This is a dance off

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james 2:10
I want you to know... that no matter how our lives turn out, or how they intertwine, I know ultimately that we are all sinners.
That I am no better than you and you are no better than me. Cause if I have commited one sin, I have commited them all.
However, unlike God, I have not been so forgiving. And well I can not be that forgiving, because I do not posess the strength and love for you that he has...
I can give my word, to the fact that I promise to forgive you for anything and everything we have been through.
However, if I am not able to forgive, let alone to forget, I promise to pray every time I am reminded to ask God to soften my heart towards you or the situation so that I can forgive.
Ciara Dawn Grande

Cory Awesome <3
truly happy
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