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:: Cut My Heart Out Eat Me Whole ::


: Scar



Vers Trois Heures du Matin

Scar ~ A peculiar, if not solatary entity whom exists floating within the confounds of a Introspective nostalgic bubble compound; intervening the long strawed gel like-grass,
dysfunctional clocks, black spotted mushrooms and the vacant well. He likes to shoot things; ..in a photographic sense. - I dream therefore i am -
,all dreams fall down
failure leads to irony,

:: myLittleGreenBagOfTricks | Arsenal ::

Canon 5D
Holga SCFN

Canon 50mm f1.2 L
Canon 17-40mm f4 L
Canon 15mm f2.8
Canon 100mm f2.8
Canon 24mm f2.8
Lensbaby 2.8

::and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides..
- Indeed What more then a solitary nocturnal dreamer in an un-welcoming world where a dreamer is often ridiculed, for wanting that "something else".
..the Safe door was now closed, had it been opened again?, I had little time to ponder this question, fantastic music was beginning to leak thought the radiator..
Sometimes when Noone is around, the clocks hesitate & the mechanical entities, with legs times3 Scuttle upside-down on their spiked spider-like legs, attached to the almost feature less face, missing a mouth, nose and one pair of ears. My button falls timelessly though the floor. Vacant eyes stare coy, covered slightly by synthetic cosmic & black spiked hair.. Carelessly they waltz under the floorboards.
The reflective non magnetic sides of an olde 5 pence gyrates, erotic, 5pining on an invisible axis; Pensive to Scars now somewhat dying thought of being brought about within the year of 1800's.
But the now is here, and will be memory tomorrow or the next, still I'm within this shell, this structure of slow decaying flesh; muscle & brain. Interesting to think that the good, bad and the ever-so mediocre day, comes but once.
::we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
and the machine is bleeding to death::

me.you.my knife.

::social anxiety

.Every living thing dies alone.

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Im a lover of freedom
but i cling to the dust
im blown by the wind
im a slave i am lust.
I can Breath, i am mortal, i..

I want you to Fuck me like a tree.



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