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hola. [
September 5
[ mood | calm ]

oh my gosh.
i haven't wrote in this is almost a year!
i can't believe it.
and i don't really have anything to say.

my summer was great.
as usual.
connecticut is my life.
i already miss laura, b, briana, and sam. =(
i haven't even started school yet, and im already getting in that depressed mood.
i can't wait for the first day, just to see all my school friends and see who my new teachers are going to be. but after that.. forget it.
well im going to get a new layout because this one's hideous.
wow i had bad taste last year.
im also going to try to update everything.
its hard maintaining this when you're addicted to myspace lol.

oh well.
this will keep me busy from thinking about school for a while.


December 8
[ mood | cheerful ]

yayyy i have a 4 day weekenddd!!! =P
and i am seeing SAM TOMORROW!!!! << excited much?
lol im finally getting ur present today.. hmm .. what to get.
anyway.................. yesterday was quite boring at school, though lunch was fun at our really crowded table with, Danielle, Caitlin, Erin, Daria, Alyssa, Jamie, and uhh some other people who dont have a livejournal so i have no idea why i just named them. ... a lot of people had that lunch.. lol. eh and i had to go to church and have "confession" woooo. we had to say "i am sorry for all of my sins especially.. *insert sin*" lol. i said "i am sorry for all my sins especially taking my family and friends for granted" (that was one of the questions on the sheet that they gave us lol). im not a sinner, so i didnt know what to say!!! lol. well there was this one thing... last friday.. lol nevermind. u dont wanna hear about that one.
hey guess what????
my birthday is in....
10 days!!!!!!! arent u excited ?? i know i am.
im on rich txt thingy and i just realized that i can add an LJ cut thing so easily right on here. so here goes the pics i couldnt do before.



November 30
[ mood | busyyy w/ tons of hw ]

hello again.
today is wednesday!!! hooray! well yesterday night was sooo tiring swim practice was sooo tough. i havent been there for a week... maybe thats why. lol. oh which reminds me i have some pictures of the freshman swim meet.
<"imgCollapse )


November 27
[ mood | my hands are cold ]

i decided to update.
well thanksgiving break was good, it went by fast though.
we had ppl over for thanksgiving then went to CT the next day and stayed til sunday (today). uhh i saw HP 4 (4 the 2nd time) yesterday. it was just as good as the first time. =)
well uhhh my report card was good. 90.something average. First Honors ! and now i haev to go finish reading The Lion Witch and The Wardrobe (what are we.. 3rd graders?) lol. the new movie looks ridiculously stupid. and i hope that i wont end up seeing it. which reminds me that i just saw a preview for "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" ugh. i know ill be in for that, unfortunatley. god, why do they have to make a second? the first was bad enough. people must be dying for family entertainment to go see that crap.
my sister chickened out of seeing HP yesterday lmao it would have been hilarious to see her holding on to my dads hand, crying of fear. she had to run out 3 times in the 2nd movie.
anywayy... thats about it for now. i need to get some new icons...anyone know where any good ones are?
well ok. thanks. bye



September 1
[ mood | listless ]


bASiC StUff
1. what is your name: Katherine
2. spell your name backwards: enirehtak
3. date of birth: Dec. 18th 1991
4. height: 5'3
5. weight: 112
6. hair color: light brown- blondish
7. eye color: green-blue
8. age: 13
9. righty or lefty or both? righty
1O. feeling: relaxed

11. have you ever been in love? no
12. how many people have you told "i love you"? well family doesnt count
13. how many people have you been in love with? zip, zelch, zero, NONE
14. are your parents divorced? No
15. do you have step parents? no
16. what song do you swear was written about your life? Welcome To My Life lmao
17. what's the most embarrassing cd you own? now christmas, elvis
18. what song do you absolutely hate? Wake Up
19. do you sing in the shower? all the time
2O. what song reminds you of that special someone? Something To Sleep To- Michelle Branch

21. what color are your sheets? umm.. green plam trees on pink background
22. what color are your bedroom walls? in CT.. dull blue-gray, BK.. lavender
23. do you have a tv in your bedroom? no
24. how many pillows are on your bed? uhh 2
25. what do you normally sleep in? t shirt and shorts
26. describe your favorite pair of pajamas: um light pink with polka dots is the design, with light weight pants and button shirt
27. what size bed do you have? twin
28. do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep? sometimes, but i dont want to leave it on all night, so if i fall asleep... how do i turn it off?? plus i cant cuz my sis will hear it and get mad, and its uncomfortable to wear headphones
29. describe the last dream you had: omg im so mad because when i woke up i remembered.. and then i forgot, its sooooo hard to remember! but i think it had to do with being sucked into a tornado in a pool and someone saving me.. at least thats what i was thinking when falling asleep... so idk lol.
3O. how many people can comfortably sleep in your bed? 1 lol
31. do you sleep in any unusual positions? um no, how am i supossed to know? im sleeping.. DUH
32. what color is the carpet in your room? wooden floor both places

33. mooned anyone? EW NO
34. been on a diet? no
35. laughed so hard you peed your pants? haha maybe
36. thought about killing your enemy? what enemy?
37. gone skinny dipping? no
38. stolen anything? np
39. dated one of your best friends? no
4O. loved someone so much it makes you cry? yeah
41. broken the law? no
42. cheated on a bf/gf? no, never had one to cheat on
43. gave someone a piggy back ride? yes
44. snuck out of the house at night? no
45. been so drunk you don't remember your name? no
46. smoked? hell no!
47. done drugs? no...i have no intrest to
48. gone out of your way to be with the one you love? no
49. written a love poem? i think
5O. kissed someone in the rain? no

51. do you believe in aliens? no
52. name three things that are next to your computer: cell phone, actually 2, a book and some papers
53. do you have any hidden talents? im good at knitting, oh and i can do this really disgusting thing with my spit.. but u dont wanna know about that.. lol
54. do you play any sports? lucy since WHEN do u ice skate?? haha, softball, swimming, tennis (i guess if u could call what i do tennis), and i used to horseback ride, i might do it again
56. would you ever sky dive? NO WAY! afraid of heights!
57. ever wished on a shooting star? yes lots
58. what is your weakness? doritos and uhhh sad movies
59. name something you can't get enough of. look above, oh and Phantom of the Opera, and Harry Potter.
62. are you a deep sleeper? umm i guess when i eventually fall asleep, i swear im an owl, i like NEVER fall asleep
63. what color is your hair naturally? light brown/blondish
64. worst feeling in the world? guilt, when uve lost something really important, and when u have like 2 seconds to finish a paper
65. best feeling in the world? being loved.. yet i havent felt it, yet i can almost feel it when i see how much people care for each other in movies
66. is the glass half empty or half full? half empty, im definitely a pessimist
67. what the best way to be proposed to? in a really romantic way, maybe out to dinner or something, or even if it got messed up and wasnt the way u wanted it at all, its still such a happy and exciting thing, that u wouldnt have a care in the world where it was, i think that is so sweet. plus it makes teh story even better.
68. what kind of movie would you star in? romance movie
69. what's your favorite phrase?
"Let me be
your shelter,
let me
be your light.
You're safe
No-one will find you
your fears are
far behind you . . ."

70. who did you get this questionnaire from? Luci


August 31
[ mood | content ]

((some of the people that are on this list, do not have an LJ, that goes to show u how many friends i have, lol.))

Is 3 your best friend?
haha not my best friend, sorry.

What would you do if 8 was the father of your child?
omg that would be weird cause she will never be able to be a father.

Would you ever make-out with 1?
um NO. sorry im not lesbian.

Have you ever had an R-rated dream with 4 involved?
whoa, no.

Ever dreamed of kissing 15?

What type of music does 7 enjoy listening to?
everything especially like rap and hip hop i guess... new stuff. lol.

What size clothing does 14 wear?
um like 3 in jeans.

Would 1 & 4 make a cute couple?
haha not exactly.

Is 2 a guy or a girl?

Have you ever cried over 6?
no.. she would never be mean to me, ive known her since.. forever.

Have you ever seen 3 cry?
haha no but hes told me that he cries at night.

Would you give your life for 5?
U KNOW IT!!! my iguana of love sister chicamie!

Is 7 more silly or serious?
hmm.. a little more serious. shes both though.

Do you think 9 will get married?

How do you think person 10 will die?
shotby some gangster on her block, jk lol.

Is there anything that 13 is overly obsessed with?
mm... no. oh yea, in 7th grade she was obsessed with gum.

Does 11 have an obsession with shiny objects?
Haha! no more like an obsession with classic rock.

Does 12 have any siblings?
uh... yeah. a little brother i think.. and a sister.

Is 13 a caffine addict?

What color hair does 14 have?
light brown.

How far does 15 live from you?
um.. like one state over. about like.. an hour and a half?

What is 14’s favorite color?

Have you ever been on a date with 7?
haha nooooo... shes a good friend though.

Does 2 have any secret lovers?
idk, do u ? (except u dont have LJ so.. u cant answer me.. lol)

What would you do if 10 turned out to be your lover?
hm. well, im not a lesbian.

Is 6 innocent?
yes she is, shes a very quiet girl, but can be very outgoing at times..

Can you picture 2 & 5 having a kid together?
they dont even know each other, plus they're both girls.

What if 1 proclaimed their love for you?
again, IM NOT LESBO!

Has 8 ever visited a forgein country?
I think..

How far does 5 live from you?
well.. when im in brooklyn, its like 2 hours, but when im in CT.. like 10 minutes.

What would you do if you found out 4 was secretly your mother who traveled back in time to see you?
haha well hed have to get a sex change cuz he could never be a mother.

What is 6’s last name?
aw man now its gonna give it away. it starts with C and ends with n.

Do you find 9 to be attractive?

Give a random fact about 7?
she uhhh.. goes to school in Manhattan??

Can 12 speak more than two languages?
umm.. i know he takes spanish, do u take anything else?

Does 11 spend hours surfing the web?
no, hes never online/

What is one of 12’s hobbies/interests?
being with a certain someone whos on this list. and (MO) at her house.

What is 13’s middle name?
omg... ummm sorry i dont know!! is it Rose?

Does 14 know who 15 is?

So what number do you think you are?


August 6
[ mood | lethargic ??? ]

omg i forgot i had this! lol. im going to write an entry about this summer...




that explains it. haha. well, um, i went to a mets game the other day and they lost, big surprise (if anyone is too stupid to understand that, its SARCASM). and friday i had to do a modeling show, woo hoo! (again, sarcasm). and uh, i was supossed to see sam but she wasn't feeling well. I HOPE U FEEL BETTER!!!! =) we're getting together the 13th! hehe, we made a plan w/ ur mom. haha. well... today people are coming over..which i dunno b.c well... its complicated. but i guess it will be fun to have people over. we havent had anyone over yet except for lucy.

oh lucy, i uh loved ur letter. lol. it had like 3 sentences, but hey, at least i got something.

well... i better get ready ...

adios, im sure i WONT update this probably ever again sooo..

bye. xoxo.



June 20
[ mood | so confused ]

hey hey hey!

only 1 more ady of school!!! YAYY!! but as u all know, i will be OFFICIALLY graduating the 8th grade on Wednesday, June 22nd. its going to be sooo sad!!! ='( today we heard the valedictorian and saluditorians speeches and i was so close to crying, i cant imagine what it will be like on graduation. as happy as i am to finally have summer, i dont know how im going to feel knowing that im going to be at a different schoo, with all the different people. ive gotten to see and know all thesxe people at 51 and ive gotten so used to them. its gonna be so hard starting all over from scratch with nobody, not even lucy, to be with me. i guess its good in a way, ive never been at a school without lucy, cailin, or marisa. and this will be something new. but its so scary. and i know that all year i have been dying to get out, but know that ive got through it all, i dont wanna leave all these people. i love them with all my heart and i cant see them go. i dont know how i am going to survive, im so comfortable aruond these people that i have gotten to know, im so used to seeing them everyday that i dont know what to do now that i wont be seeing ANY of them.

graduation is going to be so unbearable.

im going to be torn apart from 2 seperate feelings... sad that i wont see any of these wonderful people.. and happy knowing that its going to be okay, and we're moving on to somewhere else.

but in the end, we're just going to keep having to move again and have the same feelings.

oh i hate it.

- /< @ + 1 3



June 13
[ mood | thoughtful ]

sorry i havent updated lately.

nothing much to update.

except my lovely time at sams this weekend. =)

and um... yeah. im very confused at the moment b/c someone told me one thing.. and then another person told my friend that what that someone said is not true at all. so.. yeah.

umm... im going to get my nails done for prom.

tomorrow im getting my hair trimmed and layered and straight and pretty, basically for no reason... b/c i dont have to look pretty for anybody. since nobody is gonna go with me. but oh well. screw that.

this has been a wonderful entry. will get back to u.

/< @ + 1 3 <3


June 9
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey. im at lucys we had a sleepover. and we tanned on the roof lol. anyway its sooo hot here... ugh. sam i wish i was in ur pool right now!!! anyway we made strawberry-banana smoothies. and i realllly wanna put the pics on here. and i 4get what the name of that site is... is it photobucket? im not sure.. i need to get one though instead of making sam take all my pics to hers.. ok well ill edit.

argh im so confused.. i made a photobucket and put all the pics in.. and now i dont know which link to put in for it and i forget how to do lj cut.. well ill make this better when i get home.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ok.... lemme know if it works, or if its too big.. =/


June 7
[ mood | yay this ones cute ]

Name 20 of your friends (randomly):
1. cailin

2. chris

3. lucy

4. marisa

5. daniel

6. aaron

7. skye

8. alex

9. camille

10. carima

11. samir

12. andrew

13. sam

14. sean

15. briana

16. michelle

17. oliver

18. peter

19. alice

20. katie d.f.

-Who is #8 going out with? kerilyn

-Is #9 a boy or a girl? girl

-Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? OMG THEY"RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER, THEY HANG OUT ALLL THE TIME!!!

-How about #18 and #4? omg they went out in the beginning of the year!!! idk if they'd make such a great couple though... hes a pothead

-What grade is #17 in? 8th

-When was the last time you talked to #12? today

-What is #6's favorite band? he loveeeees queen

-Does #1 have any siblings? yep, phebs

-Would you ever date #3? um..... no lucy, sorry, i go for guys

-Would you ever date #7? sorry skye, look above.

-Is #16 single? uh idk, i think so.

-What's #15's last name? Nieto-Buie

-What's #10's middle name? ALEXANDRA

-What's #5's favorite thing to do? listen to classic rock and 104.3, and of course make fun of me

-Is #13 hot? SAMS BURNIN' BABY!

-Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? ehh... i dont think sooo...

-What school does #20 go to? fiddy ones class of 05 lol

-Tell me a random fact about #11? ummm samir.. hes uh black

-And #3? obsesseeeed with lemons, though u prob know that. and she thinks shes ghettofabulous.

-Have you ever had a crush on #15? no, sorry briana.

-What's #4's favorite color? uhhh i dont know, but u used to be obsessed with cheetah pattern.

-Would you make out with #14? umm... prob. not, i used to like him... so idk

-Are #5 & #6 best friends? noo... not really

-Does #7 like #20? nope, they dont know each other

-Does #8 like #19? again, look above

-How did you meet #2? um... in 7th grade.. i talked to him on the fone at a sleepover with hana

-How did you meet #18? through marisa

-Does #9 have any pets? cat named mew

-Is #12 older than you? prob.

YAYYY fun!!! hehe okay bye for now.

/< @ + 1 3


June 4
[ mood | =D ]

wow i havent updated in a while.

well, my dance recital yesterday was cool. i cant wait to see it on te video. i tried blowing out my hair, but it was so humid and it was starting to rain by the time i got their so it was such a big poof and too much to handle. i didnt realize that my bell dance was the first one! lol and i was kinda late so i had to rush.. and i was nervous, but it was okay. we did better than the rehearsal... lol. and birdland everyone really liked! i heard my mom say "yay katie!" lol.

today i saw "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants" it was really sad! i cried in the book, and i was tearing in the movie... ='( whoever didnt see it should def. go. i was upset cuz it was PG but they actually sticked to the theme of the book which is def. NOT PG, which i was happy about. and all of u who didnt read the books, should read those too. i think im most like lena...


thats it about my day.

um i need to get a new layout thats more summery to match all my icons. lol. anyway.

comment! <3

tea time,


i have no clue [
May 21
[ mood | sdglhawekljshrkjf ]

hey, im here with carima. we just finished watching "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton" which was really sweet and cute.

carima = "it really made us think about our life. it took deep thinking" haha.

Jesse McCartney....... vs....... Chris Bittner


we have a game tomrrow ((UPDATE: CARIMA JUST INFORMED ME THAT IT IS TODAY)) at 2:30. hooray! im actually excited.

haha today we made a Frank family on Sims 2. and me and carima are supossed to be sisters and we picked like THE SAME EXACT OUTIFT BY ACCIDENT.

well...... im so bored.

typing away,,,

the keyboard is on my lap b/c im too lazy to leave it on the desk, get a chair and and type that way; so im on my bed, listening to my ipod ((UPDATE: "ALMOST" says CARIMA, shes selecting a song))and typing this.

we are listening to Elvis Presley. because we are awesome. UR THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE.....MMM.....

ok thats it for this entry. adios. have fun.

good night LUVIES <333333333333

-k, is out.


May 16
[ mood | hum ]


today was boring.



thnx ur a doll.

ur lover,



hmm. [
May 15
[ mood | u guys better leave some suga! ]

well yesterday was a veryyyyy hectic day.

ill explain.

well i was awaken by chloe and emma talking and getting ready for their dance. ((which i really did not want to go to)). so i yelled at them, and went back to sleep. i woke up again around 9:30 by my dad yelling at me to goet dressed cuz i had to go to my sis's dance thingy majijigy. it was sooooo boring. it was @ bklyn tech the BIGGEST auditorium i have ever seen. anyway... like all the other schools were high schools, and no offense to my sisters school but their dance wasnt so good, they were like improvising and running all around the stage lmao. but bklyn techs dance was like an indian dance which looked reall ufn. and the last dance they were like throwing people up in the air. it was cool.

so after that...

i had to run to my softball game, ((which i only played for 3 innings)), i only got up to bat once and i hit this rocketing foul ball to the other dugout that was THIS close to hitting the coach. THIIISSS close. and then i hit a hard ball to second who got it and passed it to first. and i only played the field one inning. oohh great i got to play outfield.
((carima paragraph))
u know what really annoys me? carima gets like soooo upset over nothing. she was really upset cuz the last few games she didnt really get to play 2nd which i can understand. but yesterday she got to play 2nd a lot. and like she was STILL complaining. cuz she struck out. wow big whoop, i mean if she wants to play she needs to understand that shes not ALWAYS gonna get what she wants. i was cheering her on and trying to help her out but she just lets herself down so much. and she acts like she doesnt get to do anything.
first of all, i play 2nd too. i got to play ONE inning this WHOLE season at 2nd.
PLUS we just moved up to this division, we're the youngest. she needs to be patient and realize that you're not always going to get what you want, especially on ur first year in this league.
2nd, she needs to realize that shes not the center of attention and she'll get her chance eventually.
she is so impatient and needs to know that no matter what people are going to love her even if shes not perfect at every game.
i try and comfort her when she strikes out and stuff by saying "you'll get it next time" but she just wants to cry so she can get more attention.
she gets upset when she realizes she moved down 1 or 2 on the batting line up. SO WHAT CARIMA. so what if ur better at the infield. it doesnt mean u cant get better at batting?
im number 5 in the line up. but u know what carima? i have played outfield every game. sometimes he takes me OUT of the outfield. but i TRY not to complain and i AM TRYING to get better. maybe u should try to.

sorry about that paragraph, but it felt good saying all that, even though shes not going to read it. and no one is is probably going to read it either.

ahh ill have to edit later. im going to go make lip gloss. lol. vanilla flavored!


so yayayy im made the lipgloss lol. its actually pretty good.


after the softball game i had to run to Manhattan to go to The Ronald McDonald House to do a dance for Children Helping Children. It's a program where we dance for kids who have cancer. =(. its really sad. but i feel good by doing it. so we did our bell dance with our birdland costume, since its prettier lmao. and i kept messing up on all the spots where we had to ding the bell, but its ok. that went pretty good. ((OH YEAH THANKS FOR LETTING ME BORROW UR JAZZ SHOES DANIELLE! :D haha)) anyway.. yeah thats about it.

we were really tired, but we went out for ice cream, and then came home. i was soooo tired, i fell right to sleep.

so thats about it. i guess im gonna write a new entry for today. adios.... :)



May 12
[ mood | EW! WHAT IS THAT??? ]

BRING IT ONNNN! <3Collapse )

hehe im gonna try to memorize that ^^ marisa, skye and cailin know it.

well today went from bad to worse. I HATE MORELL and im not going to even explain. im really tired and i need to find my social studies textbook.

but it was really funny cuz in ela last period daniel comes in saying "yuck it smells like fart in here" and i say "haha it smells like you!". he got soooo pissed off. he looked at me and was like "U DID NOT JUST SAY THAT! ur goin downtown. ur goin all the way downtown. you know what? ur goin to florida." lmaooo and he imitated EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN THING I DID THAT PERIOD, like i couldn't like touch my braclet or something without him imitating me. it was sooo annoying. and andrew couldnt stop laughing! which made me laugh which made daniel imitate me laughing which made andrew laugh, which made me-- ok. u get the point.


anyway.. thats my day. i better go finish hw. yessss thank god tomorrow is friday.

oh GUESS WHAT! my high school gets out of school tomorrow! yes i cant wait to be there next year. lol.

love to all.

k k k kaiti RAWR! hehe.


May 11
[ mood | crushed ]


____ has a girlfriend.

named _______, and no, its not me. =(

leave me beautiful comments.

love to all those who care about me. ='(

P.S. oh and today i found out that i dont have to go to summer school b/c u have to fail the test AND fail class, and ms. faraj will never fail me, she said it herself. so that lightens up this entry a little... =/

i need a shooting star .
and my own beautiful miracle.


thanks sam



yep... thats about it [
May 10
[ mood | ........ lol ]



this is gonna b short.


oh a baby bird died on our porch today... ='(

it was sad.

oh yeah carima just told me, chris isnt going to prom cuz he cant dance. AHAHHAHHAHAHA!!! omg.. omg... omg.. thats hilarious.

OUT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ k.


[10 things in your room]
01. desk
02. bed
03. books
04. laptop
05. closet
06. drawers
07. jesse mccartney shrine
08. mirror
09. white board
10. lamp

[9 things you love] (not in any ranking order)
01. Jesse McCartney
02. Family
03. Friends
04. Computer
05. Music
06. Movies
07. Softball
08. Dancing
09. Summer

[8 songs you love] (no rank)
01. Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney
02. Bad- Michael Jackson
03. Paradise City- Guns 'N Roses
04. Heartbreak Hotel- Elvis Presley
05. Hey Ya!- Outkast
06. Spice Up Your Life- Spice Girls
07. Boys Of The Summer- The Atrias
08. Hangin' Around This Town- Counting Crows

[7 characteristics you like about the other gender] (no rank)
01. eyes
02. hair
03. basically all features
04. personality
05. intrests
06. height
07. weight.. i guess lol

[6 things that annoy you]
01. Ghetto Girls
02. Chain Letters- had to agree sam
03. hilary duff
04. people who complain about there lives
05. people who mock you *cough*DANIEL*cough*
06. when people tell you something like "oh did u hear" and then ur like "what??" and they say "oh whoops im not supossed to tell you"

[5 things you're wearing]
01. jeans
02. ripped socks
03. underwear
04. bra
05. shirt

[4 of your nicknames]
01. Katie
02. Kate
03. Kake(y)
04. Kat

[3 words to describe you]
01. Considerate
02. Funny
03. Sweet?

[2 clothes brands you wear]
01. psh
02. i dont care

[1 thing you can't live without]
01. music


May 7
[ mood | high ]






hahaha katie i logged onto you and im updating your lj!! YAYAYAYA


May 6
[ mood | chipper? ]

holas. today es friday.
afterschool i went to cailins with skye and lucy. didnt really do anything... then at 8 i went to the Polygraph Lounge Show... woooo... my mom thought it was hilarious. they were auctioning off my artwork... i wonder who got it. anyways..

in school i learned a dance in spanish lmao briana, alice michelle. we did it in front of the class.
it goes:
yo soy una taza
yo soy una terera
yo soy una cuchara
y soy un tenedor
yo soy cuchillo
yo soy undga plato
y soy un plato ano
yo soy cucharon
yo soy es salero
y soy azuchillo
yo soy olla express
bi bi

lmao its soooo funny.
well. thats basically it for a very boring friday.. argh i hope this weekend lasts... this week went by so slowly.. i hate the first week back from break.

OMG !!!

P.S. i might get j-mac tickets for june 24th.. but i have to figure out like where he'll b cuz like.. he has another concert june 13th which WOULD BE PERFECT... but its a monday @ 7 in Connecticut and i have prom the next day. but to tell u the truth id rather be at a j-mac concert than b at prom, id totally choose it over prom. thats really sad but true. anyway.. i dont even have a dress for prom yet! but who cares.. its not like im gonna b like dancing with anyone or anything.. at least i dont think so...

P.S.S. hey... you never know. ;) lol.

love yaz

leave some suga and ryan dont just say "suga" lol. im getting some really crappy comments from u guys. especially from these really good entrys! =P


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