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One gLaMoRoUs Brunette

lifes better a Brunette

1 June

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I am a junior at Chic University of Cosmetology, I like spending time with my friends and family and of course who could forget my baby ...hes such a blast...he really makes life worth living for me. I am a dancer and have been for 7 years, I enjoy movies, music, fashion,you know girly things.I love people and thats why I have decided to go into a field where I can make people feel good about themself... I love hanging out with hes a blast and he makes life so much fun...he treats me like a princess which is better than any of my other boyfriends and no he is not the father hes Alex's best friend

I dislike people that stick their nose into other peoples business when it doesn't concern them and I really dislike people that are two faced and act like they like you and turn and stab you in the back

christina aguilera banners, girly things, love fashion, movies, music, my girls, my son, people