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(the non politically correct) vagabond fencer story

calm like a bomb

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sakeholic vagabond fencer
25 July
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i'm a helpless sakeholic, ochaholic and chokoholic vagabond.

i beat random people with bamboo/wooden swords(kendo).

i paint chinese characters with a madass big brush(shodo), and i'm trying to learn the language of the devil(nihongo).

now, some pictures of memorable moments and stuff. if you want more you'll have to add me cause i'm too lazy to put everything here again...

i killed doraemon. supreme rising kick in the cosmic cat balls.

i managed to escape though, cause i'm a part time ninja. i also always sneak in all the places for free. cause i'm broke.

but once i was busted and kidnapped by the AoL(army of love) guerrillas. i surrendered to their infinite sexxxy power and hand machine guns.

really though, sometimes being such a hotass sexxxy samurai pays off.

join me on my journey for kinky love and chocolate.



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