. Wicked. We Will Rock You. Rent. Snow Patrol. U2. Revolverheld.

the visual
Prison Break. Bones. CSI Miamia. The X-Files. Buffy. Friends. Gilmore Girls. Veronica Mars. Shark. Private Practice. Heroes. Weeds. Moulin Rouge. Rent. Twilight. Star Trek. Star Wars. Enchanted. Hairspray. Pirates of the Caribbean. Lord of the Rings. X-men. Practical Magic. Mary Poppins. Stardust. Disney.

the people
Kerry Ellis. Idina Menzel. Dianne Pilkington. Nicole Kidman. Angelina Jolie. Famke Janssen. Emily Procter. Ramin Karimloo. Orlando Bloom. Hugh Jackman. Sarah Wayne Callies.

the links
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