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The Life and Times of ...

our wayne
Wayne Hussey, Whitby, October 2008. Canon 40D.

Whitby and Wayne
Whitby seems like an age ago. I included the pic above, not because of it's photographic merit, but because I took it by holding my camera above my head and using the 'LiveView' option that allows you to see the image on the back of the camera, much like using a compact camera. It's the first DSLR that I've owned with the feature and without it it would have been impossible to take the photos as the music stand was right between me and 'our Wayne'. I really enjoyed Wayne's set at Whitby last year. I thought his set with either guitar or piano worked pretty well. It was all quite nostalgic. I dont' do the 'Goth Scene' much these days and seeing 'our Wayne' reminded me how much I liked the Mission (and others from the mid '80's). The next gig's I'm going to are Imelda May and PJ Harvey...

Valentine's Day
I was rudely awakened ;-) on Saturday with the popping of a champagne cork, which was nice as the bucks fizz complimented the French pastries, chocolates and flowers rather well :-) I cooked the Mrs X lobster thermador, with a quails egg and smoked salmon starter, washed down with a bottle of champagne. In all, I'm quite liking Valentine's days :-)

Househunter 2009
Trying to find someone to fill out spare room has not been an easy task. If you're looking for a room, or know someone who is, then I have a post on gothhousing. I've advertised on gothousing, moveflat and gumtree. Although we've had lots of interest and a flurry of emails, we're finding it difficult to find a suitable person to move in. The first thing that frightens people off is the question "do you have a job?". GothsTM want Camden/Angel/Hackney where as people from Moveflat want Crouch End and we're on the edge or Crouch End - which does have it's advantages as you can walk to the tube from here. I've been in X-Mansions for nearly 6 years now. I'd planned to stay here until I buy a flat of my own, but the hassle of finding new people is just such a pain.


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