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This is a character journal for Moz in the LJ 'Tribe' RPG, the_mall. I am not Miriama Smith and I do not claim ownership of the character or connection to anyone involved in the show. All characters involved in this journal are the property of Cloud 9.

The Following Bio is a culmination of what happened in Season 3, what's going on in our game, and a little extra created background for flair. This bio was created with the help of Tribal Digest, the best place a Tribe Fan could ever ask for.


Moz lived an obscure life in the city, keeping to the outskirts, her ear to the ground, listening to the gossip of the Mall Rats and the Chosen. Some said she was too afraid to come into the city, that she was afraid to be caught by the Chosen for some reason, but Moz will tell you she was smart to stay on the outside, away from the lunacy. Building her Tribe was never easy, she had to find girls, strong girls, with strong wills, ones who didn't want to ever give in, who were willing to fight, no matter what, and girls who were willing to wear the Tribal outfit she'd chosen for her Tribe. Moz had always wanted to be a fashion designer when she was a young girl, before her parents died, to make racy outfits that would shock the world, bring her praise, designs that would hold the fashion industry in the palm of her hand. Now she worked on a much smaller scale, and it was hard to find girls willing to squish themselves into tight lycra and vinyl.

When the Chosen finally fell, Moz took that opportunity to get involved in the affairs of the City, finally coming out of obscurity. She raised an Angry Mob(TM) and led them straight to the Mall, demanding that they turn the Guardian over to the City. She had heard the Mall Rats were easy, after all, the Chosen had taken control of them and even used their Mall as the headquarters. She hadn't counted on the Amber and Bray team being such smooth talkers, convincing her mob to disband with the promise that they'd put the Guardian on trial. Moz was highly disturbed by this development, the Guardian was very obviously guilty, a trial was ludicrous!

The next day she leads another Mob to the Mall, demanding they bring the Guardian out once more, reminding Amber and Bray of their promise of justice. Amber and Bray try to tell some story about the Guardian being crazy, rocking back and forth in the corner, but Moz doesn't care. She tells them there are no laws anymore, and Bray's excuses are meaningless and demands summary justice for the Guardian. When Amber and Bray look nervous and about ready to bolt, Ebony steps forward, telling Moz she's after the wrong guy. The Guardian was the face of the organization, but Luke was the real brains, and he was going up on trial for what he'd done, and he'd pay for everything, this she could guarantee since she was prosecuting counsel!

When Luke goes up on trial, Moz agrees to abide by whatever the court decides, only, Amber, without the help of any jury, passes judgment on her own, sentencing Luke to "live with the conscience of his actions". This outrages Moz and she tells Amber she'll soon regret her verdict and storms out of the Mall.

The first people to run into Moz after this are Ned and Alice, and she threatens to arrest them for being Mall Rats. If Bray can make up laws, so can everyone else! She turns and leaves Ned and Alice standing there. Luke, however, decides to put an end to his, and the City's, problems, by turning himself in to Moz. His only request is that she makes his death quick, and she picks up a stone, ready to hit him with it, when Ebony shows up with a crossbow, forcing the Mozzies to get lost, saving Luke's life.

Amber and Trudy soon go missing, taken by Ned, but the Mozzies are one of the first suspects. A run in with Bray and Pride on the street finds Moz insisting they hand the Guardian over again, but Bray isn't ready yet. Eventually the Mozzies let them pass, vowing to get him, just you wait and see!

This, along with a ransom note "found" by Ned to hand over the Guardian, leads Bray to believe that the Mozzies have Amber and Trudy. They storm the Nest, ignoring the furious Mozzies as Pride and Lex search the place, finding nothing. Pride has to forcibly remove Bray from his grip on Moz, apologizing for the intrusion, leaving Moz even more pissed off than ever before. The Mall Rats set a trap, complete with Bray in the Guardian's robes, and unfortunately catch the Mozzies in the process. After tying them up and interrogating them it's clear that they don't know anything and he orders them set free. This is the second time Bray has violated her Tribe, and Moz threatens to finis the Mall Rats, and the Guardian!

The next day, taking an innocent stroll around the City, Moz and her Mozzie's stumble upon a very drunken Bray who'd just been tossed out of the Casino. She asks Bray if he's lost, and he answers no, but she corrects him, he has lost indeed. She and her Mozzies beat him and dump him on the side of the road where the Horse Trader Tribe, run by Pony Joe, find him and take care of him.

Later, Ebony stomps into the Mozzie nest and persuades Moz to talk with her, one on one. She and Moz discuss the power vacuum left after the demise of the Chosen, pointing out the opportunities available to those with ambition. Ebony later comes up with Ms, money, and puts Luke in charge. Moz storms the Mall and regards the introduction of money as just another scam by the Mall Rats to keep everyone else quiet. She equates the Mall Rats to the Chosen, figuring they're just as bad, aiming to keep the rest of the population under their control. Lex, as sheriff, only proves that point. Ebony, in an effort to make things seem diplomatic, suggests a democratic vote on city leader. Every tribe is allotted one candidate and everyone in the city can get one vote. The rest of the Tribal Leaders would become some kind of City Council, but they'd all have to answer to the leader who would control prices, and run the City. The Leader's word would be law! Moz, listening intently, imagines Ebony will win and doesn't like that thought. Ebony denies any interest and nominates Bray to stand for the Mall Rats.

A few Mozzies offer themselves up to Lex without Moz's knowledge to become his paid up deputies. When Moz finds out, she gives them a good piece of her mind, calling them traitors. Ellie, desperate for a news story, comes knocking at the wrong time, explaining that she's now a journalist and not a Mall Rat. Moz gives her an earful about her stupid paper and the Mall Rats, but Ellie offers her the chance to voice her opinions freely and uncensored. Moz, off of the record, tells Ellie she does kind of like her paper, and suggests she should get kids from other tribes to help her out with her paper. She invites Ellie to dump her loser tribe and join the Mozzies, restraining her when she tries to leave. Luckily for Ellie, Lex shows up and rescues her.

The next day the Mozzies are out on the campaign trail when the find Ned, wasted. Moz brings his body back to the Mall and find themselves now murder suspects. Disturbed when Alice arrives and cries out at the sight of Ned's dead body, the Mozzies leave the Mall despite Lex's orders that no one can go anywhere. Lex orders her not to leave the City and to be ready for interrogation. By this time, the Guardian has escaped and the City blames Bray. Ebony replaces him in the election and actually wins over Moz. It doesn't really matter as Moz and Ebony have formed an alliance together, and despite their efforts to waste him, the Guardian is recaptured and begins to hint that Ebony was involved in his original escape. Amber, listening to the Guardian, finally begins to piece together what has happened. Amber demands that Ebony do something, and Moz tells her to either get rid of Amber and Bray, or she will. Ebony decides she'll stand trial, deciding that in a few months it won't matter what people think of her, but right now they could pull her down. She has to be seen on the side of justice, and Moz doesn't fancy the odds, but Ebony only plays all or nothing.

Ebony later tells the City that the Guardian is dead, and points the finger at Alice, who becomes a heroine. Bray can't put her on trial, he too knows the city will lynch him if he tries, and he knows Ebony has won. She orders that Bray and Amber be banished from the City, never to come back on pain of death.

The Technos arrive and Moz and her Mozzies are decidedly lowering in numbers. Dee tells Lex that Moz has gone to "see the adults", or whoever that was that landed at the airport, another part of Moz's turf. Dee tells Ebony that Moz claims that they have fresh food and water, and Ebony suggests Moz might just be selling them all out for some. We never see Moz again.

After the fall of the Technos, Moz returns from a work camp to find things very different from the way she'd left them. After quite a few run ins with various Mall Rats, she learns small tidbits of information here and there. Later, as she found a very small number of her missing Tribe, they finally fill her in on most everything she'd missed. Moz briefly met with Ebony in the Market, and they of course found a tentative alliance. Until Ebony mysteriously disappeared, and Moz changed tactics and went to visit Java, offering her an alliance instead. Java sounded interested, but cautious, telling Moz to to come back when she had a plan. She too mysteriously disappeared. When Bray returned from his mysterious disappearance, he tried to strike up an alliance with Moz, and it almost worked, until the Mall Rats stuck him in the cage and then later cured him from believing that he was his own brother and he soon "forgot" his tentative alliance.

Moz hasn't had a lot of luck with alliances, but she has had luck with being heard. Her talent for stirring up an Angry Mob(TM) has led to quite a few visits to the Mall demanding attention to City needs after Salene and Bray were kidnapped, and inserted a spy into their very own militia.

One of her Mozzies, Erica, deserted them for the color wars, her need to feed her reality space sickness too strong even for Tribe loyalty. Moz, along with Riz, were beginning to rebuild the Tribe, and to stir things up for the Mall Rats again. However, one fateful afternoon, Riz, Terri, and Kay ran into Erica fighting, and Kay, ever the soft hearted, tried to get Erica to come back with them, and Erica, now lost in her own mind, mistook Kay for "one of them" and shot her. This sent Riz and Terri into a fury and they rushed her in the middle of a Red/Blue fight. When the dust settled, they all four had been killed by TGun blasts. Moz found this information out through six of her returning Mozzies, Marilyn, Frankie, Pandora, Zora, Chelsea, and Stella, who witnessed the entire fight.

Moz's goal, along with her now second in command, Marilyn, is, as always, the downfall of the Mall Rats, in conjunction with the continued effort of rebuilding her Tribe, the Mozquitos.


Current Mozzies
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Marilyn - Second in command, Marilyn is warm and caring to her fellow Tribe members, but she also loves to be the center of attention, always striving to make a good impression. She's very ambitious, and has a flair for the dramatic. Dignified and strong, Marilyn is not one to kiss up to her leader, and is quick to give her own opinion, no matter how overbearing it can seem.

Pandora - Pandora is somewhat of a humanitarian and is keenly interested in making the world a better place, focusing her energy on the social institutions of the City and how they work (or if they are working at all). She spends a lot of time thinking about how things could be better, and she's quick to engage others in her process, gaining friends easily to help out in the ultimate goal she and her Tribe have. Always full of new ideas, Pandora is inventive and original. She hates it when people disagree with her, she's very fixed in her opinions, and prefers when things go her own way.

Chelsea - Not one for fluff or chatter, Chelsea gets straight to the point. The world is a very black and white world to her, there is no gray area, and she has a large curiousity which makes her a fantastic investigator, always knowing how to get to the bottom of things. Stubborn and determined to succeed, she works as hard as she does so that possibly she and her Tribe can sit back and feel satisfied with what they have accomplished. Chelsea is a very secretive person, she never gives away too much about herself, or what she knows, but she knows when it's time to give up what she does know.

Frankie - Frankie is always ready to get any project off to a running start, she's also really great at rallying the troops even against seemingly insurmountable odds. She never shies away from a challenge, and can be quite fearless. She's bad about ramming her ideas down other peoples throats without even bothering to ask if they want to know, and she's not one to be convinced to soften up and chill out.

Jade - A recovering VR addict, she's currently pregnant with her ExBoyfriend, the Stingray, Dan's, baby. Jade is quiet, but also very observant, often seeking the truth, hitting the road and asking questions, trying to get some answers. Knowledge is key for Jade, it fuels her broad-minded approach to life. She's a clear thinker and always tries to see the bigger picture in things. She loves it when others agree with her well thought out point of view, and can be somewhat argmentative and blunt when things become disagreeable. She will, of course, listen to what others have to say, but that's not to say she won't return with an opinion of her own, quite vocally. Jade hates feeling as if she's being held down, and the moment she feels as if she's a slave to her Tribe, instead of it's equal member, she becomes quite impatient and difficult and seeks the easiest way out.

Stella - Stella has a real knack for attention to detail, and she even gets teased about being really anal retentive sometimes. She likes to be exact with her facts, with the way the story is told. She works hard for the greater good of her Tribe, pouring over project details to the nth degree. Stella can be counted on to get things right the first time, every time, and no detail is ever overlooked.

Zora - Zora is always concerned with the well being of the other members of her Tribe, and can not stand not to get along with each and every one of them. Often accused of being a bleeding heart, Zora is sensitive and caring, but don't let that fool you. She's just as tough as any other Mozzie, and she's often just as quick to jump to Moz's command as anyone else, organizing them from the inside to make sure they are poised to get the job done. She has a penchant for fairness, but only where it relates to her Tribe, and she often feels that the Mozzies get the short, stinky, end of the stick.

Former Mozzies

Riz: Former Second in Command. Dead: Victim of the Color Wars

Kay: Dead: Victim of the Color Wars, shot by Erica.

Terri: Dead: Victim of the Color Wars

Erica: Dead:Died fighting in the Color Wars, shot Kay.

Moz's outfit is featured Here.