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Ahoy mateys and Yo, ho(es) badpiratejoke
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You know what to do, comment to be added.
Please comment before adding x)
My friends list on ditzypanda0503 got a bit messy, so I'm trying to keep this one neat and tidy.
LOVE, Panida
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Saiyuki Blog Crew >D!

It's a new year so I figured I'd start a new blog crew xD

Hrm, so what's a blog crew?
I think of it as a kind of fanlisting-blogring hybrid where people who enjoy a particular fandom can join as a character of their choice x)
You don't have to really do anything, all you have to do is put the code on your userinfo/blogcrew page/anywhere!

I One character and/or one pairing per person
II Each 2-person pairing can count as 2 seperate claims
For example:
If someone has already claimed Gojyo x Hakkai, you can still claim Hakkai x Gojyo ;D

III Please upload your image to your own server
IV Link back your new character/pairing with this

V Have fun ;D!

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Final Fantasy Blog Crew >D

I Two characters per person
(but please try to claim only one ultra-popular one to give others a chance ♥)
II One claim per character
III Please upload your banners to your own server
IV Link back your new character with this

V Have fun ;D!

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don't rock the boat babyyy

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Have fun you guys xD but not too much fun (if you know what I mean) that you won't remember any of it the next day ;D

Usually I'd strike out which resolutions I accomplished from last year's post but I was on my LJ-hiatus last New Year xP I don't think I'll formally make any this year since I don't stay cognizant of them anyway ehe :X I JUST NEED TO BREAK OUT A FRESH RAZOR TO START OFF '07 'CAUSE IM LAZY & have been using the same one for like a month or two

I wish you all a happy, healthy, fun-filled 2007 x)
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New friends & old friends alike -- come join my family x)!

(Props to people who spotted the Saiyuki connotation -- ...Sure, we're not religious pilgrims, but hey.)

Pick a title for yourself in my LJ family. Who do you want to be?

my LJ wife?
my LJ husband?
my LJ pet?
my LJ pool man?
my LJ neighbor?

Reply to this with your title. Get creative!

(This is going on my info ^^)

Let me know if you have one of these too so I can be part of your family as well ;D

P.S. My current lj-mood theme picture of Tetsu always makes me feel warm & fuzzy.
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