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Can't wait for Spring Break! [
Mar 7, 2006 - 10:22 pm]
[ mood | happy ]

OK, so it's been a month...

Kellie and Jean are at Fountains now, it's fun with them there.  =)
But everyone else I miss. 
I've just been going to school and work, nothing really that interesting. Really, my life is kinda boring right now.

Last Sat. my family buried my Uncles' ashes. It was so sad, but I think it was good for my family becuase now they have some sort of closure. I really love my family. <33

And the Sat. before that me and Rachel went to my churchs festival. Omgoodness we had so much fun! I <3 them! And we saw Deena, I haven't seen her in forever!

And James is down for his Spring Break! I'm happy he's down. He's one cool kid. Last night Me, him, Kellie and Nate hung out. We went to the bowling alley and of course, Denny's. I was glad to see Nate. I was really starting to miss him (I know,weird, right?) But that was fun. Once again, my M4bffs are love.

Spring Break is next week and I can't wait!
And Rachel's coming down! yay!
Can't wait to see her!

Oh yea, and there gonna train me in projection!

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The 4 for Life [
Feb 7, 2006 - 7:36 pm]
[ mood | happy ]

M4 is dead.
It closed last Sunday for renovation(it SO needed it)and won't be open until 4-6 weeks. They moved Shantel to Gateway, Kellie and Jean are coming to Fountains with me (which I am happy about) and Nate and 3 other people are i guess, being laid off. But I think when it reopens they could get their job back so I dunno.
The City also renamed the plaza "Plantation Crossroads", and I heard that they might also call the theatre that too when it reopens.
So because of this (and Kellie's bday last Tuesday) we had a lil' party at my house last Saturday night. Everyone came over and we had a lot of fun. Kellie was surprised cuz she didn't know we were going to celebrate her bday either. We had cake and all that good stuff.

Seriously, my M4 peeps are so much fun. I <3 them.


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I'll miss you uncle dave [
Feb 6, 2006 - 12:54 am]
[ mood | sad ]

So last friday was my Uncle Dave's funeral.
This past week was so sad.
And friday was the saddest. My heart weeps for my Grandma and my mom. I can't even imagine the emotions they are going through right now. And my Aunt Patty. :(
I keep on trying to tell myself that he's in a better place. A place without pain or cancer. And that he's with Grandpa too.
And at his wake they played the Led Zeppelin song "thank you".
All I have to say is that I love my family very much and I'm glad that God put me in this one.

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No more pain.... [
Jan 28, 2006 - 9:03 pm]
[ mood | Can't cry anymore ]

My Uncle Dave died this morning.
He had cancer.

He will be missed.

Please pray for my Grandma.


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So far, So good..... [
Jan 23, 2006 - 8:56 pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

2006 (so far) has been,well, just like 2005.
Same friends, same job, same ol' same.
But I really want to start looking for a new one. Cuz suncin just isn't cutting it anymore, but then again, I'll probably stay there forever. lol.
The 4 is definatly changing. It's gonna get redone, and people are leaving and well, it was great while it lasted. I'm kinda sad though. :(

In other news I went to the Dermatologist in Miami today because they are gonna try a new laser treatment on my skin. Hopefully it works. So i'm happy about that. I <3 technology.

That's all for now, if think of anything else, I'll update.

Oh yea, Lenny Kravitz and Aerosmith ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!

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2006 is here... [
Jan 2, 2006 - 1:56 am]
[ mood | my head still hurts ]

I brang in the new year with a bang.
To the the head.
I went over to my friend Rachel's house cuz she was having a lil' party and whatnot, and I'm there maybe, 10 minutes and I walk right into her sliding glass door. The best part was that I was sober.
Other than that it was fun, i guess. And Rachel goes and buys 4 bags of popcorn...thanks Rach, because that is my fav. food. J/k.
So we had fireworks (the real ones too, not the lame-o ones that just sparkle in the street, these were giant-blow-up-in-the-sky ones)and we danced around.
But by 12:45 everyone was gone. I forget that they party early.
So I called James and me and him went and got rachel and then we went over to Kellie's house. I felt really bad for Kellie because she wasn't feeling well and she spent New Year's all by her snuffy nosed self, so we visited her. I was really hyper, and I think we stayed for about an hour.
The weird part of the whole thing is that I think I had more fun with my M4 pplz than with Dani, Rach, and their crew.
I dunno. But it doesn't even bother me anymore when I don't hang out with them or do stuff with them.
They have their own lil' group of pplz and I always feel like i'm on the outside when I'm with them now, and it's a really strange feeling when they have been your b.f.f.'s( or I thought they were...) almost your whole life.
But whatever, I guess things just change.

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2005 rocked my socks... [
Dec 31, 2005 - 6:09 pm]
[ mood | 2006, here I come! ]

Happy New Year everbody!

What a year, it had it's ups and downs, but I think all 'n all it was a good year for me. I graduated from HighSchool (yay! no more school system!) which was an acomplishment for me. Go class of '05! And Senior year with Prom and Grad night was the best. But also there were some sad times like when my grandpa died and Jenny. I still miss them and I think I always will. But I guess that's how life goes...

I still have my job at the movie theatre and made a group of friends I'd never thought I would make. (a.k.a., people that I am almost more friends with than Dani and Rach, if I could ever say that). They are the best and I'm so glad that I got the job there so I know everyone. My M4 peeps are the best! <3 The summer with them made it one of the funnest summers ever. M4 for life. Haha.

And I also started College. BCC baby! I'm on my way to a higher education. One semester down, a lot more to go.

Some things changed but a lot of things stayed the same. This was a wonderful year. A year with so many changes, and I grew up a little too. 2005 was a fabuloso year!


Here's to 2006, may it be even better!


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I <3 X-Mas! [
Dec 25, 2005 - 11:37 pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Wow, I can't believe it's already Christmas.
I worked (of course) today 11-4 and then went over to my aunt Dee's house cuz that's where we had Christmas this year.
I got some cool stuff including Paint Shop Pro X and Kelly Green Converse.

I love my parents. I love my friends. I LOve my family.
I love Christmas!


And I went to the Gwen Sepfani concert with Candy, It was so much fun!!!!!!
I love Gwen. And thanks Candy for coming with me!

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<3 [
Dec 24, 2005 - 2:25 am]
[ mood | Xmas eve!!!!!1 ]

I love my M4 boys.
They are the best and so much fun.
Because we have nothing else better to do than to hangout at the Fountains parking lot until 2am.


= )

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Kellie is a singing god... [
Dec 21, 2005 - 4:21 pm]
[ mood | blah from the night before ]

So me and my m4 buddies had another 'kareoke' party at my house.
It was a lot of fun. Everyone was there, even Rachel and James. James and Nate decided to jump into my freezing cold pool, but whatever they want to do.(Surprize, I know, that Nate actually came). And then we went to Denny's at like, 5:00 in the morning. I didn't go to sleep until 6. I had so much fun with everybody, good times.

I can't wait until Christmas!
4 days away!Yay!

It's nice outside, I love winter here.

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Art students are always fun... [
Dec 17, 2005 - 11:37 pm]
[ mood | stayed up for too long ]

So, today was Dani's bday. I worked and we went out to dinner at Friday's. But yesterday was the party.
Danielle has this friend Malcon who has a apartment so she had her party there. It was SO much fun. The normal pplz, like Rachel and Lauren where there, and also some of Dani's other friends from AI. We basically crashed there and left around 8:30 a.m. And thanks again for the breakfast burrito from Brittany. I had to go to work at 11:30. Little sleep and a jumbo iced coffee equals a very hyper Sara. I was out of it. But it was all good.

Can't wait for Christmas and New Year's!


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Math is eeeeeeeevvvviiiillllll!!!!!!!! [
Dec 14, 2005 - 11:46 pm]
[ mood | stupid math ]

Oh why couldn't God make me smart in math? My life would be so much easier.



I don't care anymore.


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Rachel says I should update more.... [
Dec 8, 2005 - 12:07 am]
[ mood | Need to Sleep ]

So, I saw Harry Potter.

I was great.

I'm also re-doing my room.
It's gonna be awesome. I got new furniture and the wall are painted a light green and well, you'll see.

And I only have 3 more classes for this semester. Yay! Then Winter break.

Rachel and James are coming home. I'm happy about that.

I miss them too much.

And uh, that's it.

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Quicky update [
Dec 3, 2005 - 5:30 pm]
[ mood | Tummy ache ]


I HATE math.
(I am SO over it, don't care what 'x' means)

I STILL haven't seen Harry Potter.
(Catch-22 of working at a movie theatre)


I Feel SICK.
(And have to go to work)


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Harry Potter hell anyone? [
Nov 23, 2005 - 2:17 pm]
[ mood | Turkey day tomarrow! ]

Well, Harry Potter came out last Friday. Worked a 12 hours shift. I officially have a love/hate relationship with HP.  Everyone and their mom saw it over the weekend. At least the firealarm didn't go off this time. I still haven't seen the movie yet either. Even though I really want to see it.... =(   But alas, no time and I guess that's what happenes when you work at a movie theatre, and your co-workers don't call you for the preview the night before. But I'll eventually see it, whenever. And i weirdly have saturday off. I don't know what i'm gonna do with myself. Harry Potter maybe? lol.

But in other news, Thanksgiving is tomarrow. I have to clean my house. The whole world is coming over, and everyone is going to bring a pie. Oi. To much food. I work though, so, I'm gonna kinda miss the whole dinner thing, especially because my family likes having Thanksgiving dinner at like, 4:00.

I am also happy because all my friends are coming home from college! Lea and Rachel! YAY! I saw Lea yesterday. She's the best. <3

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Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! [
Nov 13, 2005 - 5:13 pm]
[ mood | sleepy sara ]

Hellllllllllloooooo everyone,

Ok, so this hurricane named Wilma came by my 'hood about 3 weeks ago and well...knocked down lots of trees. I didn't have power for 2 weeks and I just got my cable/internet back 3 days ago. Not a lot of fun. I mean, it was for the first week, the weather was perfect and we made a fire pit in Rachel's backyard. But after that, it just got boring. I didn't have school for 2 weeks either; or work. So main reason I haven't posted in a while. But we did hook up my neighbors generator to our house, so we weren't completly in the dark. And Rachel had power a whole week before me! And she lives across the street! But whatever...

I also saw my friend Rachel from M4 the other week. I miss her and I was so glad that I could see her. She is too awesome.

Work has been alright, I mean, they have been giving me lots of hours and stuff so that's good, even though this friday Harry Potter comes out...::shivers:: that is gonna be fun. But I am excited to see the movie too so I dunno...And Halloween? I worked, no power, no Halloween. Most likely lamest Halloween ever.

I also went to one of Bobby's shows (finally). It was fun, I guess. Even though that whole 'punk' thing isn't quite my scene. But I really liked going. The place was cool, some random English pub in the middle of little Haiti. lol. good times.

I went to a work meeting sat. Everybody from M4 was there. It made me miss that ghetto place so much. : (

And I got a new camera, will be posting some piccies, maybe.

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Blow, blow, seminole wind... [
Oct 23, 2005 - 11:31 pm]
[ mood | chill ]

the hurricane is (yet again) gonna attack us.
But whatever, I'm not *that* worried, I mean, I should be...but why worry about something that you have no control over, right?
As long as you are prepared, than it's alllll good. Plus Rach is spending the night, so I won't be bored as hell tomarrow.

Shyea, and they ran out of name is the next names are gonna be from the Greek Alphabet!

In other non-related news, nothing else is exciting.

I work, go to school, sleep.....and um, yea.
Sometimes go to parties...

I saw Rachel(from work) yesterday, it was SO good to see her.
I missed her so much. She's hilarious.
<333 2 rachel!

And I also miss everyone else that has left me to go get a higher education...

but one thing that I don't miss?
Or working there at least.

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If i never see a red and white striped box, it'll be too soon.... [
Oct 7, 2005 - 1:24 am]
[ mood | my legs hurt... ]

So i quit Target.
Why?, might you ask? Because it wasn't worth it. I was too tired. I don't need two jobs. It was silly of me to even apply.
But alas, I did.

And plus, I'm getting A LOT of hours at the movies. So it's alllll good.

I just hope I made the right decision.

But anyways, there's going to be a camp tomarrow at Fountains.
Had to make 850 popcorn boxes.

Popcorn hell.

But whatever, it comes with the job.

I wanna say that Sherrie owes me, but she's sick, so I won't say anything.

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I hate the color red... [
Sep 21, 2005 - 12:44 pm]
[ mood | It'll all work out ]

I started at Target yesterday.
How was it?
Boring and easy. I just *beep* things. It generally was ok though. I think I'm gonna be fine. With 2 jobs now. I hope so anyways. But the Target thing is only seasonal and only for a little while.
My list of priorities: School, Friends and Family, then my jobs. Theatre and Target. I'm gonna try not to make the Target job take over my life. I'll be fine though. I mean I have 3 days off this week from both of my jobs. Tomarrow, Monday and Tuesday. So it's all good. Sunday is gonna be a double doosie.

I also miss my M4 buddies.
Including Rachel and el Jorge.

And Lea!!!

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So much fun! So little LJ time... [
Sep 12, 2005 - 9:11 pm]
[ mood | never want to go back... ]

I've had fun lately.
(So this is gonna be a long post)
I still work at fountains and everything there is good, I guess.
I still miss M4 veryvery much and I still miss Rachel and James also. Even though I did see James last week (but for only an hour!)and I always drop by M4 almost every week, sometimes more than once and see everyone. I miss it there. I'm coming to terms that I won't be working there anymore and that I'm going to be slowly pushed out of the whole group. This saddens me a lot b/c they are my friends and my little group. But alas, I guess that's how things go.

But I had fun on Sat. night at the FOOFIGHTERS & WEEZER concert!! let's call it the 'FOOZER' show. lol. So much fun!!!! I went with Rachel, Danielle and Alex. Good times. And there was so much pot there. It was everywhere, and it smells sooooo bad. But they rocked the house and I loved it. I love rock'n roll. Always have and always will. =)

So then on Sunday, oh wait, I totally forgot to mention the kegger I went to Friday night with Danni, Rach and there crew. That was fun. I miss parties. I miss the wasted Bobby and the fun atmosphere. Love it. Love Lauren running around being all goofy. Love their friends They're so much fun.
But anyways, back to Sunday. So Sunday, me and Rachel were hanging out and then Brittany calles and tells us the Skyler is stranded on I-75. So we go and save him. Him and his '74 Beetle. Cool ass car, not very good to drive from Sarasota to Ft.Lauderdale in. So we drive allllll the way out to Everglades city near mile marker 75. Out in the middle of the 'glades. It took us 40 min. to drive there. 30 to drive back. Needless to say I was late for work. But that was a kinda fun adventure. And I always end up doing crazy stuff with Rachel. =)

OK, anything else?
There is.
I had to go to Jury Duty today. I was there all day. For like, 9 hours. 9 hours of just sitting around. And I didn't even get picked for the jury. But I really didn't want to anyway. It was about some D.U.I case or whatever. And I also just turned 18 like, 3 months ago. And I got jury duty. Oh being all civic. It was not fun. It was boring. So incredably boring. You sit around and do nothing.

I think I'm done.
Yes I am.

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