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18 December
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My name is Katherine. Nicknames: Katie, Kate, Kat, Kake, Kakey, and Kaiti. I'm 5"2.5, i have dirty dirty blonde hair, i have green/ blue eyes. (yes they change). and thats about it for looks. well, im funny but also shy. i love music and watching movies. i also looooove softball, dancing, swimming, talking on the phone, talking on the ocmputer, and basically talking. Summer is my favorite season, by far. I love swimming, i swim for my high school team, and also for the Milford Yacht Club in the summer in Connecticut, where my summer house is and I love hanging out with friends there. I live in Brooklyn , NY for most of the year. My closest friends are, Luci, Laura, Carima, Danielle, Paige, Anna, Cailin, Schuyler, Marisa, Camille, Alica, Morell, and of course Sam.