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_mrx_'s Journal

Mr X
6 September
External Services:
  • _mrx_@livejournal.com
AdrianX is an unemployed photographer. This journal has been set up to show off some of his recent photos until he finishes his www site.

All public posts are generally photo related, so please add him as a friend if you want to see more of his photography. AdrianX generally takes lots of club photos within the London fetish scene, various gig photos and some studio shoots with a small number of friends he's asked to model for him. If you're lucky he might even throw in some photos of himself.

All friends only posts are exactly that, close friends. The content for which usually relates to AdrianX whinging about his housemates and lack of money. He really should have set up a different LJ or community for his photos, but instead tries his best to split the two within this single LJ. So, please don't be offended if he doesn't add you back. You'd only regret it later should he do so.

After all that you still wanna know who AdrianX is? Well, here's a photo ...

...AdrianX - Self Portrait...

80's goth, amsterdam, angel, b-movie, bdsm, beauty, being a gentleman, biting, black, black and white, blood, body art/modification, body modification, bondage, boots, buffy, burlesque, burlesque performance, bw photos, cabaret, cameras, chains, charmed, chilli sauce, clubbing, cocaine, contrast, corsetry, corsets, costumes, covenant, cruelty, cutting, cyber, dark angel, decadence, deep throating, delerium, depravity, digital art, digital cameras, digital photography, dramatic lighting, dreams, dressing up, drugs, enchiladas, erotic art, erotica, eternal life, eternity, evil, falling in lust, fantasy photography, fast cars, fetish, fetish fashion, fetish goth, fetish models, fetish photography, fetishes, fetishism, fetishists, fish nets, fishnets, freaks, freakshows, fucking, girls, girls with blue hair, glamour, goth, gothic, goths, high heels, horror, horror films, immortality, intelligence, kinky boots, kinky sex, kissing, latex, leather, lingerie, london, long hair, love, lust, makeup, men in skirts, mesh, modeling, models, molestation, money, motorbikes, movies, nude art, oral sex, pain, paradiso, passion, perversion, perverts, photography, photos, pin stripe suits, placebo, porn, pornography, pvc, razor blades, red, romance, roses, rozz williams, rubber, scarlet mews, scars, sci-fi, seduction, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shock value, sin, sleeping goths, slimelight, sluts, smoking, soho, spiderman, sports bikes, stilettos, stockings, strawberrys, sushi, swarf, taking photos, thongs, torture garden, torturegarden, vampire porn, vampire sluts, vixens, voyeur, weight training, whips, whores