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Joel Barish
17 September 2005 @ 06:23 pm
I think Clem is up to something, maybe it's just me being paranoid, as fuck knows i can be. I tried calling her today, in the morning, because we were going to go out, but then...she's not home. Okay, fine whatever, you know...that's not the deal. Then i finaly get ahold of her, only just a few minutes ago, and i say "hey, what're you doing?" ... and then she's like "Who's this?"

I say "uhh..it's joel?"

Then we exchanged a few words, i tell her i tried calling her earlier but she wasn't home. All she said is that she was gone..okay...

That's vague. Then she says i'll call you back later..and that was it.

I don't know what to do, well, not really what to do, but what to think. Is it me? Did i do something wrong? It's probably just another day in Joels fucked up life...heh, it shouldn't be a surprise.

Once i think to myself that something is going good, it just fucks up. I'm just a naturally unlucky person when it comes to these sort of things, i guess. I guess i'll see what happens later.

...if she doesn't call back by a certain time, i'll call.
Joel Barish
24 August 2005 @ 03:05 pm
I got into a fight with Clem today.

We went to the movie theater, going to see 40 year-old virgin. Yeah, not my idea. Anywho, I noticed her pounding beers back like she didn't have a liver. I told her maybe she should stop because if she gets caught we'll be banned from the theater.

She still went ahead and drank more. So, i said "Fine, i'm going to sit behind you, i don't want to get thrown out because you're an alcoholic. That's when i realized i said something that I shouldn't have. She's locked her self in the bathroom, i should go and apologize.

Nice going, Joel.
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Joel Barish
26 June 2005 @ 02:18 am
Fucking Great.
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Joel Barish
08 June 2005 @ 08:37 pm
Just got home, about 15 minutes ago. We seen some play, i don't even know the name, it was good though. We got there at the second half. Clem had this idea of sneaking in, so we didn't have to pay. We're such cheapskates.

So, when we finally got in, we sat down, and probably took some old couples seats. She wore a new dress. We bought it 2 days before, just around the corner.

We ate at some new resturant called "Kangs", it's thai food and it was good.

I had the chicken.

I'm tired, and I have work in the morning. Oh goody.
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Joel Barish
24 May 2005 @ 05:43 pm
I'm so tired!

Today, we went out for breakfast, in the morning.

Clem had ham and eggs, i had the hotcakes.

We're going to some shopping center in the the big city.

Not much else, really.
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Joel Barish
18 May 2005 @ 04:10 pm
It's been almost a month since my last update.  Lets see, i'm still with Clementine, it's so great, i've never been happier.  She seems to bring the best out of me, and I love that.  Boston, as I mentioned, was great.  We did all the usual things, musuems and stuff like that, nothing new, but it was so much fun.  We're going to go to some new resturant today, it's called Kangs, it should be good.
Joel Barish
22 April 2005 @ 06:44 pm
Clem and I are going up to Boston for the weekend with Rob and Carey. I can't believe, everything is moving so fast, it's really not like me! I have to say, that i'm enjoying it though. This should be a good weekend, i'm really looking forward to it.

Naomi, came over today, to pick up the rest of her things. She left 3 messages for me, last night. I didn't answer them, or return the phone call. She asked me who that girl I was with was. I said it's just a friend. She had that look of jealousy and anger, i could tell it was all held back and she just wanted to release it at me! She did, but all she said was "Oh" then that was it. We haven't spoke since.

Well, i need to finish packing.
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Joel Barish
21 April 2005 @ 12:08 pm
The most awkward thing happened. I went and picked up Clementine from work, and I seen Naomi. She looked so boring, and drab, in comparison to Clem, it sort of made me chuckle.

As Clem and I were leaving the store, she works at Barnes and Noble, Naomi seen us, but didn't say a word. I pointer her out to Clementine after we had gone, she said that she was much better than any old Naomi. I laughed.

3 days since we've first met, and still, i'm having the greatest time of my fucking life! Today, we're going out to the beach in Montauk, we're going to have a picnic. It was her Idea to go at night, she says night picnics are best. I'm still amazed that, every time that I meet up with Clem, i'm as nervous as the first day I met her. It's such a great feeling.

We took some pictures yesterday.

We look very happy, don't we? I'll put more up later.
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Joel Barish
20 April 2005 @ 07:18 pm
It's almost 10:30pm.

Clementine came over today. We had breakfast at a diner down the street. It was nice. I came home for a bit to change before we went out, we went to a flea market, and I thought to myself.

"Joel, you're seeing a woman, whom you met, yesterday, on a whim, in a chatroom. Do you think I made a mistake in leaving Naomi?" I thought, then realized I didn't.

Clementine, i think, is something special. I feel so adventerous around her, it's amazing what she does to me. Before I came home, I got her phone number. I called immediatley after I arrived. I can't believe that I missed someone so much, only after our first realy date. It's a good feeling.

She makes me feel like i'm wanted. Not like Naomi, whom constantly nagged at me and yelled at me. Clementine doesn't do that, it's only smiles when i'm with her.
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Joel Barish
20 April 2005 @ 06:10 am
I met a girl today, in Montauk.

I skipped work for some reason and went to the beach over there. It was fucking freezing.

There was a girl there, and she was at the diner i went to, then she got on the same train as me. It was weird.

She initiated the conversation. Her name was Clementine, and she had an orange sweatshirt. That's something i'll never forget.

After we got off the train, we both went our seperate ways. Then i seen her walking down Saratoga Ave. I gave her a ride home, and she invited me in.

...intresting development. We'll see how this goes..
Current Mood: calmcalm